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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five … hundred?
comment 26 Written by on January 16, 2009 – 11:02 am

This week has been crazy, to say the least.  Possibly some big news around here, but I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m holding mum in major public places (those of you that know, plz to shush!).

In that light, I’d like to do a bit of musing about the Friday Five, give a few questions, and throw out a possible idea.

First, as I”m sure you’ve guessed, coming up with five new and interesting questions every week gets old after six months.  It’s been hard to come up with exciting and interesting questions that are different enough to provoke thought.

On that line, though, I’ve just been introduced to a new form of writing.  The “Ficlet” – a teensy fiction story capped at a small length, to challenge your writing brainz.  The Wildfire Riders are currently in the middle of a 1024 character contest (1024 characters = one byte of text), and I”ve heard of 500 word ficlets.  And, well, you might just see a Friday Fivehundred around here sometimes in the future, instead of a Friday Five, depending on how creative I can get with ficlet prompts (and how many I can steal!).

This week, however, a smattering of my favorite questions from the last several months.  No rhyme or reason to them.  If you’ve answered these already, feel free to skip this week, or answer for another character/an alt!

  1. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?
  2. What just irritates the hell out of your character?  What makes them happy (in a silly way, like bubbles or balloons or goldfish), if anything?
  3. What is your character’s favorite thing to eat?
  4. If your character knew he or she would die tomorrow, how would they spend today?
  5. What is in your character’s pockets?

(And a bonus question, because it never fails to make me giggle when I think about it: If your character were a zombie… what kind of zombie would they be?  (examples:  braiiins.  (subdued zombie).  Braaains?  (curious zombie).  GRAAAIIIINS!  (angry vegetarian zombie) ) – feel free to be totally off the wall with this one!)

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26 Responses to “Friday Five … hundred?”

  1. The ficlet thing sounds cool, even if I don’t feel comfortable participating in the WFR one.

    Here’s the Five for the belfs.

    1) Unless you count the figurines she carves herself, Dorri collects weapons. (you have no many times I’ve said “I have too many weapons in my bags.”) I would think that they would be valuable to the people who would rather not be smacked by them.
    2) Dorri actually hates to be touched. She’s fairly irrational about it. Yet, the exception to this is Keltyr. Which is about the only time that she gets silly
    3) I had not really thought about this one. I don’t really think Dorri has thought about it either. Eating is just another necessity, not nearly as enjoyable as sex, killing or booze.
    4) Let’s just say that it would be a good way to die in bed.
    5) A few bits of rock or gemstones. A piece of charcoal or two. When she has pockets. Not a whole lot of pockets in plate armor.

    1) Nothing. After scraping by in exile, Then’liath just has gotten by without collecting things. Besides her fiancé seems to collect animals. He has enough for both of them.
    2) Then hates when Destril gets annoyed or angry, even when she knows it is irrational. She has a tendency to go off the deep end. As for stupidly happy, I have no idea. I am not sure that she does either. She’s quick to anger, but I don’t think I have ever seen her giddy.
    3) Then likes dark bread with honey.
    4) Then’liath would try and keep the day as normal as possible, especially if Destril didn’t know it was going to happen.
    5) Dried bits of herbs, some bandages and a few bits of coal.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Today is a bad day

  2. @Itanya Blade:

    That’s kind of one of my reasons for posting ficlet stuff here – since we can then write about our own characters (or we can swap characters… that’s an interesting idea), and don’t have to really know a particular group of people or other stuff to participate 🙂

    By Anna on Jan 16, 2009 | Reply
  3. Sounds like fun to me! I’d participate in the WFR one if I was over Aside more, but I can’t find the time anymore.

    Before it was game activities with a bit of RP horde side and then lots of RP hordeside, but just before WotLK came out, there was a whole explosion of RP. I end up ending the night RPing most of the time which keeps me off Aside.

