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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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There’s been a lot of buzz about the upcoming Transmogrification ability, and rightfully so. While a lot of people are really excited about it, others are on the fence or just don’t care, and I can sympathize with both groups. (Also, most Druids I know don’t really care, as the gear changes don’t show up when you’re a bear anyway)

The basics:

  • Transmogrification is intended to bring more variety into WoW gear and let players choose how their gear is going to look, especially if they’d like to use a now outdated dungeon or raid gear set.
  • You must own the original item currently to be able to make another item look like that (to have Judgment Looking Pants, you must actually own the Judgment Pants)
  • You won’t be able to change the appearance of your armor into another armor type or class armor set
  • The system will be rather conservative to start, eventually building to include more items and types of transformations.
  • You will not be able to transmogrify TO or FROM a legendary item.
  • Eventually there may be a way to get favorite items that are no longer available (dungeon sets that are gone, quest gear, DK start zone gear).

Good places to look for RP gear in general, Transmogrification gear in specific:

You all probably know all this, but I’d not actually looked into it all that much, so now I know.

The biggest criticism is that really, the progression of gear towards a set is an identifying marker – gear from Firelands is fiery, etc. That and people don’t really care or aren’t interested – which I can understand a bit. I like my characters to have the option of looking like the content they’re clearing is appropriate for their gear. On the other hand, for example, there aren’t matching boots to go with the Ret Paladin PVP set – the plate DPS PVP boots match the Warrior set. So being able to get the healing boots that DO match the pally gear and then mog the actual DPS boots to match … just makes sense, if it’s a little convoluted to type out.

But from a roleplay perspective, I really like ‘mogging. Being able to do an in character dungeon run while wearing armor that is appropriate for the character is kind of a huge thing, and something I’ll definitely be using.

For me, the most attractive thing about transmogrification is the ability to change weapons.

Aely still has her Verigan’s Fist, Sword of Serenity, and several 2H Swords she’s really proud of, and she would never use anything other than the shield that Jolstraer gave her when he died, so the ability to ‘mog things to look like the weapons she would ALWAYS use is nice. I also like, for a non raiding character, the ability to match up her armor sets – especially some of the rarer ones like Soulforge – instead of having to wear a leveling mishmash of assorted gear.

Angoleth still has her Rhok’delar and Lok’delar – she intends fully to use them, especially since ranged weapons (guns, bows, and crossbows) are considered interchangeable (as far as I know *fingerscrossed*).

Weapons seem most useful and wide ranging as transmogrification targets, especially if you have a brawler character who can use two Barman’s Shankers instead of regular daggers…

To be honest, the gear thing seems more useful in RP for cloth and leather wearers, since my cloth/leather wearers typically don’t change into “RP clothes” the way my plate wearers do. Aely only wears full plate to RP night when she’s feeling like there’s a threat, so I’m still carrying multiple sets of gear around for her. But Annata being able to avoid looking like a typical Outland Clown and wear truly rogue-looking gear all the time? That’s a big draw! (Especially since, at level 60, she’s got at least three complete sets of rogue looking leather… ) I can also see the draw of mages looking truly magey, and priests looking priesty, and warlocks looking warlocky with transmogrification of gear into former sets or items. Sometimes the look isn’t what you want for a character, and for some reason I find it easier to imagine swapping robes than I do changing out entire plate armor sets.

Mail is more in between, but while I have lots of ideas for fun things for Annorah to wear, I think she’ll still probably wear robes most of the time for RP, and Aely will still wear boots, pants, and vests.

Still, I’m definitely looking forward to transmogrifying stuff. It’ll be fun to be able to actually use the gear and weapons I’ve squirreled away for the last 6+ years…

What kind of things are you planning to transmogrify, if anything? Are you farming for gear sets to be able to use?

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3 Responses to “Stylin’”

  1. I am most excited about my shadow priest getting to wear her halo and glowy wings all the time, along with her felhunter on a stick! And that my druid gets to wear her full set of T2 forever. Still not sure if she will go with her corn husk staff, or the flappy Naxx batwings.

  2. Parsi’s flaming halo and his wings for sure! Also, I like the option to go to the lowbie areas, and get something really shabby looking for Phadris to wear. The only thing I’m farming right now is for Ruari, the Judgement set (naturally -_-) from BWL.

    By Ghostangel on Nov 14, 2011 | Reply
  3. Mahalia, my frost mage, is jumping with joy. Now she can finally wear her Glacial robes and truly look the part of a Frost mage. Hopefully this will also mean that she will no longer be pestered with silly questions about fire or arcane magic.

    Aliyani (ret pally) has been saving pieces of plate armour that are not as dull as a rock or so dark that you might as well stop cleaning them since no-one can tell the difference. Dalika kinda agrees on the dull part, as she plans to go back to the real Death Knight look. Arthas may have been a bast@&%, but he had good taste in armour designs.

    Khyrra (feral), Urarii (feral) and Rellah (rogue) are all very happy that they will no longer have to wear identical outfits.

    Phelani always gets her paws stuck in those long dresses, so she hopes to find a few nice shirts to match with whatever strikes her fancy.

    By Tsani on Nov 14, 2011 | Reply

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