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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five – Keeping Up Appearances
comment 11 Written by on December 19, 2008 – 9:49 am

Here are five questions to think about with your character – they can be answered here as comments, turned into a blog post of your own, or just something to think about while you grind away leveling over the weekend.  This week we’re tackling personal appearance kinds of things.

You’ll find something like this every Friday here at Too Many Annas – and my answers are under the “read more” tag.

  1. Describe your characters general appearance – is it exactly what you see in the avatar?
  2. What are their opinions on baths/showers/etc?
  3. Do they fuss about their looks (and if female, wear makeup)?
  4. If they could pick an outfit out of an infinite closet, what would it look like?
  5. For the guys – boxers, briefs, or commando trousers? For the girls – bikinis, thongs, or boyshorts?  (This is not my question.  You can go thank Jess for it.  I’m still not sure I should even think about posting it.  I can see my spam comment count going through the roof already!  And yes, you really do want to click on and read about commando trousers.  Just, don’t be drinking anything, or you’re likely to end up with it in your nose.)


  • Aely is very tall, and on the skinny side, with hazel/green eyes and very red, very wavy hair.  Her hair is long – long enough that she can sit on the braid that she usually wears.  Unfortunately that’s not possible in game, so she just has the long, low set ponytail.
  • Daily.  Every night, for that matter.  If she can get a bathtub, even better, but if not, just a bucket of hot water, some soap, and a sponge will do.  With that much hair, she doesn’t wash it daily (it’d never dry, and in Northrend, it’d freeze), but she’s pretty good at keeping it clean.
  • No makeup, but she does fuss about how she looks.  Though she won’t admit it openly.  She loves purple, especially matchy purple armor, and she takes special care to keep her hands looking nice.
  • For armor – probably Soulforge, with a mace and shield, or her Verigan’s Fist.  For every day – black trousers, black and silver shirt, her tabard, and some matching boots.  For dress up – purple gown.
  • Boyshorts.


  • Annorah looks pretty well just like her avatar, with the exception of some spiderwebby looking burn scars on one side of her face from the Exodar crash, and some tattoos she has on either shoulder.  Oh, and her tail is pierced with a loop ring.
  • When she can get it.  She’s a big fan of swimming in open water to “refresh”, but she’s not rabid about baths.
  • She keeps her hair brushed, and something tied around her face most of the time – other than that, no muss, no fuss.
  • Either her Starry Robes, which she thinks looks wonderful and Shamanistic, or any of an assortment of leather and mail kilts and tops that have bits and bobs hanging from them.  She likes to look like a Shaman, and chooses accordingly.
  • Thongs (you would too if you had a tail in the way)
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11 Responses to “Friday Five – Keeping Up Appearances”

  1. 1) More or less. Rashona’s fur is brown with a tinge of red in the avatar, but there’s more red to it when I picture her. And she’s entirely too serene to look as pissed-off as the avatar does. CATFORM, on the other hand…well. Yech. In my head, Rashona’s cat model is a Savannah Huntress from the Barrens, and that’s all there is to it. 🙂

    2) Useful. You don’t want your enemy to smell you coming, after all. But the notion of making a big deal of it, other than possible ritual cleansing for a ceremony, is completely foreign to her.

    3) No. (Rashona has exactly one pretty dress for formal occasions. She knows it’s pretty, because Dissonant told her so.)

    4) Extremely simple, with a distinct but unobtrusive marking somewhere to symbolize her allegiance. Probably dark brown leather armor with an embossed symbol of the Earthmother.

    5) Loincloth. Maybe.

    By Mommacow on Dec 19, 2008 | Reply
  2. Leyola gets some spotlight for this week’s response! (linked below)

    krizzlybears last blog post..Friday Five – Keeping Up Appearances

  3. Dorri:

    1) Dorri is a little taller than average and not quite as anorexic as her toon appears. Aside from that, she’s pretty much what you see. And yes, she really has a huge mane of white-blond hair.

    2) I mentioned during the last Friday five that Dorri is a bit obsessive about bathing. Of course, you come back to your room covered in blood most of the time, you probably would too. And that’s pretty much the reason she washes her hair. Of course, she also has an expensive room in Dalaran, so the cold is not as much of an issue.

    3) She’s very fussy about her looks, though she wears no makeup. Walking around in armor and beating the crap out of things all the time is detrimental to that sort of thing. She’s a bit obsessive about have clean armor. She also puts lotion on her skin. (Apparently it smells of flowers. Gorebash is always sniffing her.)

    4) That’s easy. The PvP set for pally’s at level 60 (as long as the breastplate was more functional than the current female one). Dorri’s hatred of dresses has more to do with being stuffed in them by force as an adolescent/young adult. She will wear armored kilts.

    5) Boyshorts, just because they’re practical.


    1) Then’s a bit on the short side, but aside from that she’s pretty much as her avatar looked. Her hair is a darker, richer blond than Dorri’s (or Razkiel’s). She is one of the few characters I have ever described as beautiful.

    2) Then is practical, but when she can bathe, she will.

    3) Then doesn’t fuss, but that’s not to say she isn’t vain. She was a Magister before her exile. She was used to an easy life. Being in exile was hard for her, but she managed to preserve her looks. Certainly Destril is appreciative… (So is Mallek. Seriously, WTF! Mallek is looking at Then’s ass? And not just imaging how the skin on it would work for a lamp shade. Creepy.)

    4) Then likes elegant and simple dresses. And gloves and hats.

