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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Not-Quite-Five: In Character Items
comment 14 Written by on April 16, 2010 – 6:07 am

I’ve had a healthy helping of real life that’s been eating my brainpower (and both my time and desire to log in). Things should be back to normal soon!

So Yesterday’s Big Thing was the new Sparkly Pony mount, available for purchase from the Blizzard store. Regardless of the out of character implications of this (if there are any, beyond “People really like Sparkly Ponies” and “People will pay lots of money for vanity items in game”), I think there’s an interesting In Character question to go along with them.

What kind of mounts (and pets!) do your characters choose for themselves?  Why?
Are there any mounts or pets that your characters would NEVER seek out, keep, or use?
If there was a particularly relevant Blizzard store pet or mount, would you pay for it for your character?

And, for those of you who got the Celestial Steed, do you have an in character story to go with it?

For Aely, she’ll never have a ground mount that isn’t her charger. She’s just not that interested in having lots of pets or mounts around. She does rather like her Rusted Proto Drake (which I like OOCly because its all ZOOOM!), because he’s kind of a doofus, but she’d be happy with a plain armored gryphon if she didn’t have him around. Angoleth, on the other hand, enjoys having a whole stable of pets and mounts, and pays a good bit of her gold towards making sure they’re all cared for properly.

What about you guys?


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14 Responses to “Friday Not-Quite-Five: In Character Items”

  1. I stopped playing after Wrath launched, but my old troll mage had a raptor and a netherdrake. She chose the raptor because it was both swift and savage, and the netherdrake because she was fascinated by dragons. The netherdrakes was particularly interesting because they were the offspring of Neltharion and thus were expected to be evil.. but didn’t want to. Going to great lengths to befriend such a conflicted being was quite fitting for her.

    She would never settle for a lumbering beast such as a Warbear, a Kodo or a Mammoth. Nor would she be interested in undead or mechanical mounts, because those are tools to be used and discarded, not companions.

    If I ever returned to the game, I could see myself paying $5 for a spider mount.

  2. Dorri started out with a hawkstrider. (Partially because I was lazy in getting things together for her. She was a third string 80.) For story purposes, she only went for her Master’s trials because Keltyr pushed her.

    She also has a raptor, Brutus, which is the only “pet” thing she has ever had. She and Kel both raised raptors from eggs. Dorri was taken by his intelligence and hunting prowess.While Brutus spends a lot of time in a stable or out hunting, Dorri adores him. She has drawings that the raptor made in her sketchbook.

    Now that Kel made her a mechano-hog, that is pretty much all she drives.

    For air mounts, Dorri has kron, her bronze drake and her dragon hawk.

    For pets, all of Dorri’s IC pets are mechanical, because she dislikes animals so much. Well, there is one exception. I did get her a obsidian baby raptor for use while she did the quests for her raptor mount. But Brutus is grown now

  3. Saeil, my blood elf hunter, is exalted with all Horde factions, and as such, she’s had a lot more access to other mounts besides the plain ol’ hawkstrider. That said, she -loves- the orc wolves and the troll raptors. After spending quite some time at Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands, her style is much more earthy and “talkin’ t’ de spirits, mon” than when she was a proper Silvermoon ranger.
    Bears, wolves, and raptors, oh my! She’ll ride almost anything — kodos being lumbering and cute, and bony ponys wicked and fast — but her favorites are those three, and she’d never be caught dead riding a sparkly horse.

  4. Nahy has a charger and a white armored gryphon. She demanded the white armored gryphon and will never fly on anything else (although she owns a couple others). She was the first female dwarf to have a charger on her original server, and only the 8th paladin there to get it, so it means a lot to her (and to me). I had no plans to buy the gryphon for her, but she pretty much insisted, and you know how stubborn dwarves can be.

    LJ rides a mist saber called Furr-arry, and uses Swift Flight Form. She owns a gryphon because you can’t get the Winter Veil neta achievement with SFF, but other than earning that, she’s never used it.

    Katy, however, fell in love with the statues in HoL, HoS, and Ulduar. She has always ridden a white saber, but when she heard that there were going to be mounts that looked like those statues, she demanded one. I hadn’t realized quite how stubborn Draenei can be (although perhaps I should have been warned by the fact that she took one look at herself on the back of an elekk during that low level quest in her tarting area, and insisted that she earn exalted with Darnassus before she turned 40 and could buy her first mount). Anyway, for Katy, I sat in the queue yesterday and shelled out the money for the mount. Which means that everyone on that account has it. But she’s the only one who will ever ride it — it’s hers.