    I kinda miss it, but then again, I don’t. I do not feel quite as much of an outsider Hordeside as I do Aside these days.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Today is a bad day

  4. That second paragraph should read “…and then lots of RP Aside”

    I fail at editing.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Today is a bad day

  5. @Itanya Blade:

    Yeah – that’s one of the things keeping me from Rirri, aside from all the RPs I’ve had lately – I know that I know some of the people Hside, but I don’t know which of them they are, and I don’t connect the two, so I feel very isolated.

    By Anna on Jan 16, 2009 | Reply
  6. Well, add Dorri and Then to your friend’s list. You can always look me up fo RPs

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Today is a bad day

  7. To start, my namesake collects small bits from adventures past. A lieutenant’s insignia, a faded photograph, a story about a broken horn and other small bits fill her hidden store. She is irritated by Hacksoor’s(her love interest) frequent disappearances, and finds her happiness during those times collecting small pets. She absolutely loves a good roasted haunch of clefthoof, hot off the fire or cold and leftover from the day before. If Shawndra had any idea of her impending demise, she would spend her day fishing in Nagrand, just outside of Garadar. What she has in her pockets? Lint, a few copper to buy lures with, some pet biscuits, and a portable barbecue.

    Shawndras last blog post..Mommy, sit over there!

  8. 1. No, Alos does not collect anything.
    2. She gets annoyed by people a lot of the time. She also have a truly hard time standing her own failure, or failing others.
    What makes her happy? Flying. Preferably on her own wings.
    3. Drink, actually – currently she’s enjoying the hell out of honey-mint tea.
    4. She’d spend it in bed with Halton.
    5. Coins, and maybe a few dried leaves. She doesn’t carry things in her pockets, normally. In fact, most of her clothes completely lacks pockets. Belt-pouches, on the other hand…

    By Alonora Niralath on Jan 16, 2009 | Reply
  9. 1. Dailey collects Souls. They do turn out to be quite useful to everyone involved. Well I guess not the person/creature it was taken from though.

    2. Murlocs are the blight of the world. His Fellpuppy is his best friend.

    3. Currently Honey Mint Tea

    4. If he was to die tommorow he would spend his last day picking flowers and sewing clothes like he does everyday. (Warlocks have a soft side too)

    5. He’s a Gnome so he has a Pocket Gnome 😛

    Bonus: Soullllllls!

    By Dailey on Jan 16, 2009 | Reply
  10. Having answered most of these for Khol already, we’ll take a look at one of the lesser-known cast of thousands, the warrior mercenary, Mordock Blackfist.

    1. Mordock mostly collects bad memories, but when he’s not busy making himself miserable, he does like to barter for campaign ribbons and unit insignia of the units he’s worked with. His collection might be of value to a historian, particularly in the case of some of the more storied units he’s worked with, mostly the collection isn’t worth all that much.

    2. A grumpy and grizzled stereotype of an old soldier, Mordock is pretty easy to irritate. It’s a shorter list to state the things that don’t annoy him. This list includes, but is not limited to: women, whisky, war and getting paid to partake in any of the above. Making Mordock crack the facade of his gruff and grumpy exterior is damn near impossible, but free whisky or a cute kitten are the best ways to try.

    3. Warm pastrami on dark rye with Alterac swiss and strong mustard. Chase it with some dark bitter and Mordock is a happy camper.

    4. Mordock would most certainly die as he lived, in the thick of battle with his weapons in hand and his wounds to the fore, thus, he would most likely seek the biggest or strongest foe he could, most likely resulting in his early demise.

    5. What is in your character’s pockets?
    5. A handful of coins, some lint, an old, small silver lock with the key in, a few bits of chewing herb for staving off hunger (never know when you’ll need it) and a roll of netherweave bandages.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Part the Fourteenth: Bloodwork

  11. Bonus: Khol: Blllllaaaaaaaaaaaades….
    Mordock: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE!!! (and he’s not even a dwarf!)
    Lotos: …..

