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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Where are they now?
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Since I’m working on things in WoW again (though I make no actual promises about regularity of updates), I figured I should get together where everyone is (in character) and what they’ve been up to during my relatively sparse last two years of gaming. This is as much for me as you guys, and some of it is or will be fic in the near future. We’ll see how well plans turn into reality.

So where is everyone now?

Aely has spent the last two years trying to settle into civilian life. She’s done clerical work for the Argent Crusade, worked part time as a healer and administrator in the SWU clinic, worked with Ben, her squire, and taught various classes in field and battle healing for paladins in training. She and Arrens have a rather established routine, but his work has picked up a lot lately, so they see each other only in the evenings and occasionally when she invades his office hours with snacks. Her eyes are as sharp as ever, but she’s noticed the print on menus and newspapers getting smaller, so she wears a pair of small spectacles for reading.

Recently, however, she’s realized that as much as she tries to settle in, civilian life just doesn’t sit well after nearly a decade and a half of being in various forms of active duty. She’s been working with her weapons again to stay sharp, and has a keen ear to the news coming in about increasing conflicts with the Horde. It will not be an easy battle to go active again, but she is strongly considering it.

Angoleth has spent much of these past few years in and out of Stormwind on various errands. She did quite a lot of work in Hyjal but was ultimately disappointed in their general reliance on unreliable adventurers and inability to get things together on their own. After spending time in Uldum, which ended about how you’d expect, she’s been more or less picking up odd jobs around Stormwind. Leatherworking is a particular effort, as well as general animal handling. She also provides sharpshooting/sniper backup to various, sundry, and usually nefarious plans cooked up by the Wildfire Riders, in particular the Bad Idea Trio. There are rumors that she’s one of the prime contacts getting contraband tequila into Stormwind, but nobody has ever been able to actually pin that down. The Pig and Whistle’s bookkeeping is, as always, superb and above board.

As conflicts heat up with the Horde, she can’t decide between holing up and letting the two sides blow each other up, or taking a cue from her earlier days and going full bore with the explosive ammo.

Annata made a bit of a name for herself in the Riders’ dealings with the Lotus Trade. Unfortunately, while part of that was intentional, and she’s glad to be known as an artist of disguise, her skill in poisons wasn’t supposed to be common knowledge. She does not know how much that information is public beyond the Riders, but it’s possible that SI:7 knows as well. Given that she is keeping her connections to Ravenholdt somewhat quiet as well, she took the opportunity to do a little work in Outland, hoping that things would die down a little. How long she’s away depends a lot on how soon she thinks it’s safe to be back in the more inhabited parts of the world.

There’s a human priest around town, giving the name of Annalira Delshannon. She looks vaguely familiar, but nobody’s heard that name in so long that it’s hard to tell.

Annie Mae has been stuck in a Firelands cave-in for the better part of two years. She recently MacGuyvered her way out with some homemade explosives, a cowboy hat, a piece of twine, and some armor oil, but destroyed her shield, the aforementioned hat, and a good bit of her armor in the process. While the cave had a ready supply of spring water, it would be wise if you’d never, EVER suggest that she eat mushrooms again, and she’s developed a rather peculiar loathing for crickets.

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