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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five – Sights and Sounds
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Every Friday here at Too Many Annas, you’ll find a little RP prompting – either in the form of 5 questions to answer about your character or in the form of a ficlet prompt (500 words) to write about them.  These aren’t meant to be hard, just things to think about for your character – you can answer in a comment or use them as a blog post of your own!

This week, five quick questions to answer about your character!

  1. What is your character’s most recognizable trait? (If someone saw your character in a pub/on the street, what would they first notice? What makes them immediately recognizable as themself?)
  2. What does your character’s voice sound like?
  3. Do they like to sing?  Can they sing?
  4. Does your character have a noticeable accent of any kind?
  5. If your character was spending an evening in an inn/tavern/pub, where would they sit? What would they be doing?
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18 Responses to “Friday Five – Sights and Sounds”

  1. 1. Leyola is very tall and scrawny for a Night Elf, not as built and “femininely muscular” as the others, but it suits her skin tone and hair colour quite well, so it works out.

    2. Leyola’s voice is your run of the mill Night Elf female voice, despite the fact that she doesn’t talk that often, except to Wimzig and other close friends.

    3. She can’t carry a tune to save her life, which explains why she doesn’t like to sing. She doesn’t like doing things that she is incapable of doing.

    4. Leyola has no recognizable accent while speaking common; however, she sounds very common when trying to speak Darnassian. If there was a WoW version of whitewash, she’s it.

    5. If she were spending time by herself or with casual acquaintences, she would be outside of the locale, basking in the moonlit, starry sky; additionally, Leyola likes fresh air over the stench of alcohol in a pub. However, if she is with Bashertin or Wimzig, she’s comfortable sitting wherever they decide to sit.

    krizzlybears last blog post..A Love-Fool, IRL

  2. 1.What is your character’s most recognizable trait?
    -Probably his hair. Tarq has pretty, pretty hair.

    2. What does your character’s voice sound like?A mid-baritone, slightly hoarsened by drink and cigarettes and given to flights into the upper registers in incredulity or mock anger. Also see below.

    3. Do they like to sing? Can they sing?
    Tarq has a limited range, but he can carry a tune in a bucket. He tends to sing scraps of Lordaeron folk songs which he only partially remembers.

    4. Does your character have a noticeable accent of any kind?
    Oh GOD yes. Captain Apostrophe rides again! Tarq has a thick working-class Stratholme accent, seasoned with a bit of a Stormwind street twang from his years in the south. Think Mark Renton, but with more archaic diction.

    5. If your character was spending an evening in an inn/tavern/pub, where would they sit? What would they be doing?
    Tarquin normally does spend the evening in the Pig and Whistle. He tends to hold court at the central table, with a glass of whiskey, a couple hand-rolleds, and a dedicated loquaciousness. If he has business to do, he’ll retreat either to his office in the basement or one of the upstairs tables for a private chat.

  3. 1. Linedan: His sheer size. He’s frelking HUGE, even for a Tauren. Beltar: Probably his loud voice and his somewhat odd, profane vocabulary.

    2. Lin’s is pretty stereotypical Tauren–deep, a bit growly, probably with more of a hostile edge to it than he usually intends. Beltar’s is loud and somewhat screechy (especially when he gets wound up).

    3. The only one of my characters that could sing would be Illithanis, my blood elf hunter. She can sing reasonably well, though not well enough to make a living at it. Lin, not really; Beltar, not EVEN.

    4. Beltar’s my character with a serious accent; it’s a hash of Blizzard Dwarven, jumbled together with northern human influences since he wandered those lands for quite a while. In the real world, it’s a mixture of standard faux-Scottish, some diction and cadence that I remember growing up in Virginia and from my time in South Carolina, a sprinkling of upper Midwestern-Canadian prairie, and whatever else I feel like throwing in at the moment. It’s a real linguistic gumbo.

    5. Linedan: Sits quietly, back against a wall, drinks little, in general doesn’t appear to be having a good time. Illithanis: Relaxes with some wine but not to excess, pleasant conversation, doesn’t get drunk or boisterous. Beltar: Gets crapfaced, tells dirty jokes, sings badly off-key, laughs his annoying laugh, eventually gets thrown out. Moktor (my orc death knight): Is upstairs shagging some poor sod who didn’t realize until she’d thrown him down on the bed that she was a death knight who didn’t take “OH LIGHT ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE” for an answer.

