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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five RP – August 29
comment 10 Written by on August 29, 2008 – 8:26 am

So some of you have expressed interest in RP but aren’t sure how to get started.  It’s a common problem (and one I still struggle with frequently in game)  In that light, for a few Fridays I’ll be posting question sets, similar to the Friday Five of blogging fame.  Some of these will intentionally be silly, others thought provoking.  You can see last week’s questions here.

The idea is to pick a character (or one of your characters) and see how they would answer the questions.  Let your imagination go, and let the characters talk for themselves sometimes too.


Feel free to comment your answers (or turn them into a blog post of your own!).  If you’re unsure of some of the logistics – I highly suggest starting with www.wowwiki.com – you’ll be surprised how much AWESOME lore there is to be found.  (And no, not all questions will require any kind of lore-related background).  Don’t get too hung up on the details – these are for thinking, and there are no wrong answers!

Anywho!  On to this week’s Friday Five!

    • When is your character’s birthday?  Does he/she know?
    • What is your character’s favorite place in the world?  Why?
    • What kind of sense of humor does your character have (if any)?
    • Is your character introverted or extroverted?
    • What just irritates the hell out of your character?

This week, Aelflaed is going to step up to the plate to answer this set!

  1. Aelflaed’s birthday is May 4, and she is 28 years old.  She knows her birthday, but doesn’t really care either way.
  2. Aerie Peak, in The Hinterlands.  It most reminds her of where she grew up (the lands outside Stratholme, where her dad was a miner), and she enjoys the cooler temperatures and huge pine trees there.
  3. Rediculous.  Aelflaed, of all my characters, is the most prone to outbursts of silliness and/or playing pranks/tricks on people.  She loves to laugh and tell stories.
  4. Very extroverted.  She’ll sit and chat with anyone, especially where ale is involved.  (Double points if there’s food involved too)
  5. Stuffed-shirt, pompous, holier-than thou types.  She’s too full of energy and general optimism to put up with that stuff.  While she’s definitely a paladin, and a strong supporter of the Light, she’s not one to be preachy, and she’d rather be out looking for trouble than sit around discussing theology.
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10 Responses to “Friday Five RP – August 29”

  1. I’m really glad that this is a recurring theme! Once again, Wimzig takes the stage.

    1. When is your character’s birthday? Does he/she know?
    He was born somewhere in the summer months, but does not care for any specific date.

    2. What is your character’s favorite place in the world? Why?
    His old home, Gnomeregan. In particular, his family’s water vending gig, “Wintersprug’s Water Emporium.”

    3. What kind of sense of humor does your character have (if any)?
    Demented, Sarcastic to an extent that those around him are unaware of whether or not he’s being serious or silly. Case in point, one night in Goldshire, a Dwarf suggested the entire bar play “The floor is made out of lava.” Wimzig pointed out saying that he’s played the game before, except the floor was actually all of gnomeregan, and the lava was actually radiation, and that it wasn’t a game. Awkward silence was soon broken by outrageous laughter.

    4. Is your character introverted or extroverted?
    Introverted. Keeps to himself, and always scribbling and doodling in his little notebook. Not entirely introverted, as it takes a bit of extroversion to be a good salesman of his products.

    5. What just irritates the hell out of your character?
    Bad drinking water. Dancing Naked Night Elves. Debauchery. Pretty much Goldshire.

  2. Posted my results


  3. Please continue with this. I’m enjoying it and looking forward to it.

    I posted my response at http://wow.mcgerik.com/2008/08/29/friday-five-rp-style-2/.

  4. When is your character’s birthday? Does he/she know?
    Khol’s birthday is July 18th. He knows when it is and celebrates when he remembers. His birthday is less important to him than other milestones in his life.

    What is your character’s favorite place in the world? Why?
    Khol very much has a love/hate relationship with Stormwind City. On one hand, there is no place else he would rather be, but on the other, well…it’s pretty much a hive of scum and villainy.