  5. Warrior
    Mounts: Cobalt War talbuk and Green Proto-Drake
    It’s hard moving away from the talbuk because that was one of the first rep rewards that really solidified my Warrior’s “mercenary” profession. Plus, I have both the war and regular cobalt talbuk so I have one look for combat and one for “civilian” use. Flying mounts I’m not too particular with. I really like the proto-drakes though.

    Pets: Mr. Chilly/Pengu and Perky Pug
    As another nod to mercenary life, my Warrior was honored with adopting a pengu as a reward for building up trust with the Kalu’ak. As for the pug, he was forced to become its master because it would just keep following him around.

    Mounts: Argent Charger and Time-Lost Proto-Drake
    My Paladin is a knight so it makes sense he rides a Charger. Still trying to figure out why he rides the Time-Lost Proto-Drake (other than, omg it’s super rare and I got it all because I was farming elementals at the right time).

    Pets: Nothing specific, though he has the Argent Squire accompany him from time to time as a knight needs a squire.

    The Pandaren Monk really fits well with my Shaman and his personality and outlook on life.

    I’ve thought about getting the Celestial Steed. No clue how I’d fit that IC. I did resurrect a character I killed off and having that mount would help soften the mount accumulation costs, but he’s a druid now so, well. Maybe I could get it for my upcoming human Hunter.

    By Aynex on Apr 16, 2010 | Reply
  6. Hmm, this takes some thought…

    Arvoss just has 2 mounts, really. His deathcharger Shade is all he really needs as far as getting around town, and he has Lazridormu the bronze drake for when he has to fly somewhere. He and Laz have quite a good friendship going, actually.

    Barraccus, on the other hand, has a stormsaber to go along with his charger. He got Oscor originally so he wouldn’t seem so death knight-ish, but he rides them both about equally now.

    Shaurria has her saber Finnall for when she feels like riding, but for flying she prefers her own wings. I highly doubt she’ll ever get a flying mount. As far as pets go, I think everyone that knows her is familiar with her 2 cats. 🙂

    My rogue Zuuluu has a wolf, which he prefers over his raptor. Haven’t quite worked out a story for that yet.

    As far as the celestial pony goes, I’ll probably get it for convenience’s sake (won’t have to buy another mount again, whoo!) but I’m not sure who would use it ICly yet. Maybe my priestess, if I can pass it off as being Elune-related. >.>

  7. Kyr’s got two horses and her albino drake. She’s retiring Bastard, her first horse, pretty soon. Mostly because how it played out with when she left Gilneas means that Bastard is getting up in years and isn’t capable of doing everything that she asks of him any more. Her new horse is the swift grey steed from the argent tournament.

    My druid still has her original nightsaber and a talbuk. She’s got the Cenarion Hippogryph for a flying mount. For some reason, she likes that better than turning into a bird, probably because the hippogryph is sober enough to fly straight and she’s not, most of the time. And my pally wants a motorcycle. I’m still trying to save the monies for that.

    By Kyraine on Apr 16, 2010 | Reply
  8. You are aware that there is (what I assume to be) a branch of the Argent Crusade that ride on Proto Drakes using the TLPD skin? There are a bunch of them down at Crusader’s Pinnacle. I seem to recall you getting to fly one yourself during the chain to retake it too. I’m not sure whether ‘Argent Skytalon’ refers to the mounts themselves, or some kind of Dragon-Cavalry branch of the crusade.

    Anyway, on topic. I don’t actually play on an RP server, but my characters have a dirty habit of developing personalities anyway. Thus why my main (Ayisla, a Druid now, but served as a Sentinel until the end of the Third War) forced me to do the grind for the Winterspring Frostsaber (the only saber skin I like, but the old girl is from Winterspring originally and is certainly what you could call a ‘Veteran’ so it fits nicely. She also has a Cenarion Hyppogryph, but like most Druids just uses her own wings mostly.

    As far as alts, my Priests personality is a little too fuzzy and indistinct right now to really go picking ‘characterful’ mounts for her, so she just gets whatever’s pretty. I also have a lowbie Rogue with aspirations to get hold of the Blue Drake from Occulus since the plan for them is guilt-ridden survivors of ‘the wrong side’ of the Nexus war now Malygos’ madness has been… dispelled >_>

    By Bob on Apr 17, 2010 | Reply
  9. Yva’s got the baron’s big dead horse. It’s the only thing she took out of the Undercity with her. He’s named Enigma, and I doubt she’d ride anything on land other than that. As for aerial mounts, Porcia, the white drake. Porcia’s as much of a bitch as Yva is.

