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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five – RP Style
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So some of you have expressed interest in RP but aren’t sure how to get started.  It’s a common problem (and one I still struggle with frequently in game)  In that light, for a few Fridays I’ll be posting question sets, similar to the Friday Five of blogging fame.  Some of these will intentionally be silly, others thought provoking.

The idea is to pick a character (or one of your characters) and see how they would answer the questions.  Let your imagination go, and let the characters talk for themselves sometimes too.


Feel free to comment your answers (or turn them into a blog post of your own!).  If you’re unsure of some of the logistics – I highly suggest starting with www.wowwiki.com – you’ll be surprised how much AWESOME lore there is to be found.  (And no, not all questions will require any kind of lore-related background).  Don’t get too hung up on the details – these are for thinking, and there are no wrong answers!

Anywho!  On to the Friday Five!

    1. What is your character’s name?
    2. Why did he/she pick his/her class?
    3. What’s the worst trouble he/she ever got into as a child?
    4. What is his/her favorite thing to eat?
    5. What does he/she have in his/her pockets?

(These can be answered in first or third person, depending on your preference)

And – since it’s only fair to ask these kinds of questions if you’re going to answer them…

  1. Annorah, granted the title of Farseer
  2. It picked her, more than she picked it.  Annorah had very little tie to the Light before the destruction of Shattrath, but – once the Elements began speaking to Nobundo – she found his teachings relatively easy to follow.  She’s been “claimed” particularly by the element Fire.
  3. With her several-years older brother (who fortunately was the one to get them OUT of said trouble).  He dared her that she couldn’t go with him out into a forest of some kind, and she – not being one to be cowed and wanting to seem as brave as her brother – took him up on it.  They ended up lost for just over a full day, and though they were in no real danger (and had enough sense and fishing skill to rummage up dinner), the consequences on returning home were… less than desirable.
  4. Dragonbreath Chili.  The hotter, the better.  Spicy Hot Talbuk is good too.  She actually carries hot spices to dip her Golden Fishsticks in.
  5. Fel Iron Bolts, spare change, assorted items that remind her of various times, and a small set of polished, black divining stones.
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18 Responses to “Friday Five – RP Style”

  1. 1. Asara, rank Sergeant, she has earned the honorable title of Champion of the Naaru.
    2. Both of her parents were druids. She inherited their love of nature and the wild, and their innate bond with animals, but chose a slightly different means to express it.
    3. She attempted to bond with an animal companion before she was fully ready to do so. Thankfully the spider wasn’t poisonous, but it took weeks for her to recover.
    4. In general, Asara finds it difficult to eat red meat. Her cat companion has no such compunction, but Asara has also bonded with several other animals, and cannot quite bring herself to eat the meat of a beast that might be kin to one of her companions. Her food of choice is Mudfish from Nagrand, grilled over an open flame.
    5. A small pouch of cat mint, a small chunk of flint, and a scale from her husband’s dreadsteed, for luck.

  2. OOOH! I love these sorts of posts! Allow me to answer them on behalf of my only character rolled on an RP server (US Scarlet Crusade).

    1. Wimzig Wintersprug. Wintersprug is the name passed down to him by his father. He one day hopes to invent a new name for himself based on his successes as a water vendor.

    2. Wimzig is a self-made entrepreneur. A major player in the refreshment industry back in Gnomeregan, Wimzig relied on his natural skills in hydromancy to improve the quality of his product. Gnomeregan now but a distant memory, Wimzig has taken up cryomancy to protect him in his travels as he attempts to restore his business by taking it on the road.

    3. As a self-taught hydromancer growing up, Wimzig’s raw skills as a young gnome often resulted in spells gone wrong. His most destructive incident involved an overdone conjure water spell, resulting in the flooding of his family’s basement, destroying nearly all of the gadgets and gizmos that were stored there.

    4. Wimzig is the perhaps ultimate connaisseur of drinking water, to the point of evaluating the taste of food based on the quality of the water used to cook it. As such, his favourite dish is Westfall crab boiled in his own personal conjured water.

    5. As a hydrophile, Wimzig likes to keep vials of water that he collects while travelling, for the sole purposes of both scientific study and as souvenirs of his journeys throughout Azeroth.