    What kind of sense of humor does your character have (if any)?
    Scathing and sarcastic, though he tends to keep much of it to himself as most people either get offended or just don’t get it. This does have the side-effect of people thinking Khol to be a little crazy as he’ll just start giggling out of nowhere sometimes.

    Is your character introverted or extroverted?
    Yes. While serving as an agent of the SAS and, later, SI:7, Khol learned to be who and what he needed to be to get the job done. Naturally, however, he’s actually a little on the shy side, at first seeming very withdrawn and reserved, though with his friends he is an open and garrulous as any.

    What just irritates the hell out of your character?
    Willful ignorance and intentional stupidity. Nothing with drive him up the wall faster than someone who has the capacity to learn and understand and yet refuses to do so. This goes double for people who maintain the old hatreds and enmities despite all evidence that they are outdated and just plain wrong.

  5. Let’s see…

    1. July 16th. I usually don’t make a big deal of it, though.

    2. Anywhere peaceful – I like to wander ‘n explore now and again.

    3. Sarcastic, snarky – you know, the best kind. *chuckle*

    4. Introverted, probably. I haven’t really thought about it.

    5. Blind loyalty to the church or military. That’s mostly personal, but you asked what, not why, aye?

    By Benemus on Aug 29, 2008 | Reply
  6. Answering, of course, for Tarquin ap Danwyrith!

    1. Tarq’s birthday is July 8th (the same as his player’s, because I’m lazy.) Every year he gets a little more depressed at getting old (read: 30), and a little more smug about living long enough to get old.

    2. Strange – my initial answer was the Pig & Whistle, because after all, there’s nothing like the old pub by the office – except for the old pub that IS the office. Bonus points for being in Old Town, where everything happens. However, thinking about it, Tarq probably finds a great deal of comfort out on the slopes of northern Hillsbrad, especially during the winter rains. It’s the closest to home he can ever get.

    3. Tarq’s sense of humor is exceedingly broad, and generally rather morbid, with a rather pitiless and occasionally cruel edge. He tends to take a back-slapping, shoulder-punching, “jus’ givin’ the lads shite” approach to jokes, and takes joy in the inappropriate. Thankfully, he leavens his humor with frequent self-deprecation, but few people ever see him being playful.

    4. Oh, GOD. Extroverted to the point of confrontation. While it’s true that Tarq’s life really depends on staying in the public eye to some degree, he was already well on the road to chronic sociability before the events of the past few years. He thrives on social interaction, making sure to give every visitor to “his” pub a personal welcome, and keeping an unmatched mental database of names, faces, useful information, and possibly home addresses.

    5. All KINDS of things. Tarq has a special place in his heart for hypocrisy. A place with lots of knives. However, in terms of things that are just irritating, let’s go with…pirates. He finds them pretentious. They’re just bandits on boats! Why such a big deal about them?

    By Tarq on Aug 29, 2008 | Reply
  7. Aertho, Draenei Vindicator of the Light

    Aertho can’t recall the date of his birth, but knows he was born in the summer approximately 75 years ago in the city of Enkaat. Born to an uncompromising family of Draenei exarchs, Aertho prefers to spend a day honoring them by hunting demons than celebrating with friends.

    Favorite Location:
    Aertho prefers the decadent majesty of proper Draenei society found in Auchindoun and Shattrath City and it frustrates him that the Naaru would allow them to be as desecrated as they have. Rather than lament the past, Aertho would say his favorite place would be the Exodar. He finds pride in his people’s tenacity and resourcefulness.

    Though pratfalls and silliness aren’t completely beyond him, Aertho’s sense of humor is usually keen on an ironic turn of phrase or a clever wit. Not that he’s a master of either, mind you. He’s more an admirer of sharp minds and sharper tongues. He’s far too blunt and didactic to be considered either.

    To the point of irritation amongst his comrades. He doesn’t have a filter with regard to subtlety and tact. His ego and devotion leaves little time for tolerance.

