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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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RP Friday Five – The Important Things
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Your character has just received word that there’s a terrible storm coming directly at where he or she is currently living (on Azeroth – as far as I can tell, Outland is a different beast when it comes to weather).  This storm is expected to do a lot of damage, and potentially be deadly to the unprepared.  In that light, five questions about his or her response…

1 – Would your character leave or stay? Why or why not?

2 – Where would they go (if they were leaving), or take shelter (if they were staying)? 

3 – How would they get there?

4 – If given 2 hours to pack, what would they bring with them of their current posessions?

5 – What would they leave behind?

And, as always, since it’s only fair to answer the questions I’m asking!

1 – Annorah would get the hell out.  She knows the fury of the elements and how fickle Wind can be, and has no desire to be there if she’s got any chance to leave.  (Aelflaed, on the other hand, would stay.  She’d say it was so she could be useful, but part of her just enjoys being daredevilish and living on the edge, and she’d want to see what it was like)

2 – Probably anywhere she could get to in a reasonable time.  Particularly if it is away from the rest of the people leaving.  She likes quiet.

3 – Zuu, her Elekk.  Or possibly Ghost Wolf Form, if the trip wasn’t Elekk friendly and she had the time.  That’s her preferred way to travel.

4 – Her four totems, her engineering tools, the small black scrying stones she uses from time to time (a gift from Nobundo), her firefly Gizmo, her goggles, and at least one comfortable, soft outfit.  Mostly what she usually carries with her at any given time.

5 – Annorah doesn’t have much in the way of accumulated posessions, so that’s not as much of an issue for her.  Annalira would have a much more difficult time deciding between what got left and what she brought along.

It’s only fair for Matt to answer too!

1 – Mallet is a retired frontline Priest lecturing at the Ironforge Academy of the Arcane Arts – Restorative Division. He’s a stubborn old Dwarf and would never leave. It also helps that he lives under a mountain. The great gates of Ironforge have withstood the battering from Horde invasions.  A little wind is nothing compared to 3 full sized Horde raiding regiments!

2 – The bar. But if he was forced to evacuate, he’d head down to Stormwind and take a position there at the Uther Lightbringer University teaching the younger Monks and Clerics. He prefers the hustle and bustle of urban life.

3 – Catch the first available Gryphon. Mallet always flies first class. After that, he’d travel around on his trusty Suburban Bear with offroading capabilities and front end horns capable of impaling anything in it’s path. Although with the high price of salmon, he may need to switch to a more environmentally sound and friendly Wintersaber. It’s a little sleeker and slightly faster with optional spoilers and fog piercing eyebeams. Perfect for those misty days.

4 – His staff. The Apostle of Argus as served him faithfully. In a time where it’s powers are no longer needed as extensively, it operates as a walking stick. Mallet is an old Dwarf after all. The staff helps support him while he moves. Other possessions include his pet frog, Mojo and his full Absolution dress robes.

5 – Not much. Mallet’s wealth is stored in various off short vaults (the Steamweedle Cartel and Mallet have an "understanding").

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9 Responses to “RP Friday Five – The Important Things”

  1. 1.) We would sstayss, yess. We iss undead and little thingss like lightningss and windss doess not affectss uss, yess.

    2.) We would go to Deathknell. Ssuch lovely cryptss there to weather rough sstormss.

    3.)We would walk, hmm? Iss good for our boney kneess, yess.

    4.) We would needss our poissonss and thieve’ss toolss. Many in Lordaeron triess to keepss uss out for ssome reassonss. We would alsso make ssuress we have our fisshing pole, yess. We feedss on fissheyss when Gnomess are hard to come by.

    5.) We not needss our sswordss, yess. We can beat our enemiess with our fisshing poless when we emerge from the sshadowss, yess.

    Arrenss last blog post..Where Was I When…

  2. Glad to see you are still able to post, even if it is through Matt.

    My response is here.

    Mallet, you might want to consider a Winterspring Frostsaber. Just as good as a traditional frostsaber but it comes with a seat warmer and special ice-gripping claws. Great for exploring snow-covered mountains.

    Garilos Durocs last blog post..Friday Five – RP Style

  3. I posted my answers to these questions in my blog, Two Gnomes and an Elf.


    Boetins last blog post..IC: Anna’s Friday Five

  4. 1. Khol would have a hard time deciding to stay or go. On the one hand, a city empty of pesky guards and other people is a plump, juicy fruit too tempting to resist. On the other hand, surviving to spend one’s ill-gotten wealth is important, too. Ultimately, it would depend on whether or not he’s had a big score recently. If he had, then he’s likely to leave, if not, well…

    2. If he left, he’d head to the nearest town that wasn’t in the danger zone and just wait the storm out in a handy inn. Khol isn’t very fond of places that aren’t Stormwind. If he stayed, he’d weather the storm in his flat. Surrounded as it is by larger tenements and backed by one of the sturdy city walls, it seldom sees the rain and should be relatively safe, provided the storm doesn’t knock down the wall.