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Part the Fourteenth: Bloodwork

  12. Actually, I collect Staves. Lots and lots of Staves. I don’t know why. I still have my Benediction.

  13. Nerf Braiiins!!! (angry forum troll zombie)
    Braiiiiins are working as intended (ghostcrawler zombie)
    ZIDAAAANES!!! (World Cup zombie)
    AAAIIINNSSS-BRAY!! (Pig Latin Zombie)
    LUUPUSSSS!! (House zombie)
    Braiiins…*puts on sunglasses*…Brains. *YEAHHHH!!!* (CSI Miami Zombie)

    krizzlybears last blog post..Welcome to the ‘new’ new black!

  14. Drazmor:

    1. Drazmor collects pets. He has an affinity for animals, but he was denied the path of a hunter, as he was born a human, his destiny to serve as an intrument of the Lights holy wrath.

    2.Zhazmor annoys Drazmor. Well, more specificaly, he’s annoyed that he worrys what Zrazmor gets up to up in Honor Hold. Jokes make him happy. After a long day of smashing opposers of the Light, Drazmor enjoys a good jest.

    3. He would have some nice bacon…

    4. Drazmor would make his peace with himself and the Archbishop, then seek out the Lich King, greatest of the scourge himself, and throw himself against it.

    5. Drazmor has but his journal and a few Symbol of Kings in the one pocket in his plate armor.


    1. Zhazmor collects mounts. If you’re gonna be dead and miserable, at least ride in style.

    2.Only 2 things annoy Zhazmor, an one of them is nearly universal in Death Knights; the Alliance and Horde’s bias towards Death Knights. The other is love. When the one great love of his life was killed by the scourge, his heart grew bitter and cold. The freezing winds of Icecrown blow over Zhazmors heart, even in fiery Hellfire.

    3. As Zhazmor has no need for food, and he can taste no longer, he goes to great pains to avoid it.

    4. Zhazmor would visit the graves of his family, and the one love of his life, a Night Elf named Celaria.

    5. Arthas has no pockets, so neither should the rune-forged armor of his Death Knights.

    Drazmors last blog post..False Alarm

  15. Re: Matticus

    I never ever got rid of Benediction/Anathema on my priest ever. I got it back when “it was still hard”. *grins*

    It was a special something to have accomplished back then, and I still feel good thinking about it!

    By Alonora Niralath on Jan 16, 2009 | Reply
  16. Oh and pain makes Zhazmor happy. Other peoples pain.

    Bonus question.

    Drazmor: Baaaaaacon…

    Zhazmor: Paaain…

    Drazmors last blog post..False Alarm

  17. 1. Sephrenia collects pets. She has 76 currently and is looking after another egg that she hopes will hatch into another one tomorrow.

    2. Ironforge irritates the hell out of her – well, the old before TBC Ironforge in particular. Kids juming about everywhere, whirling, leaping, moving very fast backwards and forwards in front of her. Urgh!

    One thing that makes he spectacularly happy is hugs, kisses or other signs of affection before a raid. She loves feeling appreciated, needed, wanted and singled out for someone else’s attention.

    3. Chocolate. Chocolate cake and a nice cup of tea.

    4. She would go to the beach (one without murlocs) and sit with her loved ones watching the ocean until the sun set over it.

    5. Papa-Hummel’s pet biscuits, critter bites and a bit of soggy chocolate cake.

    As a zombie, Seph would be horrified, completely mortified, full of shame and hide from everyone until she died.

    Sephrenias last blog post..Friday Five (on Saturday)

  18. Firstly, the nerd in me needs to point out 1024 characters = 1 KILObyte. 1 character = 1 byte. (Half a character = 1 nibble, yes really, and 4 characters = 1 word :-p )

    1. Until the Alliance shipped me off to Northrend I collected Tier sets. Unfortunately the junk of a soldier is too much to keep memorabilia.
    2. Flying is probably the happiest thing I can do, which is why I’m constantly finding things to do that I can stay in my stonecrow form to do, like herbing.
    3. Anything that isn’t fish. I can’t stand fish…
    4. Getting everything out of the mail and organising my horde of gnome bankers to ensure that my packrat stash of stuff gets sent off to happy homes
    5. What is in your character’s pockets? A couple of rhino dogs and a train set.

