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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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It’s the end of the world as we know it
comment 10 Written by on November 3, 2010 – 9:26 am

So, as most of you probably have noticed, the pre-Cataclysm world event has started.With Wrath of the Lich King, we had the Zombiepocalypse. The jury is still out as to what fun and invented word we can use to describe this event (There’s a separate post for suggestions about that!).

Regardless, one of the things I keep hearing about is how much “cooler” the previous world event was. And on some level, I have to agree. The sheer amount of RP that was created in the Wrath event, as well as the “fun” of playing zombies, plus the various invasion spots and the ever looming Necropoli was pretty impressive. I think it set the stage well for the kinds of things that Wrath would bring, and it did an excellent job of reviving the RP in the group of people I am privileged enough to write in. It was, with very little exception, epic.

(This is not to say that the Wrath event had no problems, etc. Those are for another thread though.)

But we all need to remember that, aside from all the awesome that was the Wrath event, the zombie part was only one step that ramped up over time. The various phases were separated by “lulls” and downtime (presumably to allow everyone a chance to play). The Wrath event got exponentially bigger as it went on, but it did so slowly and in stages. All we’ve seen so far of this event is “Phase 1” – elemental rifts and cultists in the major cities – and there is definitely more to come.

However, it will not be the same event – and that’s a good thing. Even from an RP standpoint, our characters have already lived through the Zombies and the invasion of Northrend and the end of the War in the North.

More importantly, the biggest part of what I remember about the Wrath event is not actually the event itself, but the roleplay and character development that happened because of it. Whether that will happen because of THIS event remains to be seen – and my ability to participate is part of that. Aely was a huge participant in the defense of Stormwind, and even now The Longest Night is a tale that she gets asked to tell. She wears the Black and Red because of that event, and so it was character changing for her.

Spoiler alert: She’ll wear a wedding ring because of this event. So it’ll be character changing for her /again/, but in a different way and on a different timetable.

And while the wrath event was really all about Aely, this one is a lot more applicable to my other characters.

Angoleth was never all that involved with the undead, but demons and cultists piss her off, and she’s old enough to have been around when the original Sundering wasn’t that far gone (at least to an immortal people like Elves). She’s nervous, and remembering her days fighting at Hyjal and in Molten Core. Annorah is a farseer and a pretty well connected Shaman – and she’s kind of wigged out about the rifts and the way the summoned elementals are behaving. Other characters, like Annie Mae, are pretty convinced that the Doomsayers are a bunch of wingnuts, and if the world was going to end, it wouldn’t bother warning us, so who cares? (That opinion may change, of course) Aely will be involved, of course, but she’s not the only character that will participate.

We’re just getting started with this event, and people ARE talking about it – which is a good sign. (And it’s pretty fun to do too!)

So I’m reserving judgment until after it’s all over with, and trying to keep some perspective about it. The Cataclysm event will, by design, be different than previous events – and it will trip different reactions in different characters. The RP opportunities are still there, and I’m looking forward to participating.

What have your characters thought or done in reaction to the earthquakes and the recent cultist and elemental activity? Are you planning any major character development because of this event? *


*If you’re finding (as I have) that stagnation over the last few months is making it hard to connect to your characters, Bricu’s “Taking Stock” post is a good place to start.

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10 Responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it”

  1. While I don’t play on an RP server, my characters do have personalities. Kelidara, my DK, isn’t too concerned with the elementals. She’s busy working through her own issues right now, as she learns what it is to be a free woman. Her purpose is now complete, Arthas is dead, and her vengeance has been earned. But what now? She doesn’t remember much about her life before becoming a Dk, though, and she still feels like an outsider beyond her small group of companions and sisters, so she’s not exactly connected enough to have a stake in the elemental invasions. And she thinks the cultists are idiots. Something about going through what she went through changes a woman’s priorities.

