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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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The Emotion of Light
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Another post by Lorelli. I don’t know how much fiction will result from the aftermath of the Old Enemies storyline, but I’ll try to post it all here for you to read.

The halls of Stormwind University echoed, empty in the early morning hours. The sound of her boot heels on the floor brought back memories of the year she spent here as head of security. They’d met in the stockades of all places, almost four years ago. Lorelli had just returned to Stormwind and had made a total mess of her life. She hadn’t cared whether she lived or died and yet Arrens Caltrains took a chance on her. A lost woman he hardly knew, in a jail cell. She always figured she owed him her life more than a bit.

In just a few hours the halls would fill with students rushing to their classrooms, unaware, currently that their headmaster might never return. That was indeed the hardest part. Not knowing if Arrens was alive or dead and having completely lost any trail to continue pursuing him. All the warlocks–and there were quite a few of them hanging around and in her life suddenly–seemed to agree that he was likely alive. Yet they also agreed that death was probably the kinder outcome.

Lorelli was tired. Sleep had not come easy. She couldn’t imagine what it could possibly have been like for Aely or what it would continue to be like. The rogue had lost a dear friend but Aely had lost a friend, a husband, a man she had likely seen herself starting a family with one day.

Lore had done her best to keep it together last night for Aely. She had done her best to make sure her friend mourned and didn’t try to “pretend that it didn’t hurt.” She had held it together as folks shuffled out, through the hug from Threnn, continued to try to keep it together with Prayce later. Then she had eaten her words. That charming bastard had slipped through her walls far too easily and she had cried and told him things even many of the Riders didn’t know. Yet, she was still trying to convince herself they could keep it casual and there was no significance to their relationship (when she even designed to call it that). Ever the fool, especially in these situations.

Things were a mess and they were about to get worse. Lorelli paused in front of the door to Landris’ classroom. She had come up with a dozen different ways to break the news and they all seemed trite and unfeeling. So Lore would do what she always did. Make it up as she went. She took a deep breath and stepped inside. The diminutive professor was standing on a small step-ladder making notes on the blackboard. She turned to look as she heard the click of Lorelli closing the door.

“Good morning, Madam Lorelli, too what do I owe the hono…” Landris paused as realization struck. “You’ve found the headmaster. How bad is it..?”

Lorelli raked a hand through her hair, the form of address didn’t even bother her this time. “Extremely. He… likely won’t be returning.” Not the best she could have come up with, but the dialogue was started at any rate.

Landris shook her head sadly but said nothing. Lorelli couldn’t remember ever seeing the professor speechless.

“Landris, m’sorry…” Lorelli began.

The gnome shook her head. “No Madam Lorelli, I am sorry. You were friends. We were merely colleagues.”

“S’not true. Arrens considered you a friend.”

Landris smiled a little but it was short lived. “What happened?”


The professor wobbled slightly on her step-stool and Lorelli was there in a moment to help her down.

“M’sure you don’t need me to go into detail.”

“No, no. Certainly not and there is nothing further to be done?” Landris questioned.

It was Lore’s turn to shake her head. “Not as of yet. All we can do is keep an ear out.”

“Of course. If it is alright, I shall have a word with some of my best students? Perhaps eventually they will come across something in their studies.”

“I’ll check with Aely. Like as not she won’t want some poor kids meddling with whatever it was that got Arrens, but I’ll check.”

Landris blinked, “Oh dear, how is poor Madam Caltrains doing?”

“About as well as can be expected, all things considered. She’s in good hands at any rate.”

“Please, send her my condolences.”


Landris patted her on the side of the leg as it was the only part of Lore the gnome could reach. “I suppose I should go make an announcement. I’ll cancel classes for the week and finish assuming what’s left of Headmaster… former-headmaster… Caltrain’s duties.” If Landris had aspired to be headmaster one day, Lorelli could guess that this was not the way she had wanted it to come about.

Lore turned and made her way back to the door.

“Madam Lorelli?”

The rogue stopped, turning, “Hrm?”

“Just because the headmaster may no longer be with us does not mean you and Madam Caltrains get to be strangers.”

Lorelli smiled, hand on the door knob. “Right, I’ll let Aely know.”

Lore opened the door and was met with a crowd of students just arriving. Some stared at her, some looked anywhere but at her, none seemed to recognize her. Many of the student she had known during her time at the school were gone. Some had graduated. Some died in Northrend. Many died to Deathwing at one point or another. So many had passed before her when she had fully expected–and in some cases even welcomed–death long before now. Lorelli slipped through the crowd as she heard Landris telling the students to proceed to the main hall and wait for her there.

Lore stepped outside and the sun shone brightly, casting its merry yellow hue across the front walls of the school and everything else it touched. She pulled her hood up against it’s assault, the light harsh and seeming wholly inappropriate. She closed her eyes and felt the tears on her cheeks. She dashed at them, irritated. After the Sha she had been sure she couldn’t feel anything at all, obviously that now proved to be untrue, though the timing could have stood to be better.

Lorelli took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. There would be time enough for that later. Right now she wanted to go check on Aely.

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