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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Current Happenings
comment 6 Written by on October 7, 2009 – 8:56 am

After yesterday’s Srs Bsns post, I thought I’d open things up a little bit today.

Sometimes it’s good to keep a “short update” list for your characters, both so that you have a good mental idea of where they are and so that if someone else asks (having been away or not RPing with that particular character lately) you have a short, sweet, and to the point update as to how they’re doing and what they’re up to.  As someone with a slew of various characters and independent personalities, I try to do this once every week or so.  It helps me keep tabs on them all, and know where to start if I randomly end up with some RP.  Having a list like this is also a good way to stay mindful about your characters when they’re doing “non RP” things (like leveling).

So anyway – I’ll give you guys updates on the four lovely ladies you’re used to seeing around here. (And don’t tell Angoleth I called her that, ok?) Then it’s your turn!  Give me a paragraph (not a novel – this should be something you could use for a /quick/ rundown or update) on your characters and what they’re up to!

  • Aelflaed is working. A lot. If she’s not at the Pig or out with TRI, she’s in an infirmary somewhere, most likely in Icecrown, but she’s been spending her days off tending to scraped knees and sore throats in the Stormwind Infirmary as well. She’s started keeping some medical diaries, mostly because she’s learning quite a lot about the more mundane sides of healing, as well as spending a few late nights in her herb books. When she /is/ at the Pig, she’s making more of an attempt to look like a person and not like The Shiny Crusade Paladin. She’s also back to living in the walk-down apartment underneath the Silver Shield, having done a thorough fall cleaning of the place on her last day of “encouraged sabbatical”.   Oh, and her trips out to the Shimmering Flats have slowed down some. This may be because she’s discovered that Miller’s Bakery makes a sweet honey-raisin braided bread.
  • Angoleth, on the other hand, is being a lazy arse.  She’s been wandering around in Northrend, just doing this or that, nothing with real purpose.  Russ is getting grumbly though, and she’s looking for a time she can catch Bellesta and Feliche to get him a proper Bear Sendoff.  She’s been in good enough spirits, so long as she doesn’t go back to the Pig and Whistle… mostly because the last two times she’s been there, she got thrown out.  Or rather Russ did.  But that’s the same thing in her book!
  • Annie Mae is Officially Tired Of Ogres.  She fought ogres in Tanaris.  And then she fought ogres in Ferelas.  And then in Burning Steppes.  And now?  They’re all over Outland too.  For someone who’s only 3’5”, ogres are kind of annoying.  They also smell.  She’s having fun though, as she’s currently experimenting with a pair of really spiky brass knuckles.  They’ve proven surprisingly effective…
  • Things for Anzefi are rather business as usual.  She’s got a small shop set up in Thunder Bluff, from which she sells potions, enchantments, and amulets, as well as fortune telling services.  Business has been a little slow, which she expected for being new, but she’s happy enough in her little tent-shop.  It’s also close enough to Senjin Village that she can hop back to get anything she needs, as well as take a trip to the ocean there to have a chat with her favorite Water Spirits.

So where are your characters right now?  What have they been up to, and how is life going for them?

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6 Responses to “Current Happenings”

  1. Annael is in Paladin 7th heaven. Since a young girl she’s dreamed of serving with the Argent Dawn/Crusade to pay back the Scourge for what they did to her family. Now she has this shiny title Crusader, sports an Argent Crusade tabbard and carries a mace (her favourite weapon) with the catchy name of Argent Resolve, and rides an Argent Charger. She finally feels at home and the whole of Icecrown resounds to her regularly slaughty of Lich King’s minion’s. During her down time she likes to revisit her old haunts in Azeroth and clean up the off mess the local’s can’t handle.

    Anshala is new to the world of Azeroth but has made many new friends. As a young drenai she finds the world strange yet it reminds her of her now destroyed home. At the moment she is still searching for a place to setup her home full time. She’s been so busy with her little tailoring and jewellery business making new things for friends she’s not has a chance to look to sort a full time place of her own.

    Vonianna is still confused, she remembers her life as a Night Elf, yet that now seems a half dream. She is now far more powerful as a death knight than ever she was and is relishing her power as she continues to fight her way through anything and everything that standsa in her way.