    Keleili, however, has serious change going on. She’s been a holy priest, follower of the light, for years. Wrath hit her hard, though, and she came back home to Stormwind exhausted and ready to retire, maybe start a family and work at a small village chapel. And then these cultist and this invasion has to come along. Currently, she’s a little pissed. She finally comes home to a well-deserved rest and all this shit is being stirred up. Oh, yeah, she’s pissed. That anger has already started to change her, and she’s no longer a docile and disciplined priest of the light. She’s turning agressive. She’ll make them regret ever messing with her beloved Azeroth. Currently, Kel has gone from Holy/Disc to Holy/Shadow. But before this is over, she’ll be Shadow/Holy, and it’s just the game mechanics illustration of how her personality is changing. She’s not willing to sit around and heal and care for the injured, to support her friends through battle after battle. Now it’s personal and she’s going to be the one dealing out the hurt.

  2. During the Wrath event, I was driving from Boston to Chicago. I never got to kill a zombie or hang out as a zombie. I wanted to do more for this particular event., so I logged on the PTR for the first time to see what the Elemental Invasion would look like. I posted on our forums about general aspects of the event, and started to do some forum RP for it. That didn’t go over as well as I would have liked, but it’s a start.

    I love the attention to Old Town, but that’s because Rider RP is kinda focused on Old Town. I cannot wait for the next few phases of the event, as its going to pick up quickly.

  3. 1) I’m using the new events as a catalyst to introduce a new RP character. This is actually my main, transferred over to Feathermoon a few months ago. Say hello to Elyndren: http://totemandidols.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/running-up-that-hill/

    2) Fallah is angry about the cultists that have invaded Stormwind with their doomsday prophecies. As a vehement defender of the Light she will be going on a tear to counter their nonsense. Not sure exactly how I’m going to have it play out, but hassling the doomsayers in Old Town springs to mind, as well as distributing posters and leaflets espousing the Light. I’m quite certain that the Cathedral will be adding extra services, both to denounce the cultists as well as the reassure those worried by the end-of-days talk.

    By Fallah on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply
  4. Amahru (resto druid) was already upset over the loss of her connection to the Great Tree (i.e. druid tree form) and the earthquakes, elementals, and cultists are preventing her from doing anything about that. As I have also played in the beta (avoiding spoilers here) I know that some of the coming changes to the Horde and to land as a result of mortal activities will further distress her, as a Tauren, as a druid, and as a healer. All this coming in on top of the long, dark and cold campaign in Northrend may prove to be too much for her and she may wind up cracking and taking out some of the stress on her own faction (in the person of my OTHER resto druid who happens to be a night elf and therefore perfectly capable of slaughtering orc peons.)

    By Kay on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply
  5. Me, I’s just taking me earnings from four years of killin’ bluggernuggers fer thems what paid ta go build me a ranch in some quiet corner of the Barrens. Raise kodos, entertain exotic wimmenz on the weekends, enjoy meself. Got a nice spot picked out, just a little south of Crossroads. No unpleasantries ever happens there.

    Now if only these damn earthquakes’d knock off.

  6. Eryne spent the last few days training with her newer pets in Stratholme. She likes going there for a little enemy-group training, she hates undead with a passion, and becoming better friends with the Argent Dawn is an added bonus. While en route she ended up in the middle of a group of air elementals. 10 minutes later she’s back in Orgrimmar to report the strange event, and she learns it’s a lot bigger than she thought. After a little investigation, she’s back on active patrol.
    Aliyani found out about the elemental attacks during her weekly shopping trip in Orgrimmar when one of the strange devices blew up behind her. She also joined the investigation and is giving it her all since she is still bummed about her training keeping her out of Northrend until after the heroes were coming home again.
    Tsiya is so fed up with the Horde in general and Garrosh in particular that she’s now sulking at home in Silvermoon. Hearing that Thrall was leaving and that he put Garrosh in charge is for her a bigger sign of the end. She just knows that something will go wrong with his hot-headedness, and someone will get hurt. Any Doomsayer who would dare to speak to her is very likely to become a convenient target for her frustration and anger and will be lucky if he just ends up with a slit throat.

    Tsani, Dalika, and Khyrra have noticed the earthquakes are getting both stronger and more frequent, but have yet to visit a major city. When they do, they will drop their current activities (searching for new animal companions, trying to get a grasp on Gnomish engineering, and filling a large order of herbs respectively) to join the investigation on behalf of the Alliance.
    Thavere still spends all her time in Dalaran, she has heard rumours and tavern-talk, but it will require something serious or actual personal experience to get her nose out of the study books and back into the real world.

