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**A note on dates. Dates are pretty important, but we have no idea how Silvermoon reckons time, so I’ve used the WoWWiki Unofficial Timeline dates for most of it. As such, all years are measured with the beginning of the First War as “Year 0” even though that makes fuckall sense for Blood Elves. You […]

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Friday Five – Food
comment 1 Written by on September 7, 2012 – 8:22 am

This weeks’ Friday Five is brought to you by one of my favorite things. Food. I love food – I love cooking and eating, especially eating with friends. I also love when someone else cooks for me (either someone I know or going out to eat).

So here are some questions for your characters about food!

  1. What’s your character’s favorite food?
  2. Is your character an adventurous or a picky eater?
  3. Does your character prefer to be alone or to eat with friends?
  4. Does your character cook at all? What’s their favorite dish to cook?
  5. Meta: Have you leveled cooking (or not) to match your character’s cooking abilities? What about seeking out special recipes?

Post answers in comments or leave a trackback! I’d love to see what different characters opinions are about what it is that they eat.

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One Response to “Friday Five – Food”

  1. Grimtote is partial to sweet, gooey desserts; chocolate cake with thick frosting being his favorite. Being a contrarian, he acts like a picky eater although in truth he isn’t, and being a loner, he prefers to eat alone, or on the edge of a crowd, observing. As for cooking, he’s passable (enough to keep himself from starving) but really has no culinary interest; he prefers other people’s cooking because it seems too much like work. As for leveling his cooking, I only do so to keep him buffed with good foods, so at least with him, I do not go out of my way for recipes except for a buff.

    By Grimtote on Sep 16, 2012 | Reply

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