    5) bikinis

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Grumpy Pill is Grumpy

  4. 1. Khol’s appearance is not quite what is seen on the screen. While far from being a giant, he’s a little taller than average and a little on the lean side, rather than the bulk of most human men. His face and hair are starting to show his age, the crow’s feet are starting to creep up around his eyes and he’s picked up a few grey hairs around temples and in his beard. His most outstanding feature are his eyes, clear and blue and glittering with amusement, though usually at a joke he isn’t sharing.

    2. Bathing is very important in Khol’s world. While not a dandy or fop, Khol does prefer being clean and bathed to not, though if such facilities are not available or bathing is not prudent at a given time, he’s perfectly willing to do without when needed.

    3. Khol’s more of a wash and wear rogue. He keeps himself clean and tidy when not working, but doesn’t take great care in his appearance. Partly, this is due to his preference to blend into the background and not be noticed. Being amazingly well-dressed and perfectly coiffed and manicured tends to get one remembered and that works rather counter to what Khol does for a living.

    4. Keeping with Khol’s casual style and workman-like attitude, his ideal outfit consists of a pair of good, durable boots, sturdy leather or denim pants and a comfortable linen or woolen shirt, all in dark or neutral colours.

    5. Those to whom it matters, already know.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..We Interrupt This Broadcast…

  5. 1. Spiky, sparse Jet Black hair with some sweet black chops. Green skin because all orcs should be green. Really, really ridiculously strong with scars everywhere from getting smash, cut and burned.

    2. I try to bathe in the blood of my enemies whenever I get the chance.

    3. Yup, my hair has to always look the same. And yes, I die it. So, what? Wanna fight about it?

    4. Red and Black with Spikes to match the mount I stole from the weakling Attumen and my Red Drake. Skulls too. Gotta have Skulls.

    5. Boxers.

    Veneretios last blog post..The Emblem of Valor Pick Order

  6. Sweet! I managed to complete this Friday Five on friday! Maybe I am over my infatuation with WotLK.

    Describe your characters general appearance – is it exactly what you see in the avatar?
    I picked Garilos’ avatar long before I ever started RPing with him. In my mind, Garilos no longer looks like his in-game avatar.
    Garilos is 6 feet tall and of average build. His face is lightly-tanned and is nondescript face with the exception of a patch over one eye. He is usually has day old stubble. Although Garilos is of indeterminate age, the hints of grey in his stubble suggest he has a few years of experience under his belt. Garilos is wearing no jewelry except for a small hoop earring in one ear.

    What are their opinions on baths/showers/etc?
    Garilos takes baths when they are convenient. After having worked many years as a sailor and then as a soldier, he is not overly concerned by blood, sweat, and dirt. However, he does appreciate a good soak after a hard day.

    Do they fuss about their looks (and if female, wear makeup)?
    Nope. Garilos learned there is no point in fussing about appearances when you are fending off a murloc or naga attack, as is often the case for sailors venturing in strange waters.

    If they could pick an outfit out of an infinite closet, what would it look like?
    Probably what he is wearing now. He picks up whatever armor works well. And, for his non-combat clothing, he wears whatever someone gives or suggests to him.

    For the guys – boxers, briefs, or commando trousers? For the girls – bikinis, thongs, or boy shorts?
    Briefs or something like that. Leather armor chafes in unpleasant ways unless there is a couple layers of cotton between it and skin.

    Garilos Durocs last blog post..Friday Five – RP Style

  7. I’ve never done anything like this before, this should be fun!

    1. Ihlos is a tall and strong Draenei, Well built but not heavy, Quick and agile. His skin is tough and faded from many years spent in the wilderness. His hair is long and pulled up out of the way. It too is faded from years of exposure. His face is kind, with several large scars across his cheeks, and his eyes glow with a dim blue light.

    2. Ihlos will bathe in any river or lake when time permits.

    3. He never gives much thought to looks, no

    4. The clothing would be made of leather and tightly woven mail, dark green and brown in color, with bone adornments.

    5. When tromping through the woods you need some support.

    ihloss last blog post..Pet Feat: 4 Horsemen – Naxx 25

  8. Kaledain:
    1. Kaled looks pretty much exactly as his avatar with one important exception- his eyes do not glow like other blood elves, and are a pale icy blue. Other than that, what you see is what you get.
    2. He bathes regularly when at home, Khaotic encourages cleanliness in ways he can’t argue with. But out on the road it’s not always possible to keep clean, and neither of them worry about it then.
    3. He doesn’t fuss about his looks, since he only cares about one person’s opinion, really. He does keep his armor and weapons clean, since he depends on them for survival.
    4. Probably what he’s wearing now. He cares more about how comfortable and serviceable something is, rather than how it looks. A hodgepodge of mismatched armor suits him fine, so long as it all works.
    5. Boxers

    1. Her hair is a little bit darker red than her avatar shows, and she has more muscle; otherwise it’s pretty close.
    2. She likes to keep her house and everything in it (including people!) as clean as is reasonable, but she and Kaled spend alot of time out traveling, so regular baths aren’t always possible. She doesn’t fuss about it then.
    3. She spent years among mostly male soldiers. She didn’t like to flaunt the fact that she’s female, and that hasn’t changed. She does keep herself neat and as clean as possible, that’s about it.
    4. Something plain and serviceable, preferably in darker colors, made of leather and chain.
    5. Probably boyshorts, she prefers comfort and practicality over fashion.

    Sarais last blog post..First OS run- Success!

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