    Paladins of Azeroth. While Paladins and the Vindicators of Draenor share much of the same strengths, Aertho is endlessly annoyed by the rustic and provincial ways of Human and Dwarf paladins. The skills he was forced to learn in Stormwind had him rolling his eyes. Turn Undead and Sense Undead are of little use when one faces the forces of the Burning Legion. Not to mention the steeds they award a paladin with are ill-equipped to carry the weight of a male Draenei. The plight of Azeroth pales in comparison to the war on the Burning Legion, and their posturing over the atrocity of the Plaguelands and Felwood makes him want to play the world’s smallest violin.

    By Aertho on Sep 2, 2008 | Reply
  8. My name be Kebb Earthbinder, and my ma tells me I be named after Kebb the earth god. I was birthed during the harvest time some 20 odd cycles ago. I am a hunter as was my grandpa the legendary Baldur Earthbinder……mehaps you have heard of him. We seem to share a relationship with the wilds and with animals.

    As a young’un I thought that Dun Morag was the whole world, but have since learned that there be many strange, wonderful and fearful places in this world called Feathermoon. At a young 16, (like my grandpa before me) I journeyed to the land of ghosts to tame my best friend and companion Khepri – he being a Ghostclaw Ravager. I named him after the god of Sun as he has a nature about him that expects his subjects to pay him homage and bow before him, (he is known to smite wickedly those that don’t). Should we meet in the world and share a campfire mehaps I will tell of my journey to gain Khepri’s company.

    In all my journeys my favorite place is called Ashenvale and is in the land of the night elves. The peace and beauty of the forest and the hills is to be behold, and provides me a restful heart.

    I have been told that I have a dry wit, and find it hard to take seriously the posturing of some.

    I be thinkin that I be more reserved in m’nature than an extrovert. I be happiest in the wilds with just Khepri for company. I dinna like crowds as in towns or cities and will keep to m’self and move quickly about m’business in such times as I have to go to one.

    The smell, noise and crowds of cities irritate me. In particular the empty-headed fools who endanger ordinary dwarves and other peoples by the things they get upto on their mounts in such crowded places. In particular the fools who ride bears (of all things); such creatures should be in the wild, not use as toys and braggin matter for the bigheaded. My ma used to tell me to let my behaviour mark m’name, not my mouth.

    By Kebb on Sep 4, 2008 | Reply
  9. 1. Duerma’s birthday is August 16, and yes she knows. (That’s a few days before mine, yeah, but come on – Duerma is SUCH a Leo, I couldn’t move it around that much!)

    2. Duerma really enjoys the big city of Stormwind – there’s always something happening. I can tell you right now, though, that Dalaran will take that place in November. A big city that’s dripping with magic, higher learning and mad style? You’re never going to get her to leave!

    3. Duerma enjoys either being clever and witty, or really WAY out there absurd.

    4. Duerma’s ridiculously extroverted. She thrives on being a social butterfly. Any evidence you may see to the contrary is just her player’s introvertedness getting in the way.

    5. Gnome haters on the Alliance side make Duerma insane. It pisses her off that people think it’s OK to make racist jokes about an ally just because they are small. She’s been known to give people an earful on this point.

  10. 1. Kaled’s birthday is in March, Khaotic’s is in July. She is about 4 years older than him.
    2. Kaled’s favorite place is Eversong, he loves the woods and finds them very peaceful. Khaotic doesn’t really have a favorite place. At the risk of sounding sappy, any place where Kaled is is her favorite.
    3. Kaled likes to joke around, he isn’t really sarcastic or anything. Khaotic is, but she isn’t really mean and keeps the more cutting humor to herself.
    4. Kaled is extremely introverted, a result of his upbringing. He likes to talk to people he knows, but doesn’t start conversations with strangers. Khaotic is a balance of both, she doesn’t seek out conversations with strangers but she’s happy to talk with anyone who starts one.
    5. Kaled hates highborn people that think they’re better than everyone else. He treats everyone the same whether they are noble or farmers. Khaotic finds stupid people irritating, the ones that refuse to find things for themselves and want others to do the work for them. She can’t stand beggars, asking her for a handout will usually result in her blade at the offending person’s throat and a suggestion that they bother someone else.

    Sarais last blog post..First OS run- Success!

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