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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Staying in the Money?
comment 7 Written by on February 17, 2009 – 10:27 am

So yesterday I was chatting with Wynthea, the Full of Win, from over at World of Matticus, and she asked me about all of these alts of mine.  Specifically, she asked:

How can you afford so many alts? I’m working on one now, and it’s expensive!

So after a long conversation, I figured I’d cheat and turn it into a blog post!

How do I afford so many alts? Well..

  1. I have a banker, and she manages all my money.  My individual characters keep a few hundred gold (maximum, frequently less than that) and anything extra gets sent to the bank.  This keeps all my cash in a manageable place, and helps me to plan ahead for big expenses.
  2. The addon “Auditor” (which has a FuBar plugin, and with FuBar-to-Broker, works with Fortress/LibDataBroker) – lets me manage who has how much money, and where its coming from.  I also use Informant (part of the Auctioneer suite, you can download it separately if you scroll down) to help me manage what quest rewards to pick up if there’s not an upgrade – that way I can pick the one that sells for the most! I have Auctioneer load only for my banker, and all I do with it is scan the auction house.
  3. I have synergistic professions, and all of my mains have gathering capabilities.
    • Aely is an elixir specialized alchemist/herbalist, meaning I never buy flasks or elixirs (on any of my raiding mains, or on any of my alts). I will occasionally buy Annie a couple of stacks of health potions, but usually I’m pretty potion/elixir self-sufficient. Since all of my characters that need elixirs/flasks right now are casters, I can safely sell any Icethorn and Adders Tongue I get while farming (at 30-40g a stack).
    • Annorah is an engineer, with a zapthrottle mote extractor, and a miner. Between her gas-cloud extraction and mining, along with Aely’s herbalism, the only Eternals I have trouble getting are Eternal Shadow.  I rarely sell these right now, but once I get a sufficient stash, they’ll start going on the AH as well.
    • Anaelle is an enchanter/tailor – all of my greens from leveling any of the other characters get sent to her for sharding (with the occasional weapon sold for extra cash). So far, I’ve not had to buy enchanting mats for Aely or Annorah, and she’s slowly leveling up to be able to make the spellthreads I need.  She’s also my frostweave sink right now.
    • Angoleth is a leatherworker/skinner, and for the most part just makes leg armor kits, but once she’s leveled up, I’ll use her for farming some of the rarer materials to put on the auction house.
    • Annylais is a scribe – and once I get her to level 65, will be able to make just about everything from the trainers, including weapon/armor vellums, so I can do my own enchants.
    • My little alts are, for the most part, on their own for money – the greens they pick up are sent to my banker to sell, and in return they get cash for mounts/big purchases.  I very very rarely buy anything on the AH for them, and if I do, it’s likely something like new weapons for Annie (since she’s so weapon dependent).  Annie Mae is an up and coming blacksmith, which will fill out all of my crafting professions except jewelcrafting.
  4. I have trade alliances. Which is to say, my husband is a Jewelcrafter, and I am an Alchemist.  He cuts gems for me (for free) and I make flasks for him (for free).  This way, I rarely go for more than a day or two with a new piece of gear without it having gems in the sockets.
  5. All of my characters can cook, and Aely is approaching 450 and the chef title. Aely and Anaelle both have 400+ fishing. If I need food, I fish it up/farm it up and cook it myself. Having two characters doing the cooking daily means I’m not usually too short on Northern Spices (though Annorah’s current fascination with Worg Tartare is dipping my reserves a little low).

So I guess the reason I can afford so many alts is that I simply have enough high level alts that I can be pretty much self sufficient and hardly ever buy anything from the auction house!

Now that I have all the systems in place, it doesn’t take me long to keep up with (two characters doing cooking dailies, etc), and for the most part, I farm only for what I need when my resources are getting low.

Also, having some tools to manage my money (and keeping big purchases limited to my banker) helps me be more realistic about costs – and plan ahead for things like Annylais’ epic ground and flying mounts and Anaelle’s epic flyer. It also helps me save things (like Unidentified Plant Parts for Cenarion rep in Zangarmarsh) for future alts, so they don’t go to waste.

Most notably, I suppose, is that I don’t use Auctioneer other than for the scanning ability (I don’t use any of the advanced functions – while they are great for people that enjoy speculative financial ventures, I just don’t find that much fun, so I’m content with my simplistic methods). It helps me keep track of average prices for my server without having to spend a lot of time – which is what I’d end up doing if I started playing with the more extensive functions of that addon.  Auctioneer is a great resource and much smarter people have written up how to get the most out of it – I’m not really into that, so I just use my simple things, and I’m successful enough for me.

So good luck, happy farming, and may the Loot-Fu be with you!

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7 Responses to “Staying in the Money?”

  1. Make Nobles Cards and Sell them or the deck on the AH.

    Each card on my server (Bonechewer) goes for about 1000, with the deck around 12k. If you farm up a bunch of icethorn and make cards, you get a really good profit, as Nobles is BiS for almost if not all melee classes, and will continue to be so as it scales.

    Wukkis last blog post..Malygos 25 Finally Down

  2. During Burning Crusade, I was scrapped for cash fairly often, but I didn’t have that trouble for Wrath. Part of that was that there are not any must have gold sinks during leveling.

    I don’t HAVE to have a mammoth or a motorbike. While I do occasionally breakdown and buy flasks instead of sending herbs to Ghaar (since Pill seems incapable of proccing anything useful) for the most part, I am self-sufficnet. It also helps that Astrani will pay me to cut gems for her to sell.

    Itanya Blades last blog post..I’d really just like to kill someone

  3. Yep, with ten alts on the same server you essentially have an entire ecosystem to work with. Nothing goes to waste.

    If your Main finds a low-level green, it gets passed to an alt, and that alt is relieved from having to buy something similar later on.

    Mats, like cloth, get passed to the tailor, and tailored items get passed to the enchanter if nobody needs them.

    Quite the little commune 🙂

  4. @Grimmtooth:

    Yep. it’s like recycling, only with a [crappy green of the bear]…

    By Anna on Feb 17, 2009 | Reply
  5. “FuBar-to-Broker”
    My Google-fu(pardon the pun) failed me on this one. Where do you find FuBar-to-Broker?

    By Tordenflesk on Feb 17, 2009 | Reply
  6. @Tordenflesk:

    aaah! It’s Fubar2Broker! I’m very sorry – here’s the link to curse.

    By Anna on Feb 17, 2009 | Reply
  7. You already touched on it, but having 2 gathering professions is DEF the way to go. I just created an alt on a new server (and i switched from H to A) becuase i had my limit of 10 and i wanted something new. Starting completly over again allowed me to put to use all the experience i had accumulated. I made a “guild of one” and got 2 gathering professions. I now have 2 bank tabs (350g) and an extra 1k G sitting in the bank and i’m only level 45. I herb and skin and sell it all, that’s it.

    By Ben on Feb 23, 2009 | Reply

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