    By Elorael on Jan 18, 2009 | Reply
  19. 1. Does your character collect anything? Is that collection of any value to anyone other than them?

    Frijona collects potentially magical objects and books. Intending on studying the properties of the object or reading the book, she will put forth quite a bit of gold or effort to get her hands on something that seems interesting. Then it collects dust in her apartment. It might be of value to someone else, but who knows?

    2. What just irritates the hell out of your character? What makes them happy (in a silly way, like bubbles or balloons or goldfish), if anything?

    Fri gets very irritated when people eat in front of her or talk about eating. She also hates it when people pick on beings weaker than them. Cute, helpless animals make her very happy, as well as obtaining souls from really evil creatures.

    3. What is your character’s favorite thing to eat?

    Underspore pods.

    4. If your character knew he or she would die tomorrow, how would they spend today?

    Consistently making sure her soulstone was in place. If that wasn’t an option, she would probably seek out her family.

    5. What is in your character’s pockets?

    Maybe an underspore pod, a soul shard, and some crushed herbs.

  20. Rollandren –

    1) Rollandren collects armor. A lot of armor. Entire suits of it are known to reside in his bank vault, along with some of the more notable weapons that were gifted to him in thanks for various missions. This includes nearly full suits of Lightforge and Lawbringer armor, relics from back before the Dark Portal was even open.

    2) Rollandren is easily angered and moved to action by injustices against most anything. It’s somewhat harder to find things that would truly amuse him, though he does value his time with his adopted children greatly.

    3) Hard to say, he normally just eats whatever he has available.

    4) Most likely spend his time trying to set his affairs in order, working feverishly to see what last things he could do to help his homeland before hopefully seeing those close to him one last time.

    5) An oiled cloth to keep his blade polished, a couple rings, and an old army insignia from Arathi.

    By Rollandren on Jan 19, 2009 | Reply
  21. And the Friday Five for Kayasi, my gnomish mage.

    1) Kayasi’s vault is a morass of various engineering odds and ends, the purpose of which would almost seem indecipherable to other people. She also collects the most bizarre and strange things, finding interest in things that anyone else from Azeroth would consider mundane. Finally, she keeps books, and all kinds of them; she will gladly read volumes of material that most would give up on after the first chapter.

    2) Even attempting to threaten children is the most surefire way to hit the top of Kaya’s aggro table. Other cases of people hurting those who can’t help themselves angers her quickly. On the inverse side, helping children or being around them tends to cheer her up. She is my most likely character to be amused by silly things, balloons, bubbles, and so on; a close friend of hers makes bubbles with alchemy, and she took a liking to them readily. It isn’t very hard to make her laugh, all told.

    3) Again a difficult thing to say; her tastes can vary radically depending on how she feels at the time. She does however have a tendency to experiment often with food, often trying things she’s never seen or heard of simply out of curiosity.

    4) She would likely have a very difficult time coping with the idea of dying. However, she would likely go eventually to the orphanage to visit it one last time and do her best to say farwell to everyone there. Then she would likely go find her friends one last time before going to find Rollandren’s children and spending as much time with them as possible.

    5) There’s so many various odds and ends in her pockets that most of it likely gets lost, but generally magic runes of various properties are very easily found, and in notable abundance. Any small engineering components are likely as well, or simply anything that she absentmindedly places in her pockets and forgets about.

    By Rollandren on Jan 19, 2009 | Reply
  22. A bit late here…

    1) Rashona is pretty much an anti-collector. She has ONE pet, ONE flying mount (and she didn’t intend to do that, but she’s a firm believer in not saying no to dragons who want to help you out) and minimal gear/food/potions. It’s more of a rarity when she finds something non-useful that she WANTS to keep, the most notable thing being the Unyielding Banner scrap from the Hellfire Peninsula quest.

