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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Keeping Up with the Offspecs
comment 7 Written by on September 29, 2009 – 9:27 am

So you’ve got this offspec.  And maybe you like to PVP too.  You get a little gear for it, now and then, mostly when nobody else wants something, but by and large your main spec gets all the love.

What happens when suddenly you find out that your offspec is now also needed?  Or that you’re playing more of a certain kind of content, and you really need some upgrades?  How do you balance your “raiding main” with enjoying all the other things that you do?

I’ve found a few ways.

Don’t be a dick.  It’s the quintessential rule of TRI, and I think it applies here.  If you bid on a token and win it (whether by DKP, EPGP, SK, or Loot Council) it should be used for that which you said it would be used for.  Don’t tell your raid that you need the gloves for a set bonus and then trade in the token for your offspec pants. Lying is bad, mmkay?

Evaluate your group.  I play a paladin, and Aely’s offspec is retribution.  We have two fury warriors, a ret pally, an arms warrior, and two DK’s in our raid, plus a warrior and paladin tank that both need offspec gear.  The likelihood of my winning a piece of plate DPS gear in our 25 man is… small.  If you’re the only druid in your raid, and there’s only one rogue too, your chances are much better.

Know what will be most useful. Prioritizing your offspec over your main spec isn’t usually a good way to go… but what if your raid now wants you to go DPS (or healy, or offtank) for a couple of fights, to help fill in?  If your main is geared out the wazzoo, but your offspec really /really/ needs new pants, and that will help you be a better contributing group member, well – buy the pants!

Know what you find most fun. There’s a point where “minor upgrades” are all you’ll be buying for your main spec.  And if you love PVP and do a lot of it, spending some badges on a major upgrade for your PVP gear instead of a minor or sidegrade for your main spec?  Probably ok.

Be sensible.  Remember this is all about balance. You need to be performing at the best of your game for your main role – but you need to have fun too.  Finding that balance can take a little thinking, but it’s not too terribly hard.

In my case, I’ve just shelled out some Triumph badges for a new pair of melee DPS shoulders for Aely. Her old ones were abysmal, she /really/ needed a little extra +hit, and I’m now going ret on a fight or two, here and there.  Plus the occasional Naxx run and a lot more soloing.  The chances of my winning a set of tier shoulders for an offspec?  Slim to none. Plus, there wasn’t really anything I could buy with the badges that would vastly improve her Holy gear right now.

And they’re pretty. >.>


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7 Responses to “Keeping Up with the Offspecs”

  1. Cool, time for Aely to get to show her violent side. Maybe work out some of those pent up frustrations on Kologarn? Don’t forget to roll on that mail gear that none of us hunters or the one shaman that uses it needs anymore 🙂

    By Melryn on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply
  2. “And they’re pretty. >.>”

    There are certainly a lot worse reasons to nab a piece of gear. 🙂

    By Verdus on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply
  3. @Melryn – Aely, as ret, is a very interesting thing for RP. She’s a lot more reckless, and it’s one of her ways of dealing with Bad Things ™. Sometimes it’s good, but usually she just ends up getting hurt.

  4. It’s at times like this that I feel very lucky that a.) elemental and resto have exceedingly overlapping gear needs and b.) there ain’t so many of us. >_> But I was really surprised when I did some research a while back and discovered haste is a more important priority for elemental than crit–makes sense, just took me by surprised. It sure streamlined gear collection!

    re what you said to Mel, Here’s hoping Aely doesn’t get hurt as she runs off all retributiony! *sends her hugs*

  5. It’s one of the reasons I run Nahy’s offspecc as shockadin: She can use basically the same exact gear as for healing, if need be. (I tend to run with higher SP and lower mp5 on her “DPS” gear, but only if I have it. I wouldn’t mind at all using her raiding gear for her second specc.)

    The other reason is because of her RP, which doesn’t have room for anything other than a holy or holy-ish specc. Malka is my ret paladin, and it’s easy to get offspecc gear for her, because who else in the group really WANTS holy plate? Of course, Malka hasn’t healed anything since level 60, but just in case, I keep her up to date with that stuff. Ever since her “Be careful Malka” experience, she’s all about being prepared, Just in case.

  6. Something about a ret off-spec too isnt so much the plate gear, its the bloody weapons. With 5 specs of three classes wanting two handed weapons (and one of those specs wanting two of em) and TRI’s luck with 2H weapon drops. Ugh.

    Ret’s single biggest upgrade in terms of gear is weapon speed and weapon DPS and there simply arent that many 2h weapons around for the number we actually need – 7. Im eternally grateful one of our DK’s really enjoys dual wielding one handers.

    As an interesting aside, the two 2 handers available in ToC non-hardmodes – Archon Glaive (3.5 spd, 255.6 DPS with more leather style stats) vs Justicebringer (3.6 spd, 255.7 DPS with more plate style stats) has a DPS difference of 110 is using SoV favouring the Justicebringer. Changing the speed of the Glaive to 3.6 would reduce that margin to around 70. 40ish DPS for 0.1 speed difference.

    By Mac on Sep 29, 2009 | Reply
  7. @Mac –

    Yeah, though right now Aely has an Abaddon (off of Yoggy10), and isn’t in any hurry to replace it. Which is good, ’cause I’ll likely never get a weapon in 25 man (though I probably have a shot at the Onyxia sword). Sure I’m probably hindring her Deeps, but …

    But it’s PRETTY.

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