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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five – The Three R’s
comment 16 Written by on February 20, 2009 – 10:24 am

Every Friday here at Too Many Annas, you’ll find a little RP prompting – either in the form of 5 questions to answer about your character or in the form of a ficlet prompt (500 words) to write about them.  These aren’t meant to be hard, just things to think about for your character – you can answer in a comment or use them as a blog post of your own!

This week, five quick questions to answer about your character!

  • Can your character read and write?
  • Is he/she good with numbers and business-like things?
  • Does your character have a formal (schooled) education or an informal (apprenticed/learned by experience) education? Or both?
  • Has he/she learned another language than the one they grew up speaking (in full or in part)?
  • What does your character’s handwriting look like?
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16 Responses to “Friday Five – The Three R’s”

  1. 1) Yes, Dorri can read and write. Actually, the only character I have that can’t is Cylinn.

    2) Dorri is good at numbers. Her sister Then is slightly less so. Pill doesn’t care and Tarelyn hasn’t a clue. Cylinn never has any money because she’s always being fleeced by someone.

    3) Dorri, Then and Tarelyn all had tutors. Cylinn learned. Pill was apprenticed.

    4) Both Dorri and Then had to learn Orcish. Pill knows Orcish (and still remembers common).

    5) Dorri’s handwriting is fairly compact and neat. Then’s is less so. Pill’s is an inelegant scrawl. Tarelyn’s handwriting is filled with flourishes

    Itanya Blades last blog post..Hello people

  2. 1. Khol reads very well, which is good considering his fetish for strange books. He’s also fully capable of writing, though he does this only when necessary. Paper trails are bad.

    2. He can add and subtract and manage his finances to keep himself out of the poorhouse, but that’s about the extent of Khol’s business acumen. Well, except for haggling with fences. He’s very good at haggling with fences.

    3. Before the Third War, Khol was apprenticed to a butcher, which is where he learned to read and write (who knew that cutting up meat would include bookkeeping, inventorying, creating shipping manifests and bills of lading.) During the war, being a spy and assassin taught him quite a lot more. In terms of formalised education, though, no, Khol attended the School of Hard Knocks.

    4. Again, as a spy and assassin, Khol had to learn at least a little bit of pretty much every spoken language in Azeroth. He knows enough Darnassian, Thalassian, Dwarvish and Gnomish to get by if he had to and enough Orc, Taurahe and Troll to imperfectly convey his meaning, probably humourously. Well, humourous until the axes come out…

    5. Penmanship was never Khol’s strong suit. If handwriting were the only qualification to be a doctor, he’d be a grandmaster.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Intermission: Friday 500

  3. Alright, as I have a decent amount of time this afternoon, I am going to attempt to do this for at least the vast majority of the characters and alts I have roleplayed and are still around.

    *takes a deep breath*

    1. Rollandren and Roldelan both were taught reading, writing and rhetoric to some extent. Maraharin learned reading and a little writing. Kayasi knows how to read and write quite well. Ugresh can read a bit, though his writing is poor, and the same largely holds true for Noraffe. Litharian can read and writes in his journals often. Sanderth was never taught how, and as such he can do neither. Amathel and Amallak are both quite fluent.

    2. Rollandren and Roldelan both have at least a knowledge of mathematics that is at an algebraic level, with Roldelan being a bit more adept at it. Maraharin’s knowledge of numbers is mostly basic, along with Ugresh, Noraffe and Sanderth, none of whom had much schooling on the subject but have good intuition on the subject. As an engineer, Kayasi is extremely capable with mathematics. Litharian’s knowledge is mostly practical in nature. Finally, Amathel and Amallak both have had a slightly superior education on the subject.

    3. Rollandren and Roldelan, as well as Amathel and Amallak, all had tutors, with an education roughly comparable to a High Middle Ages university level, the Trivium and Quadrivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric, then arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy). Rollandren also has additional training focusing on laws, Amathel went on to study magic at Dalaran, and Amallak would end up studying architecture and anatomy/medicine. Maraharin had a tutor when very young, but this was cut short during the invasion of his homeland Alterac. Noraffe learned how to keep gryphons but did not have much other education beyond the basics. Ugresh learned how to fight and become a Grunt. Sanderth apprenticed to be a carpenter from his father. Litharian learned how to tame and look after dragonhawks, as well as whatever education lower-born blood elves get. Kayasi is apprenticing under an archmage, and a master engineer in Ironforge.

    4. Rollandren and Roldelan, as well as Amathel and Amallak both know at least some Arathi, as they all grew up in the Highlands in relatively well-off families. Rollandren knows enough of it to be able to read very old texts with relative ease. If it counts, Noraffe speaks Dwarven with a husky Wildhammer accent. Ugresh only knows Orcish, and Sanderth only knows Common. Maraharin knows just enough Thalassian and Orcish to manage some communication in those languages. Litharian has gone abroad often enough to know some Common, although Orcish still doesn’t come easy to him and he prefers to speak Thalassian when he can. Kayasi learned Common very fast. She also knows snippets of Draconic; long story.

