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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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RP Friday Five – Out with the Old, In with the New
comment 8 Written by on December 26, 2008 – 12:20 pm

Here are five questions to think about with your character and some meta questions on roleplay – they can be answered here as comments, turned into a blog post of your own, or just something to think about while you grind away leveling over the weekend.  This week we’re tackling the upcoming new year and looking back at this past year a little as well.

You’ll find something like this every Friday here at Too Many Annas – and my answers are under the “read more” tag.

  1. What’s one thing your character did this year that surprised you?
  2. What’s one thing you know about them now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the year?
  3. What are your RP goals for the next year?  If you’re not a roleplayer, what are your gaming goals?
  4. What did your character get from Greatfather Winter?  Was it what they wanted?
  5. What is your character’s New Year’s resolution for 2009?


  1. Fell in love, actually.  I didn’t expect it (and honestly, neither did she).
  2. Her accent is a lot stronger than I’d originally thought.  Apparently she just needed to be back around other people from northern Lordaeron for it to come back.
  3. For Aely, I’d like to see her more involved in some of the in-game RP, as well as taking an active role in the Northrend driven RP.
  4. She doesn’t know yet!  She got a rocketcar from the Ironforge presents like everyone else, but she and friends haven’t actually exchanged presents yet.
  5. Aely has resoved to get to the bottom of the Icecrown mess, and to do whatever she can (with her friends and allies) to see the end of the Scourge.


  1. Stepped up her game and stopped being quite so withdrawn.  She’s actually started taking an active interest in other people.
  2. She’s a lot weirder than I originally thought, and her ability to read people is a little scary.  It’s a good trait, in a Farseer, but she’s still weird.
  3. I want to get Annorah involved more with some of the really amazing people I’ve met through Aelflaed’s RP.  She’s taken a back seat in Northrend RP, because it’s harder for her to connect to what’s going on – where for Aely Northrend is immediately relevant – and I’d like to change that some.  Just because it’s more prevalent for Aely doesn’t mean that Annorah can’t get involved.
  4. Annorah doesn’t hold much for Winter’s Veil – she’s more interested in the New Year and the changing seasons and all that.  Still, she did buy herself some new incense.
  5. Annorah wants to find her own purpose in Northrend, and see if she can’t get in contact with some of the elemental spirits there.  She also wants to mentor another Shaman.
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8 Responses to “RP Friday Five – Out with the Old, In with the New”

  1. Dorri:

    1) Fell in love as well. Not what I was expecting either. But its been good for her, I think.

    2) That she’s capable of a great deal of compassion. She’s still a very angry prickly person, but she’s not cold.

    3) The only real RP goal I have for Dorri right now is also a game goal. For to be able to not act like the wind-up toy in town, we need to kill Malygos.

    4) So far, Dorri has gotten a necklace and armor kit from Dandill. She also got a mysterious package with a vial of colored dust. She hasn’t told anyone about the dust yet, but it made her anxious and she doesn’t know why.

    5) Dorri’s pretty focused on killing the dragon. Once that is done, I am sure that she’ll find some other trouble to cause.


    1) She made a kind of peace with the trolls of Noxilite.

    (No, I’m not surprised that she fell head over heels for Destril. Part of that was that she saw him as everything she was not. Now its because she actually cares for him.)

    2) That everything she went through in her exile and afterwards has actually made her bitter. It’s only recently she’s even become aware that she has lost most of her sense of humor.

    3) To thaw her out a little more. Then’s stubborness and inflexibility is causing some strain in her relationship with Destril and other people as well. She’s a smart woman; she can figure this out.

    4) I know what she’s getting, but she hasn’t gotten it yet. I imagine there will be much comedy to be had from the proper priestess mucking around in the dirt.

    5) Her resolution is to get married, dammit.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Friday Five

  2. What’s one thing your character did this year that surprised you?
    Garilos gave up his seafaring, whoring, live-only-for-the-moment life. He is now dating a woman and is quite happy with the prospect of “settling down” with her.

    What’s one thing you know about them now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the year?
    How responsible and conscientious he can be. In years past, he squandered his money on booze and cheap whores. Now he diligently saves his money and even found himself a steady paying job in Stormwind.

    What are your RP goals for the next year?
    I have not decided. I’m still working through Northrend with Garilos which is consuming the majority of my play time. Once Garilos reaches level 80, I’ll probably become more involved in the RP community again.

    What did your character get from Greatfather Winter? Was it what they wanted?
    Stale cookies. And spoiled eggnog. He really wanted a snowman pet but that was mostly because he wanted to see if he could train it to keep his drinks cold.

    What is your character’s New Year’s resolution for 2009?
    He has made no resolutions. Right now, he is too perplexed by the events in Northrend to focus on much beyond lending aid where he can. He is deeply troubled by the harm caused by Malygos misguided actions. If he has anything resembling a resolution, it would be for him to knock some sense into the blue dragon.

