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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Faction Changes – Or where I jump on the Hordewagon
comment 17 Written by on September 3, 2009 – 7:11 am

So I have this priest.

Her name is Anaelle Fischer, and she’s got bats in her belfry.

And I’ve had a lot of trouble leveling her, plus have had interest in a high level Horde character for awhile.  Rirri is awesome, but Rirri has one major flag against her.  She’s a DK.  DKs do two things – they tank, and they do melee DPS.  And I really suck at those two things, and I’m not overly fond of leveling them.  Admittedly, she does level quickly when I put the burn behind her, but with two OTHER characters in the 55-65 bracket, she doesn’t see a lot of time.

Anaelle is 75.  She’s got the heirloom shoulders and robe.  And she has no active RP to tie her to the Alliance /at all/ – I’ve spent some time working out a story for her, but it’s never worked out to where I felt comfortable bringing her to the Pig for RP night.  Especially not in favor of leaving Aely, Angoleth, and Annie Mae back in the character selection screen.


So then I get left with my choices:

Anaelle Fischer – Forsaken Priest

  • Has the advantage of no name change.  In fact, her name works beautifully for a forsaken.  If I were to change it – which I might, depending on how the faction change thing works – she’d become Aleydis Schaerbeck (who also has bats in her belfry).
  • Added advantage of Lordaeron lore, something I’ve put a lot of work into.
  • I already have a Forsaken character.
  • Cult of the Forgotten Shadow, which rocks, and which would make “Remember – Patience, Discipline” quite applicable, as she’s rather firmly a discipline priest.

A Troll Priest Who Is Yet Unnamed

  • Trolls are awesome.
  • Would require a name change. (Possibly Ananda? Annala? Anzefi? Lots of options, Trolls have fun names)
  • Trolls wear shoes funny, blech.
  • Would allow me to do Troll Lore research – and having tiny lore nerd binging sessions is fun. Would also require learning and figuring out an accent, something else I rather enjoy.
  • I don’t currently have any Troll characters.  And Voodoo is also awesome.

So there are obviously good and bad sides to either option.  No desire to play a Blood Elf (or a Goblin, or a Tauren priest), so it’s really just these two.

Or stick as a Human priest and not worry about it.  I’ve not really officially made up my mind yet.  But the ability to transfer over some of the account bound items, to have a “ready made” character that could see Northrend from a Horde perspective without getting slogged down in Hellfire and Zangarmarsh (the way Rirri is right now), etc. is pretty appealing.  She’s also got epic flying/Northrend flying already, and an epic mount.

About the only thing I’d be sad to lose is that Anaelle is an enchanter, and she DE’s all my greens?  But I could just as easily send those to my husband’s enchanter – who is already 80, and who does almost all of my enchants for me anyway.  It’d put me back at waiting for enchants and paying for them again though.  (booo!)

So what do you guys think?  Is this worth it?  Am I just, yet again, trying to breathe life into a dead character?  Am I deluding myself thinking she’ll get more than an evening of play a week (if that), depending on how much time I end up not spending on my three, already invested Alliance characters?  (I’d rather not end up overcommitting myself!)

I seek your wise council, oh commenters!

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17 Responses to “Faction Changes – Or where I jump on the Hordewagon”

  1. Go Forsaken. It lets you take advantage of the work you have already done, as well as give you a plausible RP explanation of the faction change.
    .-= Cynwise of Stormwind´s last blog ..The Gear Grind =-.

  2. After a long time waiting, tonight I dropped the US$60 required to transfer my paladin and warlock from Hordeside to A-side.

    Two years ago, I was a lot more Hordecore than A-sider. Fury PvE was still fairly gimpy, my druid was Balance (LOLkin), but Hordeside I had a rogue, a warlock, and baby paladin. And with those, I *tore shit up*.

    This was also way back when I was getting good arpz Hordeside. Not amazing, but I knew a bunch of people, had a guild, was getting interaction. Ran Kara and SSC Hordeside a few times. Then I moved countries, and had a 6 month downtime or so on the game. When I came back, it wasn’t the same. People had moved on, etc etc etc.

    Nowadays, my main is Illi, and I spend most of my time on Illi. But I have five end-game level characters. So it’d be a waste to have them but not use them. With my rogue – she has such a strong RP concept, and I do still have all my close Hordeside PvP friends about, that there’s no way I could move her. But the warlock and paladin? I have ideas for their A-sider counterparts. I’m looking forward to A-side interaction and instances.

    In my situation, it’s been a godsend. Ultimately, ’cause the community I had Hordeside dwindled while my A-side group grew, but while I’m never going to drop one entirely for the other, the ability to make the best of both worlds, even for a fee, is very, very welcome.

    I hope things turn out how they hope.

    I still need to finalise my warlock’s name.

