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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Belphzooka’s Huntard Cliffnotes – Gruul’s Lair
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In an effort to bring you Drama-Free and EZ-Mode-Lewt ™ on behalf of Totally Raiding, Inc., I bring you one in a series of class-specific addenda for the boss fights you may encounter.

By reading this strategy addendum, you accept that the tactics set out herein are by no means foolproof, depends very much on you not being said fool, as well as other exogenous factors including but not limited to getting instagibbed by a blast wave, deathcoiled by an angry warlock or shattered by your best friend.

I’m going to cover two boss fights here; High King Maulgar and Gruul himself. This is by no means encyclopedic; set out below are hints that will make your role as a hunter hopefully smoother.

HIGH KING MAULGAR (and his entourage)


The setup

Kill order for TRI is as follows – priest (Blindeye), warlock (Olm), shaman (Kiggler), mage (Krosh), then Maulgar himself. TRI tanks the shaman using a druid (instead of two hunters). There should be a hunter in the Kiggler-tank group to provide nature resist by way of Aspect of Canada Nature. It’ll gimp your damage output a little, but your Kiggler tank will thank you for it – and you can always switch back to Hawk once the shaman is down.

The pull

There is a lot of potential for some serious mishaps because there is a need to send five different mobs in five different directions to specific locations where they are to be killed. I won’t go through these here, but suffice to say these are covered in the general boss kill strategies. Certain wildly optimistic boss killing strategies have the gumption suggest five hunters misdirecting – and while that would be heaven, it’s quite impractical. You’re probably going to have at most three – but hey, if you do have five, knock yourself out.

In order of priority (depending on how many hunters you have), the pull assignment priority should be: Maulgar, Krosh, Olm, Kiggler and finally Blindeye.

In terms of positioning during the fight, stay calm, stay loose, and stay out of Krosh’s Blast Wave (6000 damage).

I’ll cover the mobs in the kill order.


Unless you have an embarrassment of riches and more hunters than you’ll know what to do with, this boss will not have the benefit of some early aggro stacked on it by a hunter with a misdirect. In the chaos that is the pull, the priest tank will have to find and engage this mob for himself (or herself). This will mean that you, as ranged DPS, will have to dial down the DPS until such time as the tank has a decent handle on the mob. Blindeye has a modest heal, but will cast Power Word: Shield before doing so, and so DPS will have to barge through that in order to interrupt. Marksmanship hunters will have the benefit of Silencing Shot to help in the interrupt task; sort it out among the rogues and warriors so as to ensure it’s covered.


If you have three hunters, this boss will have a misdirect on it to its tank. Nevertheless, put your pet on this boss at the get-go (yes, right at the pull, when everyone is killing the priest, your pets should be on the warlock), because of the Deathcoil. It’s better to have a pet eat a Deathcoil than someone in the raid.


Is your nature resist aura still up? It should be. You’ve taken out the priest and the shaman, and it’s time to burn this boss down. Standard spank n’ tank, pet in standard wail mode, Kill Command at will. If you don’t have a moonkin tanking Kiggler, you and another hunter may be “tanking” him.


This is the mob that will wipe your raid. The death of the tank taking care of this mob will absolutely mean the death of your raid in fairly short order. Quite possibly the second-most important pull, and the one which should be assigned to the hunter who is least likely to be a tard.

The mage tank (who is an appropriately terrified, stamina-enhanced mage) will be pre-positioned (usually up on the ledge) – so it’s absolutely crucial that Krosh be pulled to him (or her). Once Krosh gets there, your mage tank will attempt to Spellsteal Krosh’s fire shield. Without it, the mage tank will die from Krosh’s Greater Fireballs.

So do not ever ever use Arcane Shot on Krosh. As every hunter knows, Arcane Shot will dispel the Fire Shield, thereby not making available for the mage tank to Spell Steal, so your mage tank will die, and so on. Take Arcane Shot off your toolbar if you have to. Remind all the other hunters to do so as well. You wouldn’t believe the number of times a hunter ‘accidentally’ pops an Arcane Shot at Krosh out of habit, because it’s in the standard shot rotation. So I’ll say it again. DO NOT USE ARCANE SHOT ON KROSH. Krosh is killed with ranged DPS only, so this is relatively more protracted than the other kills so far. This is a good time to pop trinkets, Rapid Shots, anything that’ll speed up the process until you get to…


Your melee DPS will have moved straight to Maulgar once the shaman is killed. Apart from a Whirlwind (and an enrage), there’s nothing much you have to worry about. You can MD onto the tank for added measure, but basically, if you’re at this stage with at least half your raid standing, you’re winning. Pull your pet away during the whirlwind, and you’re golden. If you really feel special, you can stick your pet onto Maulgar when you’re busy taking out Krosh (but if you’re too busy and distracted calling back your pet during a Whirlwind and accidentally pop an Arcane Shot, I will reach out through this screen and punch you in the throat so help me God).

The pet corner

As previously mentioned, stick your pet on Olm right off the bat.

One more thing

Has to be said again. DO NOT USE ARCANE SHOT ON KROSH.



The setup

Two tanks here, so lots of aggro to be spread out among the two of them. Agree amongst yourselves a rotation, and watch Omen to ensure that the designated two are at the top of the aggro list – you’ll find that the MT will have little problem with that, so chances are the hunters will be helping out the OT stay up there for the sake of the melee DPS.

The pull

Nothing special here – open up with a MD on the MT, and then head into your MD rotation.

The fight

Pretty standard spank n’ tank, with MDs upon cooldown. Check Omen to see which tank requires an aggro topup. The only thing you really have to worry about is the Shatter. If you have Humanoid Tracking up, you can also see on your minimap where you are relative to your fellow raiders (in addition to various addon proximity assists, and the ‘V’ overhead healthbar thing).

The pet corner

Avoidance should take care of your pet, even in the event there’s a Cave-in on the melee group, but do feel free to pull it back and Mend it occasionally.

One more thing

This is a long fight, so if you blow your trinkets early, chances are they’ll be cool again near the end. Best time to blow your trinkets is immediately after a Ground Slam / Shatter.

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  1. Really. Do not use Arcane Shot on Krosh.

  2. oooooh, huntard here. Huntard nearly at level 70. Thank you ever so much…this is fantastic.

    And got it…do not use arcane shot on Krosh.

  3. OMG! Arcane Shot on Krosh! Oh man, we had a hunter that did that once and I could feel the hand of the raid leader reaching out from ventrillo to strangle that poor hunter.

    By jagerbombz on May 22, 2008 | Reply

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