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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Friday (almost Saturday) Five – Parts of the Whole
comment 9 Written by on March 27, 2009 – 5:13 pm

Every Friday here at Too Many Annas, you’ll find a little RP prompting – either in the form of 5 questions to answer about your character or in the form of a ficlet prompt (500 words) to write about them.  These aren’t meant to be hard, just things to think about for your character – you can answer in a comment or use them as a blog post of your own!

It’s been brought to my attention that, if you don’t count recaps, reverses, and best of weeks – I have posted 95 Friday Five questions (and two Friday 500 prompts).  Which makes this week include my 100th Friday Five question.  Quite a lot more than I expected to have when I started this whole experiment.

Inspired by a comment from Likam yesterday – questions about individual parts of your character (remember, short answers are fine, and mind your Mary Sues).

  • What color are your character’s eyes?
  • What is your character’s skin like? Does he or she have freckles, tattoos, or other noticeable markings?
  • How does your character smile?
  • How does your character carry him or herself when walking around? What is his or her posture like?
  • Describe your character’s hands.
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9 Responses to “Friday (almost Saturday) Five – Parts of the Whole”

  1. Woot! 😀

    Lilkams last blog post..Friday Five: Parts of the Whole

  2. I’m gonna use your space here to indulge.

    I’m also going to take this opportunity to flesh out two upcoming characters (one a Rogue-recustomize, the other, Lans’ dad.)

    1. Eye Color:
    Lansiron: Really dark brown, nearly black in most light.
    Norvallen: Blue, but since she usually exhibits glowiness, normally all one sees are the pupils (which looks somewhat unnerving)
    Korin (new rogue) : Green.
    Morgandel (dear old dad): Empty white, glowy.

    2. Skin:
    Lansiron: Healthy tanned, though naturally fair (damn half-elf). Lifetime of fightin’ scars, but nothing very dramatic.
    Norvallen: Pale, but not anemically so. Runic tattoos of varying significance down length of arms and spine. Odd metallic look to them, like they’re embedded in the skin rather than inked, and occasionally shift colors (between red, blue, and green) depending on power she’s invoking. Used as a focus; not prone to showing them off with the way she dresses.
    Korin: Brown (think ethnic-Polynesian). Fanciful-design tattoos along arms and ankles. No particular significance; simply there ’cause she likes how they look.
    Morgandel: Reddish-pink. A super-deep tan on highborne skin, the end result making him look he’s permanently sunburnt. Giant, gaudy tattoo on his belly of a ship (lost a bet), a whole slew of prison-brandings on his right wrist.

    3. Smile:
    Lansiron: Kind of lopsidedly, but honest enough.
    Norvallen: Default expression is the smirk. Can manage any number of sincere-looking smiles, but probably had to practice extensively.
    Korin: Open, cheery grin, not at all rare.
    Morgandel: Theatrically arrogant-as-all-get-out grin.

    4. Posture/Carriage:
    Lansiron: At risk of sounding cliched; steady advance when walking, relaxed half-slouch when at rest. Stands at attention when needed.
    Norvallen: That sort of straight-back, chin-up, smooth-postured arrogance that comes with years of probably practicing in the mirror.
    Korin: Walks like a dude.
    Morgandel: Chest out, shoulders back, as if he’s the center of attention even when he’s not (especially when he’s not).

    5. Hands:
    Lansiron: Callused, rugged, good firm grip.
    Norvallen: Unavoidably rough palms, given her use of giant heavy weapons. Fingernails conspicuously perfect. Fingers prone to being laced together our otherwise stroking or tapping things in contemplation.
    Korin: Usually in motion, ’cause the girl gesticulates beyond all necessity. Good strong kung-fu grip.
    Morgandel: Also prone to grandiose gesticulation. Long spidery fingers. Rough and chafed. Fingernails a lost cause.

  3. Picking on Mac because Ive been struggling to RP him of late and I need some refreshers.

    Eye colour: Red/orange, darkening to red if hes in a grumpy mood (almost always) ranging to golden if hes in a better mood.

    Skin: Generally very pale, but with sunbrowned face and hands. His exposed skin is covered with fairly thick reddish hair and is marked by some scars here and there from various battles but few other blemishes. His most disctintive feature is a broken nose which he stubbornly refuses to use his healing magic to fix.

    Smile: Of late, Mac’s been more and more surley. When he does smile its a wide toothy grin which causes his eyes and cheeks to crinkly up in deep smile lines.

    Posture: Macs short and broad (typically dwarfy) and has almost no neck making him look squat. He tents to slocuh when sitting and has a habit of rolling his shoulders forward.

