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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday Five – Polarity
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Every Friday here at Too Many Annas, you’ll find a little RP prompting – either in the form of 5 questions to answer about your character or in the form of a ficlet prompt (500 words) to write about them.  These aren’t meant to be hard, just things to think about for your character – you can answer in a comment or use them as a blog post of your own!

This week, our questions will focus on “opposites” – kinda. I’d like to add the additional challenge of the first two questions being answered in one sentence or less.  These first two (and the last one) are less about explaining and more about just naming without qualifications.

  1. What is your character’s most notable flaw? (and no, “overly self critical,” at least in the way that people use it in interviews, doesn’t count)
  2. What is your character’s most notable strength?
  3. What is their crowning moment of awesome? (stolen directly from WTT:RP and Blogatelle)
  4. What is their most bitter moment of failure?
  5. And, in light of yesterday’s post, what’s one quality, trait, fear, or habit about your character that just doesn’t really fit or make sense with the rest of them?
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    8 Responses to “Friday Five – Polarity”

    1. I haven’t done these in forever!

      1. She’s too headstrong and tends to rush into dangerous situations without thinking. This has almost gotten her killed on a couple of occasions.

      2. She has a big heart and she loves intensely, and that has given her the determination and the motivation to do some pretty difficult things, most notably becoming a demon hunter (an extremely dark path that she chose in order to prevent others from experiencing the kinds of losses she did to the Burning Legion).

      3. She body-slammed an eredar. How many people can say they’ve body-slammed an eredar? Then she killed said eredar and bound his soul to hers as part of her demon hunter rituals. And then she nicknamed him Herbert (his real name is Anreth and he is not pleased to be called Herbert). That is what happens to demons who threaten her fiancé’s life. They die and then get stuck with her for the rest of her life. >:]

      The only thing that could possibly be more awesome than that is the fuzzicuffs incident, and that is a whole other post.

      4. That moment in the Third War, with her parents dead and her brother’s life in danger, when she realized that there was nothing she could do to save the people she loved, was the lowest point in her life and explains why she ended up lost in Ashenvale and didn’t emerge until after Teldrassil had been raised.

      5. … she’s Shizu. She purrs, sometimes skips, and has been known to dissect demons (while humming happily) for the sake of seeing how their innards are put together and finding the best place to kill them quickly. Or slowly. Or painfully. Also, she has been known to eat flowers. Really, nothing about her makes sense. =P

    2. For Rashona:

      1) Total unbelievable social cluelessness/lack of empathy.

      2) Never-say-die (OK, never say much of *anything*) determination.

      3) Running through the Cyrukh line in Shadowmoon with several others, notably an urbane, polished Sin’dorei diplomat who was *appalled* to discover what Kael’thas was planning. Rashona was several steps beyond appalled and pledged herself on the spot to taking Kael down and/or dying in the attempt, with every expectation of dying. (“Though I’m fairly sure I’ll simply wind up as a bearskin rug”, with no humor whatsoever.) Finally taking Kael down was very, very satisfying for me as a result.

      4) A much-regretted but surprisingly cold decision to kill Corspilla, who she’s deeply fond of, if she couldn’t be cleansed of the undead plague/mind control that was possessing her at the time.

      5) She’s surprisingly playful, bordering on frivolous, if she’s in cat form with no pressing threats. I think it’s a release from pressure.

    3. For Dorri

      1) Her first reaction to any problem is to use her fists. (Perhaps the amusing part of this, is because her temper is so fierce, she makes Keltyr look like he is a great planner. Because compared to Dorri, even a ferret makes plans.)

      2) Dorri’s fiercely loyal, when she commits. That does not save you from point 1 though.

      3) I mentioned this on WTT:RP, but I don’t think Dorri has yet had her crowning moment of awesome. Likely because she hasn’t had a chance yet. Give her time.

      4) Her most bitter failure was not becoming a mage. While she has fully thrown herself into becoming a blood knight, becoming a mage was the focus of her early life. The bitterness has been shed some, but its still there.