    By Annael on Oct 8, 2009 | Reply
  2. *lurker surfaces* 😉
    Even for non-RPs this is a good idea, since it helps you keep tabs on character goals which can get a bit messy if you happen to be an alt-oholic. I’m not on a roleplay server and don’t roleplay much, but I do have a background story for all my characters and my reactions ingame are true to or in-character.

    Tsani (Draenei Hunter & Asha, black panther) – Working full time in service of the Argent Crusade and her guild. Preparing for the attack in Icecrown in a much more military style than normal, ‘though she still refuses to joust with Alliance or Horde members. “Right, like I’m going to joust with Arthas someday. Pincusion/scratching post is our style!”

    Khyrra (Night Elf Druid) – Also training at the tournament and working on some group training with a few friends who have been willing to take a solitary kitty under their wing. The distinct lack if any kind of animal wildlife in Icecrown makes her uneasy, and she feels she needs to do something -anything- in Icecrown to help. She’s been hired as an alchemist to create gems, a market that has recently skyrocketed with every adventurer working on getting the best armour money can buy in the hopes of getting a shot at Icecrown.

    Thavere (Draenei Mage) – Has settled permanently in Dalaran to continue her studies of Human and Elf magics. Doing a little history digging to understand why the Night Elves are so angry with that Elf mage in the Temple of the Moon. Occasionally visits the Wyrmrest temple to see if she can help with dealing with the Blue Flight. She hopes for a peaceful resolution now that Malygos has been dealt with, but is worried that the flight has gone just as insane as their leader was. “Removing magic use because Magic calls the Burning Crusade to Azeroth? ‘Scuse me, you guys got a permanent two-way portal to Deamon Central here! Never mind that if you do remove that much magic from the realm, then half the species here -including dragons- will most likely die.”

    Dalika (Draenei Death Knight) – Patrolling Icecrown and finally feeling something else than hatred… dread! It’s not the Lich King that has her worried, that’s a problem that will be dealt with by someone’s sword through his neck. It’s what comes after that has her worried. Will the magic that keeps her on Azeroth fade when the Lich King falls? Will the little bit of light still with her be enough to clear her soul of the stains of the past? If she remains “alive” what will she become, since her hatred will no longer have a focus or source. Waiting for the final assault on Icecrown has given her time to think, and that has not been a pleasant experience to put it mildly.

    Eryne (Blood Elf Hunter) – Bored, out of focus, going through the motions. Doing the occasional food gathering job for Argent Tournament , but she has had her fill of undead to last her several lifetimes and is perfectly happy to leave Icecrown to the more military types.

    Tsiya (Blood Elf Rogue) – Bored, fuming, and generally irritated. Her partner in Northrend appears for a few days then disappears again for weeks on end. Most of her Horde contacts in Northrend seem to beg for her dagger in their back, neck or nether regions and have forced her to move her base to Dalaran to prevent a diplomatic disaster. Keeping an ear out for any news from Alliance, who thankfully have their own set of nitwits.

    By Tsani on Oct 8, 2009 | Reply
  3. Roldelan is busy fighting whatever the Lich King fills Icecrown with every waking moment of his life, which, when you’re a death knight, is every last second of the day. A desire to get back at the Lich King and to make amends that frequently reaches the point of OCD, and the fact he never actually needs to eat, drink or sleep are a dangerous combination. He could care less about the tournament itself; killing random beasts in a gladiator show serves no real purpose to his mind. He does however take every last mission the Crusaders assign him that takes him out into Icecrown and against the Kvaldir. In the process of this he’s even been given the title of Crusader by the Argent Crusade, which he accepts purely out of irony considering he is a Death Knight and still wears his Ebon Blade tabard. Roldelan has a warped sense of humor.

    Rollandren, after being stuck serving alongside the Alliance army in varying capacities, from Arathi and Alterac eventually up to the Grizzly Hills and then to Icecrown and the Isle of Conquest, was finally granted leave as a favor from a player character who earned the title Commander back in old WoW. He was unable to see his adopted children for nine months, ever since the Wrathgate, or return home, and could never effectively send letters back either with the fighting going on. He missed his adopted daughter’s birthday and nearly missed his adopted son’s too. He saw his fiance Maranwe briefly while helping the Argents, but she has yet to return home. He’s been trying to actually be a father to some extent instead of dumping said problem on Kayasi, who’d agreed to take care of it on past occasions.