    Hands: Huge and calloused due to his weapon training. Hes got a very strong grip and tends to forget this when shaking peoples hands. His fingernails aren’t very clean and he tends to gnaw on the nails of his ring fingers.

    By Mac on Mar 30, 2009 | Reply
  4. 1. Khol rocks a set of more blue-than-grey eyes, but he emphasizes the grey when he tells people what colour they are.

    2. He has skin. Khol thinks this is a very important feature. Due to the nature of his chosen profession, it tends toward a healthy sort of pale. Not getting a lot of sun will do that to a body. Still, it suits him well and makes his dark hair stand out a bit. He has a few tattoos from his younger days in the army and the SAS, but he tends to keep them covered these days, preferring not to show off identifying markings.

    3. Khol has three smiles (and several variations, thereof) which he uses on a regular basis. One is the genuine smile, which is warm and good-natured and several women have called his best trait. He generally only uses this one in the company of very close friends. The second smile is the roguish smirk that he can be most often found wearing. It’s the sort of smirk that says both “trust me” and “why on Azeroth would you ever trust me” at the same time. It’s very practiced and largely used to hide whatever he really might be thinking. The last smile is also the one that you never want to see. Imagine a hungry wolf smiling over a slow, fat rabbit. You know things aren’t going to end well for the rabbit. Same principle applies with Khol.

    4. When wandering around with no particular goal in mind, Khol has a casual, easy stride. He walks with his head up and his back straight, not proud, just honest. However, a careful observer would notice he moves with a certain economy of motion, like every step is planned out in advance and then taken.

    5. Khol has a workman’s hands, though less callused. He has a thin layer of callus over his palms from his swords, but he wears gloves to minimise how much his sword’s grip abrades his hands. He has thick, blunt fingers that most people wouldn’t associate with precision work like lockpicking. That suits him just fine, though, as it just adds to his plausible deniability.

    teh Khol Abidess last blog post..Intermission: Tagged by the Seventh Son of a Sixth Screenshot?

  5. 1. Kaledain’s eyes are a pale icy blue, without the glow that most blood elves have. They change colors depending on his mood, turning darker when he is unhappy, and almost white when he gets really mad.
    Khaotic’s eyes are green, with the typical Sin’dorei golden glow.

    2. Kaled & Khaotic are both fair-skinned. Khaotic has a few freckles that she blames on her red hair, while Kaled has none. He does have a small, faint scar above his left eyebrow, which he got while fighting with the Frostwolves in Alterac.

    3. Khaotic has several smiles: a genuine one, which is usually only seen by friends and her husband, a sarcastic smile, more of a smirk actually, that she gives anyone she thinks is being stupid, and a predatory one that usually appears when she’s about to start shooting at something.
    Kaled’s smile is like the rest of him, quiet and warm.

    4. Khaotic carries herself confidently, just short of arrogance. When standing still she keeps herself straight, a holdover from her days in the army.
    Kaled keeps himself straight as well when standing or walking. He will look around often also, keeping an eye on his surroundings

    5. Khaotic’s hands are small and slim, though they can’t really be called delicate with the calluses she has from her weapons. She keeps her fingernails short.
    Kaled’s hands are just a tad on the big side, also covered in calluses. His fingers are slender, with short nails.

  6. 1. Windstar has silver eyes, with the typical Night Elf glow. They are the same color in all her forms as well.
    Tadrith’s eyes are more golden, still with the elven glow.

    3. Windstar’s skin is pink, with a slight blue-ish shading. She has facial tatoos, which show in her catform. She has a few scars, which are mostly covered by either her clothes or fur.
    Tad’s skin is the same, but darker tanned from spending almost all his time outdoors. He has a lot more scars, but none that really stand out.

    3. Windstar has two smiles. There’s the gentle, warm smile she gives her close friends, and the teasing smirk she gives when joking around.
    Tadrith also has two different smiles. The everyday half-mocking grin, and the warm protective smile that only Star and a very few close friends ever see.

    4. Windstar walks straight with a light step in her elven form. More commonly in catform, she has a slow, easy stride, moving very much like a predator.
    Tad is very relaxed when he walks, almost slouching. One might notice, however, that very little extra energy or movement is used, again much like a predator.

    5. Windstar’s hands are gentle, with slender but strong fingers. She has some light callouses on her fingertips and palm, similar to where a cat’s pawpads are.
    Tadrith’s hands are strong, with heavy callouses on his fingers from his bow. He has several light scars tracing over them as well.

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