      5) I’m actually torn between 2 traits. Dorri’s compulsive about order and cleanliness. Something that seems completely at odds for her bezerking her way through combat. But once the fight is over, she’s a stickler for being clean.

      the other is her artistic traits. She’s a sculptor on a small scale, something that she kept mostly quiet about until she and Kel started exchanging small gifts.

      Itanya Blades last blog post..New Raid Analysis Tool

    4. I was totally feelin’ this topic, so I did one for another of my characters – my druid, Faisaal, who is Shizu’s big brother.

      1. Honestly, I haven’t worked with him enough to really pick up on his flaws yet – they’re there, I just haven’t pinpointed them. His biggest challenge right now is probably growing into his role as the leader of the Emerald Guardians; he’s never really been in a leadership position before, so he has to develop into that role (which I suspect he was rather surprised to find himself in).

      2. Endless patience and, like his sister, a big heart. This is a guy who is able to accept his mate becoming a death knight and his sister becoming a demon hunter – not that he doesn’t struggle with those decisions, of course, but he loves them enough that he’s willing to work through it. He can handle a *lot.*

      3. During the Third War, distracting a big-ass demon long enough to allow his sister not to be killed.

      4. Almost getting gibbed by said demon five seconds later, along with those around him. His failure here, or what he feels is a failure, is similar to Shizu’s: he simply wasn’t strong enough to protect himself, let alone anyone else, and that’s the kind of thing that gnaws at him. I think the only reason he didn’t have a Shizu-style breakdown was because he spent the next few years in the Emerald Dream while his body healed.

      5. He went tree. He’s always been feral in my head – his appearance and mannerisms all just screamed ‘feral!’ to me – so I’m amazed at how well resto fits him ICly. I’m not sure how well I’ll do at healing, but in RP he just makes an *awesome* tree for some reason.

    5. For Rollandren:

      1. He can have an incredible mean streak to him if something close to him is threatened or attacked, When he is truly under the gun or something valuable to him is in danger, homeland, family, or whatever, he can be willing to do things that make you stop, blink a few times, and wonder how he managed to become a paladin.

      2. He is also incredibly stubborn and, when his mind is set on doing something, nothing can stop him from doing it or dying trying to do it, not even logic. It is almost impossible to shake him and he never tires if he is determined to fight.

      3. The war against Ahn’Qiraj, when the Scarab Wall opened up. He’d fought Silithid for months leading up to the event, when it came time to raise the materials for an army he dropped everything else and went to work helping, and he was at the gate when it opened, somehow managing to survive the night. It was the first major war where he participated in the center of the action, still a point of pride to him years later.

      4. During the Scourging of Lordaeron he and his brother led a small detachment of soldiers out of Arathi, intending to volunteer in helping the defense of Dalaran and Lordaeron. They were ambushed by Scourge a short distance into Silverpine, after choosing to march through the night. Over half were killed outright and the rest broke ranks, eventually presumed deceased by their superiors. It was the first time he’d run away and it shook him deeply; he still holds himself responsible for the ambush and considers himself a coward for fleeing, refusing to speak about the incident to anyone.

      5. Somehow, he managed to adopt two kids and start a family of sorts. There is a druid named Maranwe who he fell in love with also, and the net result is something half resembling a family. We’re still working on getting them hitched; it’s like pulling teeth to get Rollandren to actually step forward and propose to Mara. Knowing Roll though, it’s surprising we even got him this far.

      By Rollandren on Jun 21, 2009 | Reply
    6. Answering for Tarquin ap Danwyrith, professional Terrible Person.

      1.What is your character’s most notable flaw?
      Oh jeez, I have to pick just one? Uh, I’m going to say his total lack of a moral center (“right” and “wrong” are sorta places on a dartboard for Tarq), with “occasionally ludicrous ego” coming in a close second.

      2. What is your character’s most notable strength?
      -Prenatural charisma, to the point where Tarquin will be convincing someone to do something and I’ll be sitting at my keyboard shouting “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THAT’S A TERRIBLE IDEA!” at the screen. Good times.

