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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Gryphonheart Items – Addon Review
comment 5 Written by on July 16, 2009 – 8:51 am

Normally I don’t do a whole lot with addons.  I use them (lots of them even), but most of the time, once I find something that works, I go with it and don’t change things very often. This can result in my missing out on cool things – and occasionally means someone has to bribe me to try something new. (I’m very protective of my memory space, as my hard drive is old, and even with 3GB of RAM, it takes me FOREVER to load into the game)

So last week, the Old Dirty Druid (Aleros) needed some flasks crafted – and in thanks, he usually gives out flowers. However, he told me I had to go get the addon Gryphonheart Items (or GHI) so I could get said flowers.

So I trundled myself off to the internet to find and download it.

It’s REALLY fun. GHI allows you to create items that can then be traded to other players who also have the addon. It doesn’t actually MAKE anything – you can’t equip the items you make, and you certainly can’t use it to propagate stacks of Frost Lotus – but for little flavor items and RP doodads, it’s awesome.

Basically, when you install the addon, you’ll have a little blue bag on your screen.  It looks like this:


You can drag it anywhere you like, or even resize it from the options.  Inside that bag is… well, nothing yet.  This is where any items you create will go, as well as any items your friends create and trade to you. These items can be of any “quality” (even legendary!), and can have both item text and flavor text.

Creating an item is simple – simply open the bag by clicking on it. When it’s open, you’ll see four buttons across the top:

  • N – new item
  • E – edit item
  • C – copy item
  • And a button that lets you open the options menu.

If you open the “N” menu, you’ll have a whole list of options where you can select an icon, name the item, and give it flavor text and functions when clicked.  “E” and “C” allow you to modify or copy already created items. To trade with a friend, you simply use the standard Trade dialogue like you would with any other item in the game.

You can also create items that will have “right click” functions – things you can use up/consume and can do any of a number of things, from create a non-combat buff to playing sound or executing an emote. These “on use” items can be placed on any of your action bars except the “main” one. You can also create books and letters that can be traded to other players, one of the things I’m most excited about, since reading is important to several of my characters.

The opportunities are endless, particularly with the ability to create small LUA scripts. Does your character make brownies for people?  Now you can actually have an item to hand out that they can eat, with a “mmmmmm” emote afterwards.  Maybe your character is a priest, and carries Holy Water to bless people with – now you can give that to someone, and they can use the item and actually get a blessing “buff” (even if it won’t be a buff that affects gameplay).

The only major drawback to this addon?  You can only use it with other people that are also using the addon (kinda like FlagRSP), so if you want to be able to interact with friends through items, you’ll need them to be running GHI as well. Fortunately, it’s got a pretty small memory footprint!

So give this one a try, particularly if you can get other people to try it out with you. It’s a simple addon that really does give you a lot of flexibility and options for adding realism to your RP.

You can read more about GHI on the info page, or download it from Curse.

This designer also has another addon that interfaces with GHI called Gryphonheart Rep, that allows for player-created reputation factions. Using GHI, you create an item that gives you reputation with, say, The Wildfire Riders. The other player, who is also running both addons, can then use the item like any other reputation token. I don’t know a lot about this particular mod, as it seems to require a good bit of setup and management to use, but for RP guildmasters and group leaders, it’s another something to look into to add flavor and depth to your RP.

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5 Responses to “Gryphonheart Items – Addon Review”

  1. I may have to get that addon…Keilos regularly bakes muffins for Ysani, and there’s times when the Tasty Cupcake item just doesn’t quite cover what he cooks.


    By Phileas on Jul 16, 2009 | Reply
  2. I’ve used this addon for one of my characters, who has a set of bagpipes. It’s programmed to give a buff to someone else, entitled, “Split Eardrums” with the yellow flavor text, “By the light! It sounds so horrible!”

    Why a buff and not a debuff? So you can ‘cover your ears’ and cancel it.

    By Sean Riley on Jul 16, 2009 | Reply
  3. I could see a few distinct possibilities for Kayasi with this addon. I might have to try and overcome my fear of addons and how bad I am at making them work so I can attempt to install this.

    And also, the bagpipes idea just made my day.

    By Rollandren on Jul 16, 2009 | Reply
  4. I’ve been considering using this addon since a few guildies do, and this pushed me over the edge! Thanks!
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Friday Linkday: July 17, 2009 =-.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. I’d never heard of this addon before, but after reading this review, I thought it sounded cool and decided to give it a try. All I can say is… wow. I’m already hooked, and I haven’t even gotten a chance to try it out with other people yet! But I think I persuaded my husband (who is usually pretty addon-averse) to give it a try after showing him how I used it to make a [Schematic: BeerBot 2-XT9], which then creates the “spell” [Make BeerBot], which consumes [Cobalt Framework], 2 [Dynamic Pistons], and a keg of [Potent Booze] to create a [BeerBot 2-XT9], which then produces [BeerBot Beer], which gets my character tipsy. And that’s just from a total noob with no knowledge of lua scripting at all… I can’t even imagine what sort of things other people might be able to come up with! Thank you so much for writing about this addon… I hope to persuade some of my guildies to download it for crazy RP item fun!

    By Corise on Jul 17, 2009 | Reply

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