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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Do your characters know each other?
comment 13 Written by on May 24, 2012 – 7:12 am

I got an interesting comment from FiveQuarters the other day about her characters meeting one another, and how that interaction would be really fun. It got me to thinking, because I don’t really RP any of my characters as being friends with or knowing each other, beyond being casual professional contacts. (Angoleth once recommended Annorah to a friend who was in need of Shamanic advice)

I know several RPers who plan stories between their characters, sometimes even extensive romances. They will sometimes show up to RP night with both characters (something I think must be unbelievably confusing).

This kind of interaction is something I’ve honestly never explored in RP – it’d be new territory for me. Decidedly interesting territory, since it’s probably where I’ll end up with Arrens and Aely. (I refuse to break them up. That would both break Aely and make me way too sad.) I’ve also done a little bit of it with Ben, Aely’s squire, who will also hopefully be making more appearances. He’s close to taking his first vows as a full Paladin, and he’s fun to write.

All my characters function on their own in my head though, with those two quasi-exceptions.

I’m curious though, how you guys handle it. Do your characters regularly interact, or are they independent entities who lead separate lives?

I’m tempted to make this a ficlet challenge, to have one of your characters meet another of your characters for the first time.

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13 Responses to “Do your characters know each other?”

  1. Most of my characters do know eachother because they are all members of a sisterhood of sorts. It used to be the Clan of Keli but it’s recently been named the Sisterhood of the Black Lily. That said…

    Though I’ve written about their interactions, I’m always careful to focus on their RP with other people. Part of that is because I get distracted too easily and find it hard to focus on more than one character at a time, and part of it is because I think it’s much more fun to RP with other people. So, while my characters know eachother, they will rarely be seen in the same place at the same time. Does that make sense?

    Also, I wanted to comment on your last post, but I didn’t have time. What about the possibility of Arrens going on a quest or mission far away? He’s not gone, not dead, just away for an undetermined length of time, and he could even send Aely messages via e-mails from your friend written ICly, if he ever gets the interest. But just ignoring the fact that he’s missing is going to be hard. Instead, let it be an RP plot of its own – Aely missing her friend and hoping for his safe return.

  2. We mostlies leads our own lives, but we all knows each other. One or two Fridays a month we gets tagether at the Team Ratshag Secret Headquarters in Shattrath fer some drinks an’ songs an’ story swappings, an’ mebbe a few rounds of Pin the Blame on the Peon.

  3. Jak and Tarq know each other (obviously, since Jak WORKS for Tarquin), but interactions between them are kept to a minimum, because they do not like each other at all. Jakob views his employer as a thuggish, amoral criminal taking advantage of his and his wife’s misfortunes; Tarq thinks the Balthasar lad is a snobbish hypocrite whose facility with murder is the only pleasant thing about him.

    Neither of ’em are wrong, of course. 😀 I set this up deliberately because I feel weirded out writing too many interactions between my own characters in an RPG setting.

    By Tarq on May 24, 2012 | Reply
  4. My characters tend to mostly know one another, with some outliers.

    In Guild Wars, my major characters were siblings.

    In WoW, my main character, Llanion, had a brother (Garadar, my shaman) and was basically the head of a ‘shadow guild’ of adventurers with some solid logistical backing (basically, an RP justification for my personal AH and equipment mule).

    Finally, my two TOR characters were twins.

    Basically, my major characters will be connected and probably know each other well.

  5. Even though I don’t play on RP servers, my three main characters do know each other. The two Sindorei are siblings; the older is a Blood Knight and a veteran of the Shattered Sun Offensive and the Argent Crusade, while the younger is a Mage who treasures her Kirin Tor relationships and fighting alongside the Red Dragonflight. The Draenei is a member of the Hand of Argus and got to know the Blood Knight during the Shattered Sun, but is closer to the Mage who he was introduced to via an acquaintance in the Earthen Ring.

    Not very complex, but it provides a backdrop for how the characters interact. It also allows me to retire characters when their story is done and a new character takes up the mantle during the next expac.

  6. Thanks for the mention!

    As I said, I -love- having my characters meet each other or talk about each other. As a writer, I think it’s a great way to demonstrate the differences between your characters: have them show up in a scene together! You can also have your characters poke fun at your other characters. One of my characters, Gilberte, writes romance novels on the side – and many of our raiders/guildies are featured (loosely disguised of course!) in her novels. So, naturally, my other characters pop up in her books and it’s a great way to tease yourself at some of the eccentricities you put into your characters. My shy, socially awkward shaman Rhianon became Liannan the mute.

  7. Not all of my characters know each other. But there are a number of interactions between them.

    Tarelyn knows Cylinn (And occasionally tries to protect her.) Tarelyn also knew Cylinn’s youngest sister and killed said sister in a story that I wrote at the end of Vanilla (And was why Tarelyn vanished for most of BC)

    Corspilla knows Dorri’tow and Then’liath. She doesn’t like either of them. The two belfs know her. And Dorri and Then are sisters. Pill actuall knows a number of the Wildfire Riders as well. She also killed Tarelyn’s brother during a raid in Stormwind, while in the thrall of a Cult of the Damned device.