      3. What is their crowning moment of awesome? (stolen directly from WTT:RP and Blogatelle)
      -The recent Scourge Invasion – a sleepless week spent zombie hunting in the bloodied, shuttered streets of Stormwind, culminating in the stand at the Pig and Whistle. Where “Never again” was born.

      4.What is their most bitter moment of failure?
      -It’s really hard to pick just one. I have to go with the extended affair that his wife Ceil had with Loche, his eternal rival and formerly close friend. Whether Tarq’s failure was causing it to happen (he believes), not seeing it, not killing Loche for it, or WANTING to kill Loche for it…well, it’s pretty complex. Which is probably why he’s more bitter about that than, say, unwitting involvement in attempted genocide.

      5. And, in light of yesterday’s post, what’s one quality, trait, fear, or habit about your character that just doesn’t really fit or make sense with the rest of them?
      -For no apparent reason, Tarquin hates pirates. He doesn’t have any backstory association, hasn’t really encountered piracy much in WoW, and neither Tanaris nor Stranglethorn gave me particular trouble. He just thinks they’re dumb, nothing but second-rate bandits on boats, and doesn’t get the big deal about them.

    7. 1. For Khaotic, probably her recklessness. She sometimes has a habit of rushing into things, then thinking “Oh, I should probably have planned this out first.”
      For Kaledain, it would be his lack of self-confidence, although he is leagues better than what he was as a teen. Khaotic still has to encourage him alot of the time, though.

      2. Khaotic is loyal to the death to her friends and those she cares about. It doesn’t matter to her what the problem is, if she can help in any way, she’s there.
      Kaledain’s steadiness. It often keeps them out of major trouble when Khaotic has a “see #1” moment. Second choice would be his own sense of loyalty, which is almost as strong as his mate’s.

      3.Hrmm, Khaotic hasn’t really had one yet, although that might change when they finally get to Outland/Northrend.
      I think Kaled’s CMoA was joining the Frostwolf orcs, even tho he -hates- fighting, and then finding and rescuing Khaotic when she was being held prisoner.

      4. Kaled’s & Khaotic’s worst moments both center around the same thing: when she was captured while fighting in Alterac. For Khaotic, she had to watch most of the soldiers under her command struck down around her before she herself was knocked unconscious. Then came the weeks of being held prisoner to some very unscrupulous humans. Won’t go into details.
      For Kaled, he thought she was dead, and almost death-willed himself just because he felt he couldn’t live without her. He still kind of beats himself up about it at times, when he thinks that he could have rescued her a lot sooner if it hadn’t been for that.

      5. Khaotic is actually rather excited at the prospect of becoming a mother, which is surprising because I’ve never thought of her as the maternal type.
      Kaled’s protectiveness over Khaotic. He is usually quiet and avoids combat unless it’s totally necessary. You can insult him, his pets, or whatever and he’ll take it, but if you say a word about Khaotic or try to mess with her at all then the weapons come out.
      .-= Sarai´s last blog ..Introductions: Arvoss and Shaurria =-.

    8. 1. Windstar: If Windstar gets caught off-guard or flustered, she has a tendancy to just kind of freeze. Or worse, say something without thinking.
      Tadrith: He can be very anti-social. He actually avoids most cities except when he desperately needs supplies, or to visit Star.

      2. Windstar: Her heart. She doesn’t make friends very easily, but once she does, she will literally die for them.
      Tadrith: Pretty much the same. Once Tad decides someone is worth hanging around with, he will be there for that person, no matter what.

      3. Windstar: Star hasn’t really had one yet. She’s still young, it’ll happen someday.
      Tadrith: Hasn’t had one yet either, but when it happens, I’m pretty sure a spirit beast will be involved. 😀

      4. Windstar: I think, not being there when her and Tad’s home village of Starbreeze was overrun by mad furbolgs. Their father was in the Emerald Dream, so their mother was alone. She survived, but went through a lot of pain and mental trauma which she hasn’t completely recovered from yet.
      Tadrith: same.

      5. Windstar: She is so affectionate with her friends, it may be a surprise how fierce she is when fighting or protecting someone.
      Tadrith: He is very anti-social with people, but can get along with almost any animal he meets.

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