    Lewiss last blog post..Random thoughts about 25-man Naxxramas

  4. 1. Kaled’s most recognizable trait is his eyes; they don’t glow like other blood elves and are a pale icy blue.
    For Khaotic it would probably be her attitude, she is extremely self-confident and it shows even when she’s walking down the street.

    2. Kaled sounds pretty much like a generic blood elf.
    I’ve always thought that Khaotic sounds kind of like Kate Beckinsdale (I love the Underworld movies) with a bit of an elvish accent.

    3. Kaled doesn’t sing much, he’s too shy. He does hum alot tho, mostly when he’s happy or distracted by something. He carries a tune pretty well.
    Khaotic doesn’t sing much either, except the odd drinking song when she’s out with friends. She has a nice voice but doesn’t always carry the tune that well.

    4. They both have slight elvish accents, Khaotic’s is more pronounced than Kaled’s.

    5. Kaled would find an out-of-the-way table along a wall, roughly in-between the door and the bar, where he would probably have a meal with a single glass of wine or ale. He doesn’t drink much. Khaotic would be sitting with him, obviously, and having the same thing, unless Kaled wasn’t there and she was out with friends. Then she would sit wherever the others wanted, and would drink a bit more but not much.

    Sarais last blog post..I has the blah today

  5. 1. What is your character’s most recognizable trait? For Davien, definitely her floppy hat. When she wouldn’t say why she’d lost it, guild members knew something was wrong. (“Davien Stonemantle. Where. Is. Your. Hat?”) Annalea, probably her hair — not as pretty as Tarquin’s but the beaded braids give her away. She does not smell of jasmine. Threnn? No idea. Hrm.

    2. What does your character’s voice sound like? Davien’s I’ve always imagined has just a bit of gravel to it, if you listen hard enough. Threnn’s is low and calm. Anna’s is a bit higher, melodic.

    3. Do they like to sing? Can they sing? The sisters al’Cair both can: Anna’s a bard, Threnn doesn’t sing in front of crowds if she can avoid it. Davien might sing the occasional lullaby.

    4. Does your character have a noticeable accent of any kind? Only Davien, some strange mix of Northern and Westfall farm girl which I unintentionally based on the people from the Territories in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

    5. If your character was spending an evening in an inn/tavern/pub, where would they sit? What would they be doing? Davien, right in the middle where she could hear everyone, listening to tales and spinning her own. Threnn, somewhere inconspicuous, listening for the things people aren’t saying. Anna, in with the crowd, her glass full, enjoying the company.

  6. Dorri:

    1) Her hair. Everyone notices the white-blonde huge mane of hair.

    2) Go see Primeval, look at the petite blond. That’s what Dorri sounds like. Casual british, but not overly high pitched.

    3) She can sing. (She can play the harp and dance too.) She won’t, except when Keltyr goads her when she’s drunk, but she can.

    4) She’s got a bit of an accent. Remnants of a noble upbriging that she’d rather not talk about.

    5) Casual night? She’s probably pub crawling with Keltyr, that normally involves a lot of booze, lewd conversation and the occasional fist fight.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..I’d really just like to kill someone

  7. Here’s my response:

    1) Garilos has a bald, blockish head. Some think him to be a meathead while others consider him to be a buffoon, all because of his head.

    2) His voice is much like a typical male born and raised in Elwynn Forest. Garilos’ voice has moderate tonal qualities and is neither memorable or aggravating.

    3) Garilos enjoys singing, especially, after he has consumed a few beers, ribald sailor shanties. Garilos learned to sing when he first became a sailor in his late teens. To pass the often monotonous time on a ship, sailors would often sing and dance to music. Although Garilos no longer works as a sailor, he still enjoys singing at the bar and you can often hear him humming a tune as he goes about his business.

    4) To a human from Elwynn Forest, he does not but to others, he does. His accent is not nearly as thick as those who never left Elwynn Forest because, again, while he was a sailor, he learned to inflect his speech to more closely match that of those with which he is conversing.