    5. The Highlands characters all have passable penmanship; Amallak’s is probably the best out of the group, although Amathel is also a scribe. Ugresh’s penmanship is horrid, only a few degrees better than an ogre’s. Litharian’s is passable by elven standards. Maraharin’s is very practiced, although finer points of grammar and spelling sometimes slip past him, the same holds true for Noraffe. Sanderth cannot write. Kayasi practices hers very diligently and keeps it very neat, although a bit spirally and flowery at times.

    By Rollandren on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply
  4. …And this is what happens when you have way, way too many characters.

    *faints at the sight of his own comment*

    By Rollandren on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply
  5. Can your character read and write? Bricu can read and write in common. He also has a smattering of old human….whatever that would be.

    Is he/she good with numbers and business-like things? If by business you mean lying, bullying, cajoling and flattery, then yes, he’s fantastic. As for numbers, he can do basic arithmetic

    Does your character have a formal (schooled) education or an informal (apprenticed/learned by experience) education? Or both? From birth till about five, Bricu was raised by his parents–Arathi Travellers who frequented Tyr’s Hand. They read to him and invovled him in their mish-mash culture. Later, when in the orphanage, he received a formal education till he was a teenager. He then signed up for the Lordaeron army. Following the fall of Lordaeron, he went found his way to the Abbey where his education continued.

    Has he/she learned another language than the one they grew up speaking (in full or in part)? Bricu picked up a Thallassian (high elf?) while working as a missionary in the Quel’Thalas following the events of WC3 (until frozen throne). He learned a smattering of Troll and orcish from Janje. He can curse in dwarven, gnomish and in orcish.

    What does your character’s handwriting look like? Bricu has tight, efficient handwriting.

  6. Mine’s up. Even sent a trackback, since the site seemed to have not received a pingback yet.

    krizzlybears last blog post..GoogledFrost

  7. 1) Yes.

    2) No. Rashona hunts most of her own food and tends to her own medicine; she’s never had much contact with formalized commerce and has no incentive to learn anything number-y.

    3) Both; assorted apprenticeship situations with her tribe, and then formal studies in Moonglade once she started showing a strong affinity for druidism. Also, she loves history books and will read any new one she can get her hands on.

    4) Rashona’s fluent in Orcish and passable in Darnassian; she’s mildly interested in humans and has picked up a few scraps of Common from listening to them, but it’s nothing she could count on.

    5) Neat and precise, with a slightly runic appearance.

    By Mommacow on Feb 20, 2009 | Reply
  8. Kaledain:
    1. Yes, he can. He’s not a genius at it, but he usually has no trouble.
    2. He can add, subtract, and such. Higher mathematics are a bit beyond him though.
    3. He was schooled by the Farstriders starting at age 7; before that he had no education because everyone pretty much ignored him. All he was taught was reading, writing and basic math. He didn’t learn much history and such, but he has an insatiable appetite for it now and Khaotic has been teaching him.
    4. He is fluent in Thalassian (of course) and orcish, and knows a lot of Taurahe and a smattering of Trollish. Alliance languages and the Forsaken’s Gutterspeak are a mystery to him though.
    5. His handwriting is readable but not much else, and it tends to scrawl a bit.

    1. Yes, she can read and write quite well.
    2. She’s not bad with numbers, though I wouldn’t trust her with anything complicated.
    3. Her parents made sure she had a good education growing up. Anything her formal schooling missed she picked up in the army.
    4. She is fluent in all the Horde languages, and knows enough common to communicate with members of the Alliance, though she would rather talk with her bow or blades.
    5. Her handwriting is neat and intelligible, though if she’s in a hurry she doesn’t pay much attention to her spelling.

    Sarais last blog post..I has a ding today

  9. 1. Duerma reads and writes, and rather enjoys both.
    2. Duerma can do math and can figure out a basic engineering schematic, but she really has no head for business. Market trends and other economic stuff are totally mystifying.
    3. Duerma had quite a bit of formal schooling, and then did a short apprenticeship when she was training to become a midwife.
    4. She knows Common fluently, and bits and pieces of other languages.
    5. Like this: http://duerma.net/images/Duermasig-black.png
    I haven’t updated it since last year, so the titles aren’t entirely correct, but that’s her handwriting and signature.

  10. This was a good Friday Five for me. I had to figure out how to reconcile some of Garilos’ current self with his RP backstory. Here is my response:

    1) Garilos was taught some reading and writing from his aunt and uncle but he was not particularly good at either. Both his reading and writing improved somewhat when he began working as a crew leader on the Stormwind docks. That job required he be able to read shipping statements and other related documents.

    2) Taught by his uncle, Garilos is fairly good at basic math. His uncle would often send Garilos on supply gathering trips to Goldshire or Stormwind City so Garilos had to know how to correctly add up bills and such.

