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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Writer’s Blah
comment 11 Written by on July 24, 2009 – 10:08 am

As I’m sure my regular Friday Five folks have noticed, there haven’t been many Friday Fives lately. This is largely due to me running out of interesting ideas – it’s hard to come up with five questions that are applicable to warcraft every week, and after nearly a year (!) my “question cheat sheets” are running thin.

Technically, this isn’t a case of the same Writer’s Blah that Ila talks about on Binary Colors (on a post I can’t find, because the search function isn’t working, dammit!) – I’m not defeating myself before I start.  It’s just fighting the ups and downs of writing daily, and trying to be consistently creative, engaging, funny, and entertaining on a subject.  Especially difficult when I’ve been on vacation for awhile, and don’t want to write “what I did in game” posts!

I’ve hit a similar low-spot with regards to RP, where I have a few ideas about stories… and just can’t seem to get them written.

So – in lieu of a Friday Five today, I’m asking for some ideas.  What do you do to break the creative or writing doldrums?

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11 Responses to “Writer’s Blah”

  1. When I’m trying to get creative, I always go and read some of my old standby’s for support. In particular somethingawful.com and gamasutra.com. One for entertaining enlightenment and the other for a news muse. (see what I did there?) Basically… don’t /think/ you’ve gotten into a writer’s blah… because attitude is half the battle 🙂
    .-= Kenny D´s last blog ..What’s on Tap: Making the Move! =-.

  2. I typically just keep writing. I might not write anything of worth, but I make many new documents in my “ideas and drafts” folder, throw a paragraph into the file, and then I move onto something else that can hold my attention for a while.

    I also watch TV or read. Absorbing other people’s stories and writing styles never fails to give me some sort of inspiration that I can take and motivate myself with.

    Lately, since I proposed, I have felt the same way. I love my blog, and I’m getting a great response when considering how new it is, but I’ve been so busy, I feel my quality has been suffering for it. I have generally written smaller, shorter pieces about things that require much less thought than I tend to get into when I have time. Just keeping myself writing has helped me push past this hump.
    .-= Beej´s last blog ..Just Call Me Griefer Sutherland =-.

  3. Like Beej says, reading, watching TV/movies, and writing nonsense usually helps me. Whenever I’m suffering from a particularly bad bout of The Block, I try to find the most fantastically, epic book or movie on my shelves and use that to stimulate the creativity.

    Another fun device is to go for a walk or take a drive to a part of town with a lot of people and make up your own stories about them – where they’re from, why they’re there at that particular moment, what sinister secret they have, etc.
    .-= Ailis´s last blog ..So You Want To Be an Effective Raid Leader? =-.

  4. My biggest challenge is actually starting the writing process. I can always ‘see’ the story in my head, but putting it on paper/type is always the toughest part.

  5. When stuck in a huge block, I generally just go and watch some mindless, action-packed, special-effect-whoring sci-fi-ish movie. I usually don’t pay any attention to the story (if there’s even any), but seeing all the pretty lights, sequences and vistas that tend to show up often (yes, I like scenery porn*) generally gives me a few random ideas that I can develop and modify into stories/concepts/whatever.

    * http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SceneryPorn -> Get ready to waste most of your day if you click this link. You be warned, mon!
    .-= Omega2´s last blog ..To Group or Not To Group? =-.

  6. You can find Ila’s Writer’s Blah post here if you’re still looking for it. =)

    As for breaking the creative doldrums, whenever I need some WarCraft-related inspiration I usually turn back to the RTS games. Sure, WarCraft: Orcs and Humans doesn’t really have all that much lore (at least, not a lot that’s survived a decade-and-a-half of retcons), but WarCraft 2, 2x, 3, and 3x are all still fun distractions that tend to get me back into the creative mindset.

  7. Oh sure…just as soon as I pimp your blog–and specifically, Friday Five–you wimp out on me! And here I just got inspired…

    Ah well, maybe I’ll still be able to send a few lost souls your way. 🙂
    .-= Kestrel´s last blog ..Friday Five: Software =-.

  8. Getting the brain working on something else seems to work for me usually. Sometimes it’s other writing, sometimes it’s playing old RPG’s, sometimes it’s a walk in the park. Instead of nourishing the blah by struggling, I just let my mind roam elsewhere. Of course, that can sometimes take you faaaar away too.
    .-= Kihara´s last blog ..Furious addons – Omen and Recount =-.

  9. The critical step for me has always been getting the mind flowing. Momentum is key, just consider Newton’s laws of motion. An object at rest stays at rest until it is acted on by an outside force, and an object in motion will stay in motion until something stops it. The brain works the same way. In my own experience at least, when the mind is racing what I’m writing just flows out onto the paper as long as I let it, without stopping to think about whether one phrase or another sounds right, or if one fact is quite correct. You can always go back and correct the details later.

    It doesn’t even take writing about something Warcraft related to get the cogs turning, in my own case I find it helps to write about something, anything, even. On one occasion when I was stumped, late at night, I just took to going to sleep and waking up a bit earlier in the morning to write about whatever I dreamt. Since I was reading At the Mountains of Madness before bed at that time, this produced some remarkable acid trips that at least gave me something to write about. And if it doesn’t quite link back to Warcraft in some way, hey, at least you have some interesting material! Walks are also good, or else just do something you like and have fun with, and perhaps some inspiration can come out of it. Ideas often come when they aren’t looked for.

    By Rollandren on Jul 26, 2009 | Reply
  10. Mostly, I play WoW… >.>
    .-= teh Khol Abides´s last blog ..Intermission: More Teasing, Pleasing Included =-.

  11. I’m fortunate enough to have a mostly physical job, which frees my brain to think up stories while I work. The hard part is remembering enough of it to write it down when I get home…

    Also my storywriting seems to correspond with my playtime. If I’m not playing much, I don’t have much to write about.
    .-= Sarai´s last blog ..Arvoss: Darrowshire =-.

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