    5) Garilos usually sits at or stands near the bar if he is by himself. He usually has a mug of ale or wine or some other booze with him. In a large, boisterous group, he’ll join in on any storytelling, singing or dancing. When he gets drunk enough, he starts flirting with the servant girls and barmaids.

    Garilos Durocs last blog post..Friday Five – RP Style

  8. 1. Khol’s single most outstanding feature is that he has no outstanding features. He’s immediately forgettable. He blends into a crowd with amazing ease. Being a thief (and sometimes assassin, when he can’t get out of it) he uses this to his advantage.

    2. When he’s just being Khol Drake, Man About Town, his voice is a bit deeper than normal, a few octaves above a baritone with a slight rasp to it. When he’s being Khol Drake, Feared Assassin, he adopts more of a growl, not quite as bad as Christian Bale in Batman, but not exactly sunshine and flowers, either. Gravel and gasoline is a good description.

    3. If pressed, Khol can sing well enough to not be made fun of, but as a rule, he doesn’t really do a whole lot of it.

    4. Only when it serves his purpose. Khol’s speech is distinct in that it has almost no accent or an accent that wanders all over the world.

    5. The Sign of the White Mountain is one of Khol’s favourite places to spend an evening when he’s not otherwise engaged. If he’s alone, he’ll belly up to the bar and enjoy a jack of ale or, his real passion, a cup of coffee. If he’s with others he’ll grab a table, but he isn’t too concerned with getting the corner booth against the wall. Any table he can have a good view of the front and kitchen doors is fine. He’s not paranoid, but he likes to maintain good situational awareness.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Intermission: Friday 500

  9. Parsi

    1. The fact he looks very much like a halfbreed. He’s short, has mostly upturned ears, and is paler than the normal nightelf. The more obvious things are that his eyes glow blue and he sports a firey halo when in his civilian clothing.

    2. His voice is on the high side of youth. He used to lisp a lot more than he does now.

    3. Parsi can sing very well actually, having been taught by the priestesses when he was growing up. He doesn’t like to sing that much for the same reason.

    4. His accent is fading. He used to be barely able to speak common, and sport a very heavy Darnassian accent. That’s fading as he spends ever more time among people who only speak common.

    5. Sitting on something that wasn’t meant to be sat on, like a table, or some railing. He doesn’t drink much though, it makes him kind of sick.


    1. He’s dirty. *Really* dirty. And unshaven, and doesn’t brush his hair. He spends most of his time in the wilds and it shows.

    2. Scratchy and guttural.

    3. The only time you can get him to sing is if he’s completely smashed. He doesn’t sound too badly when he does sing, he has kind of a Tom Waits appeal to his voice.

    4. He’s got a Stormwind common accent, with a large heap of Dwarven mixed in. He’s been away from the nightelf lands so long that he’s forgotten Darnassian, and doesn’t speak it.

    5. He’d sit in a corner, smashed out of his mind, with nobody around.

    By parsi on Feb 13, 2009 | Reply
  10. 1) Rashona’s fairly nondescript, and is more noticeable by her overall mien (serene and confident as a bear or a tauren, serene and purposeful as a cat) than by any physical feature. Somebody paying close attention might notice that she has deep green eyes. Khallan’s main characteristic is that she’s *young* for a mercenary. (Well, that and she now has a spirit kitty following her around. *glee*)

    2) Rashona: Low and even, about what you hear in-game. Khallan: Forced-low, for lack of a better word, and hence a bit gravelly. She tries hard to sound older than she is.

    3) Rashona can sing but generally doesn’t; she mostly keeps it to ritual occasions, except for the memorable time when she got annoyed with the four elves she was tanking for and started in on chanting the names and deeds of her ancestors. All of ’em. In Taurahe. Khallan…no.

    4) Rashona has no noticeable accent by now, with as much traveling as she does. She speaks fairly fluent Darnassian but has a strong accent there (her Common is limited to “OMG CAT EATING MY FACE GET IT OFF!” and similar).

    5) In a tavern, Rashona would have one drink for politeness’ sake and then just watch/listen, in cat form if possible. Unless the conversation turned to history or philosophy, in which case no one would be able to shut her up. Khallan would drink. A lot. And brawl. And consider the evening a success if she ended it with skinned knuckles and/or a broken head.