    By Illi on Sep 3, 2009 | Reply
  3. @Illi – and I have two endgame healers Alliance side, a third in the wings (my druid is 63 now) – and no real space to put a priest in the group we hang out with. We’ve had rather an abundance of them, and she doesn’t have a strong RP concept. I have enough trouble balancing our RPtiems with just the “three main” RP characters I have Alliance side, and I think that really pushes Anaelle onto the back burner.

    Add to that my growing community hordeside and my frustration at only having low level RP characters… well, it’s tempting!

  4. Rp-wise, I think your prospects for maintaining the character you had before while switching to Forsaken are not good. My impression is that all of the Forsaken died and were risen during the Third War, and broke from the Lich King’s control all at once. Obviously, you could still keep the name just because you like it, but it isn’t obvious to me how you could salvage the character that you navigated through Outland and Northrend.

    I’m in a similar position in a way, having never leveled an Alliance character higher than about 36, and as tempted as I am to switch over my 58 blood elf warlock, I’m just not sure it would make her more appealing to play than my main and the alt I’m currently working on. I guess the question is not would you want to play that character more, but would you want to play that character more than your current favorites?

    Of course, you could always just try it and see what happens. In the worst case scenario, you blow $30 and don’t play her much.

    By el ranchero on Sep 3, 2009 | Reply
  5. @ranchero –

    I won’t be keeping the character. If she becomes Forsaken, she’ll keep her name – or not – and that’s it. Totally new character concept (as, like i said, I can’t really connect to the one she’s currently got!)

  6. Holycrap.

    Offtopic but I just realized this is how to get all my heirloom stuff from Alliance side to Horde side!!

    Now to decide if it’s worth the $30 or not…

  7. I’m actually going through the same thing … to make my undead rogue a human & keep a similar Lordaeron history? Or to make her a gnome for the better racials and ability to be ridiculously annoying in pvp (plus a fresh start)? I feel your pain.

  8. As someone who has a Forsaken priest as a main, I love my cranky dead lady, so my vote is, naturally, for making your priesty into an undead one. Playing one of the Forsaken gives you a chance to explore another side of the Lordaeron lore that you’ve worked so long and hard with, and it really is a lot of fun. And, you know, as Cynwise said, it gives also gives you a plausible RP explanation for the faction switch.

    Also, first time commenting here. 🙂 I love reading this blog.
    .-= Thyanel´s last blog ..Warchief of the Horde =-.

  9. Undead > all Horde races.

    If you don’t have time to play 4 different characters, then you probably don’t have time to research goofy troll lore either.

    Forsake the Alliance, for the sake of being Forsaken.

  10. I’d say you should go for it. You’ve talked a lot about having trouble doing anything with Anaelle, and this would be the ultimate revamp. And if you’ve already got the community there, why not? So maybe she won’t get tons of time at first. But she’ll be more fun fresh than she is now, and you know how these things come in waves. Maybe someday you’ll shift to her as a main, who knows?

    (Please don’t . T_T)

    I’d say go for Troll, by the way. Could be a fun stretch, unless you’ve already got more worked up for the Forsaken.

    By Shad on Sep 3, 2009 | Reply
  11. @Shad –

    OMG. A Shad on my blog! I’ve not done ANY real character concepts – the only advantage to the Forsaken is their lore being so similar to, and tied up with, the Northron lore I know for Aely that I’ve got a bit of a head start? But since I love doing lore-rabbit-trailing kinds of research, I think it could be a LOT of fun to be a Troll!

  12. I think you should do it. This might be motivated by self-interest though as I know the Horde is looking to embrace you with open arms I will even tank some heroics for you when you hit 80 to get you kited out in style.

    I have an Alliance druid that, despite my brother’s longings, isn’t going anywhere. Yeah, I could do break a sweat to crack the Alliance RP scene but I miss my Horde friends when over there. I figure come expac time, she’s going troll. Mmmm, tasty troll droo….

    Besides, Ezma and Dir take up all my time as it is.
    .-= Ezma Shadedpath´s last blog ..Lady Grizz: Unbound =-.

  13. Alright folks.

    I’ve decided. and I’m doing it as soon as I figure out a name. Keep an eye on this space tomorrow 😀

  14. BAH!

    Belves are awesome
    .-= ItanyaBlade´s last blog ..Tired =-.

  15. @Pill –
    And they are many! I also don’t really connect to them at all.

  16. Darn, saw this post too late.

    My advice to anyone in the same spot: Don’t just choose a race. Draw up a full characterisation for each option, and review them. THEN choose.

    By Sean Riley on Sep 3, 2009 | Reply
  17. @Sean –

    That’s actually what I ended up doing, and upon coming up with one that I liked WAY better than the other, I went with it. Took me most of the day 😀

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