    3. As much as he resisted doing so (seeing it as a needless expense to just renting one when he needed), Khol does own a horse that he maintains at one of the local stables. Kahmeht is one of the most foul-tempered beasts ever to stain the lands of Azeroth, but he and Khol have an understanding. Kahmeht doesn’t try to throw Khol and Khol doesn’t turn Kahmeht into glue. Oh, right, Khol would ride Kahmeht to wherever it was he was going to sit out the storm, rather than risk all the gold he’d dumped into care of the stupid beast be lost like so much water down the drain.

    4. While Khol has a lot of stuff, much of it is little more than trophies of particularly difficult jobs and has little meaning to him. He’d take his armour and weapons (he wears them when he’s working) and his portable alchemy kit (it’s a pain to replace) would be his main concerns, purely for pragmatic reasons. The things he owns that are of real value to him are small enough to carry on his person at all times. This has lead to more than one misadventure when he has found his stuff missing.

    5. While his flat and the contents of it would be disappointing to leave behind, he would, with the exceptions mentioned above. He’s too pragmatic to get too attached to objects. He knows very well how ownership of said objects can be very transitory. Most of his most prized possessions exist only in his own mind.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Part the Twelfth: Uncomfortable Compromises

  5. 1.) Athorius would stay. As a druid of the grove with a close connection to the environment, as well as one fascinated by the elements (he spent a good deal of time studying in Exodar), he wouldn’t be able to help himself. (Besides, think of all that energy- to someone who draws power directly from the land, air, and life around him, it’d be an incredible high.) Even though he isn’t the greatest shifter around, if all else fails he can take on aquatic form and seek refuge in the relative calm of the deep ocean.

    2.) He’d seek the most solid shelter he could find without being away from the storm. He may be crazy but not *that* crazy.

    3.) Athorius would leave his elekk somewhere safe, out of the storm’s path, because elekk’s aren’t really built for it and he wouldn’t want her to be hurt. He would then make his way into the storm area using travel form. (If fleeing instead, he would certainly ride his elekk. No reason not to.)

    4.) He doesn’t strongly covet material possessions. He would pack some clothes, including the armor that lets him do his work, and the few small animals he keeps as pets. He would also take his [Staff of Natural Fury], because although he can’t make any use of it himself, he is appalled that a druidic artifact was allowed to fall into the hands of the naga and will not permit it to happen again. (Athorius is usually a tolerant and easy-going guy, but his work in Outland has given a really remarkable dislike of naga.)

    5.) Most everything else would be left behind; he doesn’t maintain much of a residence anyway. If space allowed he might take some of his dried herbs and elixirs, but if not he wouldn’t count it as a great loss because he can always find or make more.

    By Lilivati on Sep 20, 2008 | Reply
  6. 1. As I currently reside in the city of Silvermoon, I would stay behind and attempt to parlay with the storm as it approached. I would pray that the spirits behind the deluge make their spirits known and spare any innocents in their path. To the best of my knowledge, the sin’dorei have little in terms of association with the elements. I would wish to tame the storm that threatened the city.

    2. I would attempt to reach a high point in the city, in order to best gaze into the heart of the tumult.

    3. There are a great number of spires in the city. One merely needs a solid updraft and a light foot to ascend the heights.

    4. In theory, if I were to abandon my post, I would bring only what would be of benefit to helping other travelers and survivors as well as basic implements for my ceremonies.

    5. There is little I would not leave behind. All things consumed by the storm would return to me, in fragment or in spirit, in due time.

    Mark Bradleys last blog post..WTB Shaman Training plz…

  7. Hmm, roleplay, methinks I shall try my hand at this, see what happens.

    1. I would stay, by simple merit that I probably wouldn’t have heard anything. Any facts or news that fall outside of my area of expertise tend to be utterly ignored.
    And hey, if evacuation is necessary, any capital city is merely a ten second portal away.

    2. Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, Shattrath, Stonard… wherever, really. Every major city has a place for magi.

    3. Portals, mon!

    4. Bandages, some basic mana potions, mana gems, enough reagents for at least 20 portal spells, a pinch of Arcane Powder, Hydrocane, full war gear, and my engineering toolbox.

    5. Everything else! Sure, I am quite fond of my pet kitty, but, it is just a cat… if it dies, I can just replace it.

    Euripedess last blog post..Why Mages Be The Best Lovers

  8. ooh! finally a chance to put my Normal character into a RP situation >:3

    1 – Ainaste is a roamer. Although her hometown would be Silvermoon, she wouldn’t stay to defend it. She’s a hunter, not a mage, with no mana to spare — the arcanists (and paladins?) could probably conjure up some giant protective bubble and wait out the storm.

    2 – The sanctuary, Shattrath. It’s not too hard to get around when you’re exalted with the Scryers, as long as you don’t fly into the wrong half of town.

    3 – Hearthstone ;o;

    4 – Aina would bring what she carries on her back (armour/crossbow/axe,) all three of her pets (cat, wind serpent, dragonhawk) and enough fish and gold to feed them all for a year. And arrows.. her trust Everlasting Underspore Frond, and a skinning knife.

    5 – Although Aina is an obsessive packrat and item collector, she would probably be willing to part with her massive collection of small pets. Just not the dark whelpling, prairie chicken, or Phoenix O_O

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