    By Mommacow on Feb 13, 2009 | Reply
  11. 1. Ogerin’s most notable feature would probably be his bright yellow boots compared to the rest of his blood-red armor. Looks odd on a human as is.
    2. Ogerin’s voice is pretty deep when being compared to humans, and it sounds like he has something in his throat that he just can’t get out.
    3. He’s never tried to sing, and would be pretty confused if people just started to randomly burst into song.
    4. He has no noticeable accent beyond his deep, scratchy voice.
    5. If Ogerin were to be at a tavern/inn/pub, he would most likely be one of those guys who always sits in the corner and stares at people, gathering as much information as he and trying to entertain himself by watching all the goings-on.

    By Ogerin on Feb 14, 2009 | Reply
  12. 1. Rollandren would not have very many features that would make him stand out, besides being a bit taller than normal; in fact, he makes a certain effort to be nondescript. His beard may be somewhat shaggy if he’s been off fighting for weeks on end and without the time to trim it. His weapons and armor are the biggest eye opener, as he goes seemingly everywhere in armor of some kind; if he is trying to not attract attention, he does have a less conspicuous suit of chainmail. His two main weapons are a greatsword with a brilliantly silvered hilt, and a Vrykul cleaver.

    2. His voice is roughly baritone, with a fairly strong timbre to it. It is lower than the voice in-game for human men.

    3. On occasion, he does sing, but he very rarely does so around even his own friends, and never in public.

    4. He has something of an Arathi Highlands accent, which I’ve always imagined as being somewhere between Scottish or Irish. He tends to emphasize vowels a little in his speech, especially A’s, I’s and E’s.

    5. He’d likely be in his chainmail, hooded and cloaked, sitting somewhere in a back corner of the tavern, listening and watching, maybe sipping from a flagon of mead or on rare occasions smoking a pipe with lighter herbs; his lungs cannot take the heavier ones very well. Most likely he would simply people-watch instead of attempting to play an active role.

    By Rollandren on Feb 14, 2009 | Reply
  13. I’m gonna answer for Norvallen, since she’s who I’m playing right now.

    1. Recognizable Trait:
    Probably a mix of coloring and carriage. Anna, if you picture Aelflaed as that sort of earthy-yet-bright Celtic Woman, Mary Norvallen’s a Nordic Valkyrie with all the warmth and kindness you’d expect of someone who tends to spend a lot of time dispassionately filing the dead for their future use.

    2. The Voice:
    Distinct. That’s the best I can say. Resonant, clear, tinged with self-assurance on good days, caustic arrogance on others, slightly lilting, Enunciates Perfectly Every Syllable of Every Word.

    3. Singing:
    Yes. Though really not the sort you’d expect. She’s got a good ear for rustic folk-ballads. Incidentally, plays the autoharp (of all instruments).

    4. Accent?
    None. She’s another Northerner by birth(who as per our canon, are everything from Queen’s-English to nigh-incomprehensible Scottish/Irish/Geordie, but an upbringing in the high society in Dalaran rubbed that away pretty fast. If there’s an accent, it’s American.

    5. In the Pub:
    Either in the conversational circle with the Cool Kids, more or less directing the “flow” of any topic, or sitting quietly, looking for an opening, likely examining her nails or something really stereotypical like that, because she’s actually pretty awkward if she isn’t the “host”. Fails at Passive.

  14. 1.Kelesaria tries to attract as little notice as possible, being rather shy in public. Her quietness would probably be the most noticable thing actually.

    2. Kel’s voice is usually soft, unless she is angry or upset about something, then it gets harder & rougher.

    3. Kel doesnt really sing at all, unless its something short & quiet to Sabre (her frostsaber) when they are out hunting in the wild together. She will not sing around other people at all (see part in #1 about being shy)

    4. Spending as much time away from civilization as she does, she doesnt really have a noticable accent.

    5.Kel really doesnt care for pubs, she thinks they are too noisy & smelly, but if dragged into one she will sit in an inconspicuous place with some juice or tea & mostly just listen to everyone else (being a hunter, she is a very good listener). Of course she would not enter at all if they didnt allow Sabre in with her.

    By Kelesaria on Feb 19, 2009 | Reply

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