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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five Prompt – Letters from the Front
comment 14 Written by on December 11, 2009 – 9:03 am

Icecrown cometh.

The final push, the breaking of the siege – and it’s not really very pretty in there. The 5 man instances are filled with a sense of foreboding, and while I’ll avoid spoilers, the first 5 minutes inside the raid instance is pretty mind-bending as well.

Any character that is fighting there will need to find some strength, some faith, or some /something/ to keep them going, just like any person that’s ever found themselves in the throes of a terrible war; just like the soldiers whose letters we found on the undead during the Scourge Invasion last year.

Today’s prompt is in kind.

Your character is at war (if they aren’t in a position to be fighting the Lich King just yet, either pretend, or have them in another of the many wars that have ravaged Azeroth – from the Sundering, to the Shifting Sands, to the First and Second wars). Write a letter home from your character to someone they care for – a mentor, a lover, a friend, a family member.


If your character isn’t one that would BE at war, write a letter they receive from someone they know/care about that is fighting, or the letter of encouragement they might send back.

This doesn’t need to be long, and it doesn’t need to be dark, necessarily.  Will your character ask for more cookies? What happens to inkwells in Icecrown (I’d bet they freeze). Are there any comforts of home that they miss particularly? This isn’t meant to be an epic prompt or a dramatic one – just a little slice of how your character deals with the one thing that seems to have been constant on Azeroth for … well, the extent of this World of Warcraft.  I guess they named it that for a reason, huh?

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14 Responses to “Friday Five Prompt – Letters from the Front”

  1. I should finish my letter ASAP.

  2. Yes. Yes you should.

  3. I might get one out this evening.

    By Jolly on Dec 13, 2009 | Reply
  4. :O A letter from Jolly?!

  5. Oooh! I’ve missed these…now, who would write a letter home….?

  6. I love this, especially since I deal with a lot of folks who serve, and have served, in Iraq and Afghanistan. There will be a letter posted Friday at Flinthammer Hall.

  7. My only concern with this fight is it ends my main characters current arc. The Scourge killed her parents, and she was raised by Dranei in an orphange who saved her from the wreckage. The dranei who saved her is now a slave in ICC, so once she kills Arthas’ and burns the body of the only mom she ever knew where does she go.

    I don’t mean her story is ending though, she just struggles with this whole ending Arthas’ thing. Like Inigo said in “The Princess Bride” I have been in the revenge business so long that now that it’s over I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.

    She hasn’t married, she doesn’t have SO’s. She can’t get close to anyone until she kills her mom and burns her body so blue can finally go to the light. I think that will be a raid she really wants to tank, so she is the one who kills her mom. But after that, who knows. She can’t see past killing Arthas right now, although she has no love for Tirion either.

    I kinda like the mystery of where she will go. Still waiting on her to figure it out, so to speak.

  8. What happens next after a character achieves everything she thought she wanted is arguably one of the most interesting stories of all.

  9. @Arkaneena and Ringo – Aely is somewhat in the same boat. She’s actually talked with Arrens about it some – what will she do when they can say “The Lich King is dead”. Because revenge won’t bring back Lordaeron, and it won’t bring back her family.

    However, she /does/ have Arrens, and she does have the Riders, with whom she will always have things to do. And, if nothing else, she is an incredibly skilled healer, and she can always find work doing that. (Currently she’s planning on partially running the newly built Infirmary at SWU, extending its doors to recovering veterans from the Icecrown war.) Those are all very physical things though. The mental toll that having this target removed? Remains to be seen.

  10. http://www.flinthammer.org/2009/12/18/letter-from-the-front/

  11. @ Ringo and Anna
    Agreed this is an interesting time. She can finally deal with the grief and move on. She just doesn’t know what moving on means yet. With a character in a game like this there is no riding off into the Sunset, and she knows that. She will still be alive, so she still has a purpose, and she may spend more time drinking in questionable places for awhile in full tier 10 garb. She has been known to drink with the hordies from time to time in Sunreavers cafe, when she can get there. It is rare. She even served drinks there once to pay off her excessive tab. She really tries to stay away from the heavy stuff. http://picasaweb.google.com/suncatcher.christie/LagDay#5353518136547634930 Man she was smashed that day http://picasaweb.google.com/suncatcher.christie/LagDay#5353517931082809698

    She is currently humble quiet and reserved, but I think she is really going to unleash some rage in ICC. I expect after that finishes she will still have some issues to work through. But at least she won’t feel guilty about her pet and mount pursuits anymore.

    Maybe she can finally stop living for revenge, and start you know living. Having a real relationship with someone getting close to people. She keeps everyone at a distance afraid of losing them. Should be fun to let her explore relationships in her own time.

  12. RAWR! I strikes again!

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