    3) Sitting at the kitchen table with his aunt and uncle was as formal an education as Garilos got. Much of his reading and writing he learned at the kitchen table after dinner from his aunt and uncle. He learned basic math from his uncle in the workshop, the barn, and other on-the-job type tasks he assisted his uncle with.

    4) Garilos can speak a variety of language partially. Over the many years of working as a deckhand on goblin merchant ships operating out of Booty Bay, Garilos encountered and worked with numerous races. It was from these encounters and experiences combined with his natural inquisitiveness he learned to speak numerous languages. He, however, is not fully fluent in any language except for his native tongue.

    5) It could be characterized as a grade-schooler’s practiced handwriting. It is legible and that is about it.

    Garilos Durocs last blog post..Friday Five – RP Style

  11. 1. As an orphan, Drazmor grew up illiterate, but was taught to it by the monks of Northshire. That came in handy as it greatly bumped up his chances in the Cathederal of Light.

    2. Drazmor has a natural affinity for numbers, and an often be found in Stormwind, manipulating the latest deals in the Auction House. As a paladin of great renown, and therefore afforded the rank of Knight-General in the Stormwind military, Drazmor’s good sense of numbers came in handy when marshalling troops.

    3. From the age of 12, Drazmor was apprenticed to the paladin Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker, a post that brought great jealousy amongst the other paladin recruits. Once he had been initated into The Order, he was also taught by a variety of mentors, such as the paladins Arthur the Redeemed, and Katherine the Pure, the blacksmith Therum Deepforge, and the royal librarian, Aldair Gilroy.

    4. Under the tutelage of Aldair Gilroy, Drazmor learnt many languages other than the Common he was brought up with. Some examples include: Dwarven Gnomish and Darnissian, Thalassian, Orcish and Goblin, Eredun, dialect of the demons, and Nazja, dialect of the naga, and a basic grasp of Taurahe, Draconic and Zandali.

    5. Drazmor was trained from a very early age by the monks of Northshire to perfect the art of callgraphy, and therefore, Drazmor has a very neat, flowing handwriting.

    Drazmors last blog post..World of Geekcraft

  12. I’m doing this one for Lans. Norvallen’s a foregone conclusion with these questions.

    1. Read and Write?

    Yes, and also yes. This is solely due to the fact that when he was a kid, he actually had something resembling a formal education, his mother having been reasonably wealthy. Nonetheless, he thinks reading is for nerds (i.e. smart people).

    2. Numbers and Business?

    Well…he’s direct and to the point. Mathematics beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division confuse and enrage him. It’s not that he’s bad with them, it’s that the concept of thinking that hard about something goes against every fiber of his being.

    3. Formal education?

    Yes. Private schooling as paid for by his mother (and errant father) as a boy. Then he started perusing various military organizations and has never looked back.

    4. Another language?

    Yes. Predictably, he speaks Thalassian, because it’s his father’s half. Unpredictably, he speaks Thalassian with an AMANI accent, thanks to his extremely…unique…tutor.

    The result, as I choose to portray it on the extremely rare occasions I need to roleplay him speaking Thalassian, is something that sounds like a hideous bastardization of Caribbean and Cockney slang. Why? Because it amuses me.

    5. Handwriting?

    His handwriting is either so perfectly lettered it looks like it’s been inscribed by an extremely deliberate kindergartener, or utterly, incomprehensibly illegible. Never, ever in between.

  13. I’ll fill out these for Biancus, my 36 Troll Shammy. I know this is a week late, but the topic is so cool, I need to do it.

    1. Biancus can read and write very well, and his penmanship is superb by any standards. His father was obsessed with the old troll civilizations, and so is he.

    2. Bia knows basic math, and is pretty savvy with money. He knows enough of geometry to calculate the most propitious time to do any particular voodoo ritual, but knows nothing of algebra or other higher math- to him geometrical formulae are rules of thumb, not hard and fast rules. He uses fractions; he doesn’t know decimals. Trolls use base 3, not base 10 (3 fingers). To make a long story short, he can do all the math he needs to do, but couldn’t explain it to anyone else, especially a non-troll.

    3. Bia has had the closest thing to a formal education any Darkspear troll of his generation could have. His father was a villiage storyteller obsessed with the Gruubashi civilization, and collected old Gruubashi books which Bia devoured. His father later became a schoolteacher once Thrall told him about the concept, and today runs the schoolhouse in Sen’Jin. Bia himself apprinticed to Vo’jin as a witchdoctor-in-training since age 8, and after the third war ended, finished training as a shaman with the other orc and troll shaman-apprentices.

    4. Bia speaks many languages- he knows modern troll, of course, and can read Armani and Gruubashi as well. He picked up Orcish during his service as a witchdoctor in the Third War, and is trying to learn Thallasian now that the Blood Elves have joined the Horde, not so much to communicate with them as to read their books. He can read Common but does not speak it- he learned it for research purposes.

    5. His handwriting is large but elegant and full of flourishes.

    Biancuss last blog post..The Tale of Biancus

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