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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Same old Annas, totally new packaging!
comment 17 Written by on February 18, 2009 – 5:37 pm

Hooray new theme!  Hopefully you all like it as much as I do – it’s a little more “grown up” than the old one, but I hope stays true to the colors and lines that you’re used to around here.  (Shouldn’t mean any changes for those of you that read this in a feed reader though!)

Of course, there are probably still a few glitches that I’ve not found yet, so be patient, and hopefully everything will go smoothly!

(The one who’s still learning this CSS business)

Edit: Apologies to those of you having trouble with the new layout not displaying properly in Internet Explorer. I’m working with the theme developer to figure out why (since I didn’t actually change/remove any elements of the theme itself, just changed the colors/background images)

Edit2: Ok – IE issue fixed (IE is not ok with ads being deleted, but it’s ok with my saying “plz to not put ads here”… whatever).  I’ll try to have a post up today, but no promises, as my “write a post” time this morning was instead spent knee deep in CSS.  Oops!

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17 Responses to “Same old Annas, totally new packaging!”

  1. Anna, there are some links towards the bottom of the middle left column that are very difficult to see (green against green and all that)

    Asside from tht, it looks nifty

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Hello people

  2. It looks wubbulous, Anna.

    Grats 😀

    Wyntheas last blog post..Ghostcrawler Provides Specifics on the 3.1 Mana Regen Nerf

  3. Tweaked that sidebar color a bit – should be easier to read!

    By Anna on Feb 18, 2009 | Reply
  4. Congratulations! Site looks awesome. I am looking forward to making the leap soon as well.

    Stompalinas last blog post..The Rawrcast Show: Episode 6

  5. /whistles Looking goooood! 😀

    Nightravyns last blog post..What a weekend

  6. Wow, I really like this! Nice, informative but still managing to be spacious on my little laptop screen Good work 🙂


    Auriks last blog post..Doubly Belated Valentines

  7. Yay! /cheer anna

    krizzlybears last blog post..GoogledFrost

  8. It looks gorgeous! I’m tempted to start fissling with mine having seen this 🙂

    Hulans last blog post..Woe Is Me!

  9. *sigh* That should be fiddling.

    Hulans last blog post..Woe Is Me!

  10. Been a reader for a while, first time commenting. The site looks really great! Premium WP themes FTW. Great choice.

  11. VERY nicely done! The new setup looks fantastic.

  12. Glad to have you commenting, Ben – and Thanks! After fighting with freebies on this site and others for awhile, I’m definitely seeing the advantage of the premium pricetag (though I’m not sure I”m ready to cough it up for my other, smaller sites!)

    By Anna on Feb 18, 2009 | Reply
  13. @Aurik –
    One of the things I was really looking for (and one of the reasons it took me so long to find the theme I wanted) was that I wanted something with a little bit of the Magazine “style” without the clutter of most of the magazine style themes. With the full-text posts and clean lines, this one had me sold!

    By Anna on Feb 18, 2009 | Reply
  14. Very nice! 🙂

    Avonars last blog post..One of my major faults

  15. Very nice!

  16. Love the new design! It suits you!

  17. Love the new look. Very nice Anna, very nice indeed.

    By Malnar on Feb 19, 2009 | Reply

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