    Garilos Durocs last blog post..Friday Five – RP Style

  3. 1. Ambika loosened up a LOT. She’s been tense and unhappy and lonely for a long, long time, and it seems that the companionship of her new Noxilite home has warmed her a little. She’s almost able to be sociable, even. And she’s even grown to accept Kansin’s brazen flirting… she might even like him. Shocking!
    2. I learned that Bika is not only capable of admitting she is wrong, but apologizing as well. Her budding sense of diplomacy and tact is small and miserly yet, but she’s made great strides.
    3. I’d like to see whether she’ll continue to soften up and relax more with her new guild. She’s sharp and can be a lot of fun when she isn’t on the defensive. It would be nice if she could be that way with more than just her brother figure, Caargon.
    4. Ambika doesn’t put much stock in Greatfather Winter. He’s a lie, as far as she’s concerned… never having received a gift will do that to a girl. This year, however, she got an amulet and a pair of ruby shades from Kansin… and a [Golden Rod] from the ‘random’ gift exchange with Noxilite. Perhaps when she’s finished blushing about it, she’ll figure out how to use it. >_>
    5. What is your character’s New Year’s resolution for 2009? To be the best. That’s really all she thinks she wants.

    By Skulley! on Dec 26, 2008 | Reply
  4. 1) I found that the cow holds GRUDGES, which is not something I would’ve expected of someone with Rashona’s uber-tolerant worldview.

    2) She’s got a much stronger mother-bear streak in her than I thought; I’ve always played her as a fairly detached sort, but too much time in bearform has apparently triggered her protective instincts. At least for her favorite clothies; rogues can damn well fend for themselves.

    3) RP-wise, I tend to just sort of cruise with Rashona and see what happens. I’d like to develop my belf warlock further, which so far involves getting her a bronze drake mount, but THAT is gonna take a while.

    4) She got a fancy tabard, and is somewhat boggled about it; she wasn’t expecting anything from the Greatfather.

    5) Resolutions are entirely foreign to Rashona, so she hasn’t made any. She basically marks the new year by going “oh, it’s winter solstice” and making mental notes about any changes in the natural world that she might need to look out for.

    By Mommacow on Dec 26, 2008 | Reply
  5. Zhazmor:

    1. Accepted that yes, he is a dead servant of the Lich King at heart, and he will never be as attractive as the Paladins of Stormwind.

    2.How focused he can be when he has a goal to work towards.

    3. To get to 80 and finally start that pet collection that’s been on his mind for a while now.

    4. Zhazmor got a top of the line new Runeblade Servicing Kit, for those evenings in Honor Hold after a long day of killing.

    5. To strive to be accepted by the people of the Alliance, and to exact his revenge apon the Lich King.


    1.Developing a serious addiction to Undead slaying. I always knew it was his favourite pastime by far, but I never thought it would go this far…

    2. That he doesn’t believe in all aspects of The Light, and thinks the Archbishop is a doddering old fool. (I think Zhazmor has started to get to him)

    3. To start raiding on the lairs of evil in Northrend.

    4. Drazmor’s family gave him a scrying disk so he could view them on those long nights away from home purging evil.

    5. To be able to still hold his head up high when the ‘murloc incident’ is mentioned to him.

    By loko45 on Dec 27, 2008 | Reply
  6. 1. Ceil got over the mess with Uthas a lot better than I expected she would, as well as dealing in a new way with her parents’ deaths. I’d like to say these things were healthy for her, but I don’t think Ceil does anything ‘healthy.’

    2. I didn’t really know that when confronted with something like Northrend, Ceil is actually able to ignore, if not get OVER her past issues and face up, I also didn’t know she’d feel such an incredibly fierce desire to protect a place like the Pig and Whistle, and by extension, Old Town.

    3. I’d like to put a lot more work into expanding on my other characters – Wrath’s brought me a character that could easily become my gameplay main, as well as two characters that deserve a lot more attention. Despite this, I don’t want to leave Ceil behind, and I resolve to spend as much time as I can RPing her, especially with the other Riders.

    4. To be brutally honest, Ceil completely forgot about Winter’s Veil. Between one of her Riders being on trial, another one being stuck in the Dream and -NORTHREND- she’s been a little sidetracked. She’s received just one present that took her completely off guard, and she loved it. She is probably not going to mention it to her husband, however, due to the giver.

    5. She doesn’t have a resolution, it’s too close to a promise, and Ceil rarely makes promises, even to herself.

    By Ceil on Dec 28, 2008 | Reply
  7. Kaledain:
    1. He found out that he can actually be an important person to someone, which has skyrocketed his self-esteem. He also fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love.
    2. He has an inner strength that I wouldn’t have expected when I first created him.
    3. RP-wise, I’m not sure, since he’s not even on an RP server. Game-wise, I want to get him and Khaotic to 70 and in Northrend.
    4. He got a race car toy from Greatfather Winter, which he wasn’t real impressed about. Won’t discuss what he got from Khaotic. 😉
    5. He didn’t make any resolutions.

    1. The biggest surprise was her coming back, since I had deleted her and didn’t plan on remaking her. RP-wise, she fell in love with Kaled, which surprised her since she didn’t believe she ever would.
    2. That she has a soft side, she spent so much of her life being tough.
    3. RP-wise I’d like to better establish her character, in-game I just want to catch her up with Kaled so they can go to Outlands together.
    4. Didn’t get anything from Greatfather Winter. Kaled gave her perhaps the best present ever, though it wasn’t specifically for Winter Veil, when he brought home a young dragonhawk that became her pet (she had recently lost both her previous ones).
    5. She doesn’t make resolutions, there’s too much chance unforeseen circumstances will make them fail, and she can’t stand failure.

    Sarais last blog post..First OS run- Success!

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