    As for pets, well . . she and Jak have a lot IC’ly. There’s the two snakes – Peter and Chucky, the lich that she “accidentally summoned” by having the phylactery too close to a ritual circle, the dogs Evan and Stumpy, and zombie bunny.

    I use her summoned felhound as her “primary” pet though. Flaadhun’s the best.

  10. For my most played Death Knight, I absolutely positively had to get the Undead Gryphon. It’s unique to Death Knights, and it makes them just that much more scarier (plus I’m not a fan of windriders, and that would look totally lame. No respectable Death Knight should be seen on one of those!).

    I’m still trying to work out an RP for having a Celestial mount, for the few of my characters on RP servers. Since everyone is running around on one, I figure the explanation on how you got one would have to be more universal.

  11. I have IC stories for most of the “main” mounts and pets for my characters.

    Heari, my troll shaman, has a raptor he calls Bite after it’s favorite hobby. Like many other things in his life, he hasn’t got much control over it and it likes to try to eat him. He has a red whelpling that is the younger sister of the red drake he rides, both deeply treasured boons from serving the reds in the Accord. They don’t really give him a leg up in anything (the whelpling is too young and the drake knows better), but he loves them dearly.

    Hak’lek, my troll death knight, hates his charger both for it’s connection to the Lich King and the fact that he looks silly riding horses. He’s got a Venomide Ravasaur that’s as undead as he is and almost completely blind. She moves at about the same pace as he does and he’s happy with that. He also has a little spider that hangs around him (probably to catch flies) and Junior, the oozeling/little ball of plague he treats like a puppy. (I actually have both oozes and alternate depending on what’s going on.)

    Hecto, my troll rogue (see the pattern) has snakes. Lots of them. I’m only missing the cobra hatchling, and I hope to get it soon for him.

    I’m still looking for a flying mount that suits Hak’lek, so if they had that, a zombified raptor, or a bat for Heari (batrider trolls, yay!), I’d probably put down cash for ’em.

    I did buy the Pandaren, not for any IC reason, but because when it first came out half the proceeds were donated to a children’s charity. If they do anything like that again, I’ll buy it at the drop of a hat. As most of my characters are male trolls who look ridiculous on horses and I couldn’t come up with any IC reason for one that I’d be comfortable with, there will be no star ponies for me.

  12. Tzarea–my timid Blood Elf death knight–rides on a hawkstrider and is proud to as it solidifies her identity as a member of her race. She does not ride the class-specific deathcharger as she is terrified of them (especially since their screams haunt her nightmares) and almost always freaks out whenever another death knight comes by with one of those ‘terrible horses’. She has no love for anything undead so will not favor the Forsaken’s horses either. Basically anything undead reminds her of the true nature she is trying to deny.

    She has a pet; a sprite darter called Duskflutter (which she saved from the brink of starvation) and lovingly consider it–alongside her hawkstrider–her best companions as well as the anchors of her sanity in the world.

    Tzarea has not yet ventured into the hellish Outlands just yet, but will probably be unwilling to use those windriders as her permanent flying mounts (they look… scary); probably will ‘borrow’ them from a flight master and seek out other creatures when she can.

  13. Oh, I have FUN with mounts, though I don’t actually have all that many.

    Rashona, for all her practical ways, found an immediate and unpractical adoration for talbuk the first time she entered Nagrand and saved for a riding talbuk. She’s somewhat embarassed by this, as it’s completely illogical…but it’s just so *pretty*…In the air, she refuses to use a flying mount, as her own wings suit perfectly well. She did, however, wind up with a Netherdrake that she has NO IDEA what to do with…she doesn’t want a flying mount, REALLY doesn’t want a self-aware mount, but it’s hard to say no to a dragon. I have a sneaking suspicion that when things are slow, Rashona and the netherdrake end up discussing philosophy and metaphyiscs, and end up confusing the hell out of themselves as a result.

    My insane belf warlock Nymerra has exactly two mounts: dreadsteed and flying carpet. She will never have any others; she rides the carpet because it’s not alive and therefore can’t be a demon in disguise waiting to snap her up, and the dreadsteed because she knows she can control it. (This does not stop the dreadsteed from trying to get her killed whenever it sees an opportunity. (That’s my IC explanation for all those times I accidentally rode into Star’s Rest, and I’m sticking to it.))

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