  3. Sweet, timewasters at work!

    1. Tarquin ap Danwyrith, variously known as Tarq, the Oathbreaker, or simply Boss.

    2. Sorta stumbled into it. After leaving home, desperation and his natural dexterity led him to a life of petty thievery and housebreaking. Caught in the act at seventeen, he was offered a job as an SI:7 trainee, which was a very convincing alternative to being thrown in the Stockades. He’s held half a dozen different jobs since then, but they’ve all been variations on “armed problem-solver.”

    3. Tarquin more or less existed in a constant state of “in trouble,” and his father’s harsh, distant demeanor only encouraged him, so it’s hard to really think of anything specific. The incidents that completely severed connections between him and his family took place after he left home for the streets and abandoned tenements of Stormwind at the age of fourteen.

    4. Meat, potatoes, anything fried – generally speaking, Tarquin frequently forgets to eat, so he makes up for it by eating enormous, fattening meals which have no visible effect. He also has a taste for horrifically spicy food, as illustrated and possibly explained in the ficlet linked in my post name. 🙂

    5. What DOESN’T he have in his pockets? On any given day, Tarquin’s voluminous cloak, padded armor, and multifarious hidden and muffled pockets might well contain:
    -A couple dozen gold crowns in loose change.
    -Some talbuk jerky.
    -A hip flask of whiskey.
    -A deck of cards.
    -Four complete sets of lockpicks. (Tarquin’s three great loves are his wife, his homeland, and locksmithing.)
    -Anywhere between two and eight knives.
    -Several pounds of explosives.
    -A length of extremely thin rope.
    -When it’s not on his finger, an odd-looking golden ring. Close inspection can determine that a lock of hair was sealed into the gold.
    -Flint and steel.
    -Recently, a tin of tobacco and some thin papers.
    -A hat brush. Proper hat care is important.
    -Possibly your wallet.

  4. Response posted:

  5. Wheee…RP distractions 🙂

    1) I am Eapoe. (known once among the living as Taylor Markham)

    2) The Crusade took so much from me. my friends, my family, me. They all had to die, had to burn! But the Lady spoke to me in the night, called my name as I slumbered. The answer to false light is not more light, it is true darkness. Enveloping, consuming, clouding darkness. I answered the call to service in her priesthood that I might bring her dark power to bear against the false light of the Crusade.

    3) Eapoe would have no memory of this, but his worst trouble was when he had been caught with a dead rat on the kitchen table, using his mother’s best knife to see “how it worked.” Nothing sadistic, just a natural scientific curiosity channeled through a too young mind.

    4) Ah favorite meal, hmm? Definitely a basilisk. It takes just the right touch, to cook them properly, and when you do…sublime. The right spices, a roaring fire and the know how gets you a thick, crunchy exterior with the meat just beginning to soften inside. Wonderful!

    5) *rustles through numerous folds of his robes, pockets and pouches*

    Well, there’s this handy bit of elementium I use for my enchanting work…some candles…arcane dust…cloth and thread. You know I should really organize these things. Some potions…magnifying glass…various reagents and vials. Where has that light-cursed thing gotten to?

    By Eapoe on Aug 22, 2008 | Reply
  6. Thanks for handing out the tools! This may be the thing that will help me to give birth to the hidden roleplayer I keep inside.

    I’ll ponder upon them at least for a while. No answeres straight away I’m afraid. Looking forward to more questions!

  7. 5. What does he/she have in his/her pockets?

    1.) Khol Drake, former Sergeant in the Stormwind Army and retired SI:7 agent.

    2.) Khol started out apprenticed to a butcher in Old Town before the start of the Third War. When the Third War broke out, he promptly enlisted. After a few misadventures, he found himself assigned to a special forces unit and the rest is history. Sometimes, he wishes he could go back to being a butcher and not know the things he knows.

    3.) He had a penchant for getting into trouble and a young lad, so picking just one incident is difficult. Growing up in the poorer section of Stormwind, Khol’s parents both worked long hours in order to provide for Khol and his two siblings. Still, the worst incident was probably being directly responsible for the accidental death of a rival street tough as a teenager, a secret he carries and regrets to this day.

    4.) A tender and juicy talbuk steak and a steaming mug of fresh coffee will always go a long way to winning Khol’s heart. Good beer, too.

