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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Murphy’s Law
comment 5 Written by on November 24, 2010 – 1:38 am

“Anything that can happen, will happen, and at the least opportune time.”

Which is, I suppose, my way of saying “Hope y’all enjoy the Sundering”.

Thanks to Blizzard’s choice of timing, the first response to the Sundering happened while I was getting my house ready to have 10 people here on Thursday. There was no time for me to prepare my characters for it, I was offline all of Monday night, working a late shift. All the RP that’s happening tomorrow will happen while I welcome my guests, pick people up from the airport, and try to juggle two ovens and getting 2 pies, 2 casseroles, a lasagna (plus the rest of dinner for 8), and bread made. Thursday is, of course, devoted to celebration. All the stuff that will happen in-game, on forums, and on blogs on Friday will happen while I make brunch with my family and my husband’s family, or while I’m at work juggling a Black Friday sale – repeat for the rest of the weekend.

Basically, I’ll be lucky to get online by Monday evening, and I have no idea what will have happened between now and then.

I have no idea why Aely suddenly and mysteriously went absent while the biggest change to the known world happened around everyone else. She certainly owes both Arrens and the Riders an explanation or three. I have no idea why Angoleth went from actively involved with the elemental defense to AWOL.

This whole first week of RP is lost, and those kinds of responses are hard (if not impossible) to get back. A lot can happen in the first week, and when things are new and drastically different, the RP usually picks up dramatically.

All the various story bits that were planned for right when the Sundering happened now have to wait (and may need explanations as well). My “first impressions” will either be made at an off hour when nobody is online, or in the midst of whatever else starts up this week, trying to catch up and respond to 14 things at once.

The thrill of the response, of everyone figuring things out together, isn’t something I’ll get to take part in, and that makes me kind of sad.

I realize a lot of bored college students will log a TON of hours this week, and bored career people whose businesses are closed on Friday will do the same, and that a lot of the Riders have most or all of this week off, with big plans for RP and in-game events. I know Blizzard has a December 7 deadline. I know the world outside the US doesn’t give a flying f-sharp about some other country’s made-up holiday devoted nearly entirely to food and sunshine-blowing pseudo history. I love my family and my in-laws, and I know that I’ll have a good (if slightly stressful) time with them this week  – something I am very thankful for.

But I’m still disappointed and disconnected from my friends, and even though I know and understand why, it still kinda blows.


(Writing this post means a 1:30am bedtime instead of “just” 1am, so it’s less edited than usual. My apologies for errors and a greater than usual level of whiny. And if it takes me longer than usual to reply to comments… well, I think that’s self-explanatory.)

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5 Responses to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. /agree

    Earthen Ring doesn’t do as much Rp as Feathermoon and your ‘Riders do, but at the least, I’d enjoy being in the new world with my fiance and close friends, hammering this out.

    But family calls. We’re in the equal but opposite situation- over at someone’s house in another state, making pie and poultry.

    Well, at the very least… Happy Turkey Day, and Happy Family Anna(s)! Lets hope if Azeroth experienced a Cataclysm, that our holidays will be mercifully free of them!

  2. Lets hope if Azeroth experienced a Cataclysm, that our holidays will be mercifully free of them!

    @Mitawa – I’ll drink to that! Hope your holiday is wonderful too!

  3. That real life always comes first is a truism, but for a reason. I understand your disappointment, though–not being able to jump into new content feet-first is always frustrating. If it eases your mind any, Arrens explained IC where you were quite nicely.

  4. I feel similarly. I’m not a bored college student, I’m a college student who has A LOT of work, and is trying her best to actually get stuff done, especially with finals coming up. I’ve decided to just grit my teeth and wait until my christmas break to even log into WoW. It’s a little sad to miss all that stuff. It’s hard sometimes when WoW makes you feel like you’re choosing between real life and the game. I’ll choose RL every time, but it doesn’t make it any less depressing to miss out on such a cool moment in the game.

    By Molly on Nov 27, 2010 | Reply
  5. Well since I killed LK just before the in game Sundering, I am going back a bit and will play catch up. My toon is experiencing a large amount of stress after killing him. Her life was basically complete, but others would not let her go, (she died from the effort.) So I am taking her back sticking her in the Exodar for a couple of months while the prelude to the Sundering occurs. Then during the actual Sundering itself, she was spending time with Friends and working with the Skyguard. (I collect mounts.) But as a plus the whole LK kill thing since it occurred after I actually killed the LK got more of my guild involved in blogging some interactive RP. And the interactive storytelling is great deal more fun, than just solo story-telling. I am told I captured their personalities quite well. 🙂
    Even if we aren’t on an RP server it is a blast.

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