    Of the newcomers Tamasi couldn’t care less about the earthquakes as long as her business keeps thriving and Dalika is finding that the path of a Shaman is not her thing even IF the elementals would bother to answer. Rellah’s timeline hasn’t caught up to current events yet, and even if it was she is currently beyond caring about human problems and just wants to run and hunt.

    By Tsani on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply
  7. Fulthruttle was thrilled to get to do some legitimate undercover work, something she’s never gotten to do as a spy before! Unfortunately, she also discovered that her ultra-rationalist gnome brain isn’t… well, suited to going undercover as a cultist.

    “It’s the end of the world! End of the World, yes indeed. Sure, it’d take a 40,000 kiloton explosion level to do that and there’s no known force on Azeroth that can deliver it but… but we’re gonna get one! Real soon!”

    “Everything is going to end! The end of the world! Logical thing to do is shave your head and join this cult, rather than spend last moments partying crazily without worry of a hangover, apparently!”

    “It’s the apocalypse! I’m wearing a board, so you know I’m serious!”

    By Sean Riley on Nov 3, 2010 | Reply
  8. Lark is treating it with a mix of sarcasm and fatalism- she thinks the cultists are dumb, and enjoys making fun of them, but the quakes are quite real. She would agree with Annie Mae, though- if the world was going to end: 1. Why would it warn everyone? and 2. If it happens it happens, and nothing is going to stop it. So nothing is really changing for her, except for a little additional worry.

    Alanon and Shaurria, however, are not having much fun right now. Alanon has a very strong connection with the earth through his druidic magic, and he can feel the “pain” the quakes are causing. Shaur has a strong magic ability too, even if it isn’t very well-trained, and she feels the same things that Alanon does, with less understanding of what’s happening. This is, frankly, scaring the bejeebus out of her, although staying with Alanon and Arvoss- her “father figures”- is helping her a lot.

    My tauren druid is also concerned about the quakes, although as a feral he doesn’t spend much time in cities, so he doesn’t know about the cultists yet. Taurros worries about what might be causing the quakes; how the elements going crazy may affect his shaman sister; and also how much he’ll be able to help once the problems are found, because he’s getting pretty old now. He’s just hoping that it’s nothing -too- serious.

  9. Khol has, shall we say, a special place in his heart for the Twilight’s Hammer. Given all that happened in to him in A Stab in the Dark, it’s not surprising. (what do you mean, I have to write that part before I can talk about it? I already know what’s going to happen :P) So when he’s asked to investigate the doomsday cult and discovers Twilight’s Hammer is behind it? Oh, things do not look good for our resident cultists. He already has no problems exterminating Twilight’s Hammer members where ever he may find them…with extreme prejudice. One might even say he does so pathologically.

    He’s pretty sure the world isn’t actually ending. After all, they’ve said that dozens of times in the past and it never did. And really, if Archimonde humping the World Tree into oblivion didn’t destroy the world, nothing will. The earthquakes are a little worrisome, but there were quakes after the Third War before Illybeans ran off to Outland and, strangely, they stopped after that. So, he’s pretty much of the opinion that while they are annoying in the short term, the quakes will stop eventually and no one will even remember them or remark on them in a few years.

    So, right now, Khol is working on getting Shaw to cough up a bounty for every Twilight he kills so he can go exorcise some inner demons and get paid at the same time.

  10. Kyraine happily took advantage of the quests to make some extra cash. Other than that, she’s too practical to worry much about it beyond the day to day stuff, although suddenly finding the Wall shattered is going to shake the heck out of her world when Cata comes out. She’s got a keen interest in keeping the cultists away from her ward.

    My squid paladin is busy investigating everything from the cultists to the elemental rifts. He’s having to learn more about shamanism and maybe readjust his perceptions of them just a bit. He also gets to hear much talk about abandoning the Light, see cultists trying to start riots (in his eyes) in an ally’s city, and draw parallels between what’s going on in Azeroth vs. what happened in Draenor.

    And Serguis the death knight’s more focused on just what Acherus is going to do after Arthas’ demise. Which is something that I as player am also curious about. 🙂

    By Kyraine on Nov 8, 2010 | Reply

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