    Litharian is still a bitter, disgruntled Farstrider. He’s definitely not the youthful, idealistic ranger who was fighting in the Ghostlands to prove the Farstriders’ worth and help win back Quel’Thalas. The last two years have caused him to age twenty. He hasn’t visited Silvermoon in months and is somewhat fine doing so; the only thing that could prompt him to go back would be to visit the Farstriders. The Blood Knights, the magisters drinking fel juice for breakfast and everyone trying to sate their magic addiction has left him fairly disenchanted with the city. He’s also given up officially helping the Warsong Expedition; the last time he did he had to restrain himself from putting an arrow through the eye of the Ko’Kron commander who thought the Broken Front was a brilliant move.

    Kayasi has been miserable for most of the time. She tried to become an apprentice at the Kirin Tor with unexpected consequences. A blood elven magister named Issavis, a quietly corrupt member of the Sunreavers who had a bone to pick with Kaya over a previous incident, manipulated the system to end up overseeing her apprentice training personally. He’s been making her life a living hell ever since, giving her more work than any apprentice could reasonably do and often sending her off to get rather questionable magic items, particularly Old God paraphanelia. Some of the Old God stuff are things that could quite literally drive a person mad; the reason he’s having her get these things is difficult to determine. She only gets to see other people during Rose meetings or lucky moments she sneaks out of the Citadel. It’s starting to change her personality some.

    Ironically, this was the character that I created to be light, happy and fun to have around. I think similar things happened to the last “nice” character I made too. I wonder and worry if this says something about me.

    By Rollandren on Oct 8, 2009 | Reply
  4. Kayeri has been splitting time between Ulduar, the Argent Tourney grounds, and Dalaran when she’s not picking herbs for elixirs and flasks. She still quietly thinks Tirion is nuts for this whole ‘show’ thing he’s putting on up in Icecrown. But since her team is involved she puts up with the whole jousting thing, which she believes is rather stupid and pointless. She recently took a short side trip to help a dear friend on a task given by Chromie. She’s been dreaming of a time when she can relax and go back to being a tender of nature and teaching young druids.

    Rhiane has been bored lately. Not chosen for the alpha strike team’s rogue, she’s been trying to fill her time in hunting and skinning her kills for the leather. She doesn’t handle boredom well, so hunting is a BIG time-filler right now. She would like nothing better than to show she IS worthy of being on the Ulduar team, but its just not happening right now… And yes, there has been a bit of partying at the Hero’s Welcome in Darn at night. But she’d really love a good challenge to sink her twin blades into…

    Miren is getting used to her Felguard, Okinashak the Lippy. She doesn’t care for him much because of his lippiness. Thoknos never gave her crap like this, after all… Her big brother, the paladin came along and gave her a hand getting some things out of Stratholme, and the Argent Crusade is very happy with her as a result of it all.

    Arriell is spending her days in Stormwind lately, working on her tradeskills. She would really like to get back to dropping some Seals and Judgements, but she knows it’s important to be able to support herself, too. She also misses Mac a lot, but knows it’s important work he’s doing in Northrend, but dang wouldnt she like to get up there and join him…

    By Kayeri on Oct 8, 2009 | Reply
  5. When she isn’t moping around Stormwind, Shaurria is exploring Dustwallow Marsh and getting jumped on by every croc, spider, and what-have-you out there. So far she’s won all the fights but is starting to get annoyed. She’s finally getting used to the idea of Arvoss not being there every moment, but still misses him. Windstar is helping with that.

    Arvoss is puttering around Honor Hold right now. He’s discovered that being a death knight doesn’t mean he can keep up with an elf that is (relatively-speaking) about a quarter of his age, so he’s been taking his time with things. Mostly he’s been mining. He also calls Shaurria on the buzzbox every night that he can, to make sure she’s doing okay. His next trip to Stormwind for a visit will depend on what my computer situation is. 🙁

  6. Windstar is trying to keep Shaurria out of too much trouble, while doing some exploring of her own. Currently that exploring is in either Dustwallow or Desolace, so she is looking forward to getting strong enough to move on to new places. Her brother has made her especially eager to see Feralas for herself.
    Tadrith is hunting stuff. A lot of stuff. (Letting a proffesion like leatherworking fall behind fails.) He will soon be back in Outlands, with his newest best friend, where he will be (guess what?) hunting more stuff.

    By Kelesaria on Oct 11, 2009 | Reply

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