    5.) A quick survey of Khol’s pockets reveals a few dozen silver and copper, a small folding knife, a small pouch of roasted nuts and a simple briarthorn pipe with a pouch of tobacco.

  8. I think I got a bit carried away, but a great idea, really enjoyed doing it for my four ‘sisters’ and it definitely helped flesh them out.

  9. A bit late to the post, but what the heck.

    1.) Arrens Caltrains, former Master Chief under the command of Captain John Barrows.
    2.) After being shipwrecked off the coast of northern Lordaeron during the Scourge invasion, Arrens had to lie, cheat and steal in an effort to avoid the Scourge. Ultimately, he was overcome with the Plague.
    3.) As a young lad, Arrens sought work as a sailor in Menethil. After being caught as a stowaway, he was nearly thrown overboard in the Great Sea before being saved by Captain Barrows and offered a seafaring job.
    4.) Gnomes.
    5.) Gnome Effigies, Rogue Diaries and a seemingly endless supply of Thistle Tea abound in his numerous pouches.

  10. What is his/her favorite thing to eat?
    What does he/she have in his/her pockets?

    1. My name? Hmm…well, I use the name ‘Benemus’ for work. My real name I’d rather not say. Apologies.

    2. I picked the path of the paladin because it was the easiest choice – I’d been trained for it for most of my youth, I lack the physical capacity to be a good full-on warrior, and I’m a bit late in the game to start studying the arcane arts now. Not that I’m fond of the implications that follow a ‘paladin’ like me, but it opens a lot of doors, so…

    3. Hmm…I wasn’t really a child when it happened, and I’d rather not discuss it anyway. Suffice to say I lost my faith in the Church and developed a powerful fear of spiders. The latter I’ve improved upon since then. The former, not so much.

    4. Ooh, tough question…some fresh fried sunspring carp is always nice, and I LOVE a good cut of meat. Cherry grog-basted ribs are also…agh, now I’m hungry.

    5. Oh, all kinds of junk. Let’s see…*rustling through pockets* mecha-dragonling controls, spyglass, compass, some *ahem* private letters, job requests, a Quick-Write Pen (gotta love gnome technology sometimes), observations notebook…that’s about it, I guess.

    By Benemus on Aug 28, 2008 | Reply
  11. 1. Tawa’mongwi Lomahongva

    2. The spirits have always spoken with me since I was but a small child. I did not choose to walk the path of the shamanka, the great Earthmother chose me to walk it.

    3. I remember accidentally dropping my friend, Kiylele’s, doll into the sea when we were sailing with my mother. She cried for days. My mother understood that it was an accident, but Kili was very angry at me. I think she still holds a grudge.

    4. I can never pass up some good fish.

    5. I do not have… Pockets. The pouches I carry generally contain what I require for ceremonies. My pipe, various dusts, bits of the earth that I find crossing my path… Whatever the spirits find to bless me with in my journeys.

    Mark Bradleys last blog post..WTB Shaman Training plz…

  12. 1. Shasmo Sorrens
    2. I have always loved wild animals, since before I can remember. When my family woudl go on long walks through the forests, I’d be too busy making friends with the forest animals to focus on their passion: plants, so it was kind of foregone that I’d become a cuddly wuddly bear myself 🙂
    3. When we went to Ashenvale for the first time, I was sooo terrified of the water (I still am, somewhat) that, when we were getting ready to board the boat back, I hid under a bed at the Inn. I fell asleep, so I didn’t hear the search party being formed. I only woke up when they came back after hours and hours of searching the forest. My Mum said that I was ‘grounded for the Entire Emerald Dream’, but I’m grown up now, so that doesn’t count anymore. Right?
    4. I love to eat eggs. Not that I have anything against birds in particular (or Raptors) but I just can’t pass up a nice, freshly cooked egg.
    5. Umm … *shapeshift back to Night Elf form* lets see … ball of string … a friendship bracelet from my bestest best friend Trixiana … some lint … oh! Steamy Romance Nov- uh, I mean: nothing … aaaaaaand … my enchanting rod (you can’t let the enchanter trainer see it, cause I’ve carved some pictures into it and they might get mad)

    Shasmos last blog post..Chillin’ In Da SteamVaults, Shakin’ Like A Lamb

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