    Pill having become a little less mean and more willing to have fun (and act crazy because she can get away with more things that way) tends to get involved in any little thing. She’s tries to demand booze from the Prophecy of Light because a devistated Keltyr stole her booze. She has sent Bricu a single sock (thought later a pair) as a joke. (She also made Tarquin a hideous Jayne style hat during Wrath.

    Yeah, Pill gets arround.

    Fabrio knows Dorri’tow (Cause she’s permanently attached to his cousin) and Then, since she is Dorri’s sister.

    Kaylisani knows of Pill and Then.

    Quilque is the mother of Whistlmae.

  8. My Tauren characters are all related to each other as either sisters or cousins, except for the DKs. My Blood Elf characters are also all related to each other as either sisters or cousins. My main Tauren and my main Blood Elf are friends after having discovered that they share a family name (Dawnstrider is the surname of both Tauren and Blood Elf NPCs). My other characters interact in a network of friendships, acquaintances, and business relationships. No one of them knows every single one of the others.

  9. My main three characters know, even like, each other, but they function more as people from their individual pasts than as people who anything to do with one another in their present. As new characters get added to the roster, though, they tend to remain as strangers to the rest of the bunch. The notable exception would be the spriest, who briefly befriended the rogue, though they’ve had little enough contact since. I think that’s Khol’s fault, though, he’s terrible at maintaining relationships.

  10. Most of mine know at least one of the others, since I have this habit of rolling my own NPCs from various storylines in game. I can’t help it, certain NPCs wouldn’t shut up unless I gave them an alt spot. My paladin got a start that way, and so did my rogue. I enjoy them both. All the alts are independent of each other for the most part, but sometimes I’ll wind up using the ones who know each other in the same storyline.

    By Kyraine on May 24, 2012 | Reply
  11. My main is a tauren druid. Along with her I have a blood elf bank alt. Both of them are on a PVP server, but I could not resist writing up 2 posts on their interactions.

    Long story short, my druid is an adventurer who ran into a runt red dragon who mucked up too many times and fell out of favour with her flight. The red dragon was ordered to ‘assist’ my druid in her quests throughout Azeroth. This red dragon is my blood elf bank alt who–grumpily–serves as a mount but mostly as a hoarder of said druid’s shinehs (as most dragons on fairy tales are).

  12. Most of my characters are in the same guild and got to know each other better through that, but several have other links with each other.

    On Horde-side Eryne (Hunter) and Aliyani (Paladin) are sisters, there is a third sister (Rogue) but she hasn’t been seen or heard from after the Cataclysm struck [aka char deleted to make room for Worgen chars and will be rerolled thanks to the 11th slot from Mists]. All three have huge age-gaps between them, giving them all a very different point of view on events. Urarii was accepted in the team when they needed a druid, and as she is very young she’s willing to work with the all-Blood Elf group. The Blood Elves generally see her as “the one troll that is kinda okay and willing to do the talking with the more annoying elements of the Horde” (Garrosh and pretty much any Goblin).

    On Alliance-side all of the characters are part of the same guild of friends & family. Khyrra (Feral Druid) tends to be the common link as she is often sent out to do the scouting/exploring since she has a knack for blending in. She was one of the Night Elves that was sent to Azuremyst to find out what was going on when the Exodar crashed and met Tsani and Mahalia. Khyrra offered them a place in the guild when she recognized a kindred spirit in Tsani (the wanderer) and Mahalia (a thirst for knowledge). Tsani (Hunter), Mahalia (Mage – oldest) and Dalika (Death Knight – youngest) all know each other, but have no family bonds. Dalika used to be a paladin, but she got cought off-guard when exploring the Plaguelands and was turned into a Death Knight. When she regained her free will, Tsani and Mahalia vouced for her and asked for her to be part of the guild.

    Rellah and Phelani are sisters, but were not on speaking terms before the Worgen Curse. Phelani (Priest) did not agree with her older sister Rellah’s choice of work (Rogue + forger) nor her alliance to the Rebels, but both stayed behind to defend Gilneas from the Worgen and giving others a chance to escape. During that event Phelani had to admit that Rellah’s choices may be different, but she was still a good person. Both were cursed, and both took the cure from the Night Elves. Rellah is still a bit wild, hardly ever going back to human form (only when she needs to blend in when in a city or to avoid scaring people), but Phelani has noticed she’s also become more attuned to her darker side (resulting in her specializing in Shadow). Both were feeling very lost when they came to Darnassus and were offered a home in the guild by Khyrra and Tsani who were part of the Night Elf group sent to Gilneas. Khyrra was sent by the Cenarion Circle and she took Tsani along to help track down the more feral Worgen who might be willing to accept the “cure”.

    I’m still working to fit in Shiri and work on her character, but I know that the Pandaren PCs come to the faction capitols after meeting a mixed group of Alliance and Horde. The most likely schenario so far is that Shiri meets one of the Worgen sisters in Stormwind.

    By Tsani on May 25, 2012 | Reply
  13. I started a reply to this, then realized just how long it would have to be if I included everyone. So… I think I’ll just go make my own blog post about it. XD

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