    2) Irritation…Rashona is obnoxiously serene, but people who can’t leave well enough alone do fill her with the urge to accidentally let a Bash slip while in combat. And she *adores* fast overland travel, either in cheetah form (what I wouldn’t GIVE for an epic-speed land form) or on her talbuk, who I deliberately picked for looking as non-warlike as possible. He’s meant for running around fast, is all, and Rashona was rather surprised at how much she liked it.

    3) Random small mammal of the day, run down by her own four paws and cooked if she feels like it.

    4) She wouldn’t tell a soul, just take care of any business she might have and spend a few minutes with people she likes. Then port to Moonglade and wait it out at the end of the day. Unless she had a hope of it being an avoidable death, in which case, rawr.

    5) Feral, no pockets. <.< Close at hand are a couple of potions for emergencies and a few small mushrooms for use as bait if her sporebat wanders off in search of something shiny.

    By Mommacow on Jan 19, 2009 | Reply
  23. Also I think the ficlet idea is a very very very good one.

    Ilas last blog post..Tuesday Almost-Wednesday Saturday Friday Five

  24. Kaledain:
    1. He doesn’t really collect anything, except maybe pet food (having 3 pets with different tastes really hurts your bag space).
    2. He is extremely irritated by people with superior attitudes. To him, the snotty noble is no better than the poor working man he looks down on.
    Being with Khaotic makes him happy, especially if she is also in a good mood. They can get quite silly together.
    3. He likes just about any kind of bread or fruit. He has a bit of a sweet tooth.
    4. He would spend every moment with Khaotic and his animals, just doing whatever. Then make sure his day ended in Khaotic’s arms.
    5. A couple pet treats and some dried herbs that didn’t make it into his herb pouch.

    1. She doesn’t collect anything, never got into the habit while she was a soldier.
    2. Stupidity irritates her. And begging for handouts.
    For what makes her happy, see Kaled’s answer.
    3. Nothing like a good roast, doesn’t matter what kind of meat. She is also getting a taste for bread thanks to Kaled.
    4. She wouldn’t tell Kaled about it because she knows it would probably kill him to find out. She would just spend every moment with him, preferably alone (with the exception of their pets).
    5. Some lint, bits of jerky, and maybe some spare ammo.

    Bonus: Kaled wouldn’t be a zombie, because if he came back from the dead, he would immediately kill himself. He hates the Scourge with a passion. Khaotic might not kill her zombie self, but she would stay far away from people, maybe even try to get close enough to Arthas to make an assassination attempt.

    Sarais last blog post..First OS run- Success!

  25. Trying to do this when I should be sleeping is a bad idea, but here goes:
    1. Windstar is a hobby-scribe, so she collects herbs and inks.
    Tadrith collects small pets. He doesn’t even really try, they just sort of follow him around.

    2. Windstar is actually very patient and tolerant, but if anyone messes with someone she cares about, look out. On the other hand, she ADORES babies, which is odd, because I can’t really see her as a mother. But she loves playing with other people’s little ones.
    Tadrith can’t stand cities. He feels trapped and smothered if he’s in a large city for very long. Also, he can’t tolerate people with snobby/superior attitudes. His pets make him very happy though. He will often just go somewhere far from people and just sit and watch his animals play.

    3. Windstar spends so much time in cat form, she’s developed some, uh, feline tastes. She likes fish (cooked, no sushi plz) and milk.
    Tadrith will eat pretty much anything put in front of him, but he especially likes anything that Star cooks.

    4. Geez, this is a tough one. Windstar would spend as much time as possible with her friends, especially Shaurria. She wouldn’t say anything til her time was almost out, though.
    Tadrith would spend the day with the few people he cares about, he wouldn’t say anything either, except to Star. Then, when his time was almost over, he would take all his companions to a favorite place and just walk and play with them.

    5. Windstar doesn’t really carry a lot with her. Maybe a few herbs, a couple potions,some scrolls.
    Tad’s pockets are full of pet treats, a couple fishing lures, extra arrowheads, some bandages, and a flask of something or other. He carries a tiny white kitten in a special pocket of his backpack. True story.

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