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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Alliance Faction Relationships – IC and OOC
comment 2 Written by on October 2, 2009 – 9:39 am

Arrens has a post up today on how his two major mains (Arrens the Forsaken Rogue and Arrens the Human Warlock) perceive the different races of the Alliance Faction. It’s a good read, especially if you’ve not thought much about how your characters actually think about other factions in general (not just your own opinions).002s2hzk

Of course, I had to start thinking about how my various characters would respond.  However, rather than TWO characters, I have… at least four – if not five – that would respond.  So I’m going to break this into two posts.  Today you get the Alliance version.  Next week, the Horde version!


  • Aely – “Nae much t’ say th’ likes ay human kin’. Wir a ragtag bunch, frae poncy nobles t’ ruffians, bu’ fair loyal on mos’ counts.  ‘Course, most ay th’ Southron folk’re wee on th’ floofy side, bu’ ye cannae blame ‘em f’r tha’.  Hard t’ judge any, wha’ wi’ all th’ various parts an’ sundries we c’n be frae. ‘course I’m partial tae Lordaeroners – who wouldnae be!”
  • Annie Mae – “Human folk are generally a good bunch, if not the wisest folk I’ve met. Usually talk too fast an’ think too slow.  An’ busy interferin’ with stuff that ain’t botherin’ ‘em none.  But they’s good intentioned, ya know?”
  • Angoleth – “I like most humans.  They’re a little short on perspective, but long on loyalty and commitment.  And when they do stupid shit it usually gets them killed so I don’t end up having to deal with them.”
  • Anzefi – “Ooooo… ‘umans. Dats a hard one.  Dey’s not so easy ta pin inta any wun shape, ya know? Ya gotta giv’ ‘em each deys due. Voodoo… not so strong wit dem, dow. Dey don’ hold wit’ Spirits…   Too bad fer dem, ya?”

I’m fond of humans for their versatility, and for their racial bonuses!  They’re an easy race to pick up and RP relatively well without a lot of work, but if you want to DO the work, the lore is there to hold it up.  And, well… you know how I am with Lordaeron…

Night Elves

  • Aely – “Elf folk… tha’s nae so easy as allat.  ‘ve met a few wha’ pester my las’ livin’ nerve, bu’ by an’ large they’re constan’.  Solid, ayeh?  Dinnae like t’ change, elves, an’ yet still like t’ be surprisin’ sommat.  Gen’rally, good allies.”
  • Annie Mae – “Elves are weird. Too busy thinkin’ they’re important folk to see the problems under their noses.  But good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgement, so … good for advice.  ‘cept they usually can’t make up their damn minds what they think on stuff.  And they’re really … tall.”
  • Angoleth – “I’ve met some good elves in my time.  Met some assholes too.  Mostly assholes.  All eternal this and Elune that.  Bullshit.  You do what you need to do, when you need to do it, and you stay the f*ck away from magic.  At least Shando knew that… <trails off grumbling>”
  • Anzefi – “Elfses, hmm… don’ know many elfses.  Usually ‘cuz I be findin’ ‘em ded firs’ <cackles>  Longears dem gotta get som credit – dey’s mos’ly da reason we gots a worl’ ta walk on.  Dat’s good for somfin?”

I’m not that fond of elves, though I enjoy the two that I RP with.  I find that it can be hard to get into the mind of a character that’s been alive for possibly thousands of years.  I do, however, hold a longstanding and unchanging love of their starting zone, from an aesthetic and nostalgic point of view.  The first starting zone I got halfway through was Durotar.  And then I went to Teldrassil – and I did Teldrassil by myself? And I’ve loved it since.


  • Aely – “Solid, straigh’forard an’ make th’ bes’ damn ale south ay Stratholme these days.  Nae tha’ ye’d wanna drink anythin’ comin’ owt ay Stratholme… bu’ I’m strayin’.  Gen’rally good wi’ th’ common sense ‘swell.”
  • Annie Mae – “Dwarves are great – good friends, an’ good to fight with.  Not that they’s all good an’ wholesome, but it don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep.”
  • Angoleth – “Only ever met one bastard that could out shoot me.  Was a Dwarf.  Figure that’s worth something, right?”
  • Anzefi – “Now dats a question f’r da Spirits, mon.  Dwarves, dey gots som good Voodoo goin’ – but dey don’ call it Voodoo, do dey.  An’ somtime dey do dumb stuff, wit da bangarang round dose big mines?  Gotta be careful in dem earth.  Somtime ya not know what ya be findin!”

I really /really/ like Dwarves.  And I don’t have any Dwarven characters that I regularly RP with.  This makes me sad.  Of course, I don’t have time to really RP with the four/five/sometimes six characters I already work with on a regular basis, so I can’t really just “add one in”.  If I ever manage to start getting paid to RP though, I’m totally rolling one.


  • Aely – “I coul’ do wi’ owt Gnomes, t’ be hones’.  They dinnae bother me owt, bu’ oft they seem t’ be so tied wi’ tinkerin’ an’ crazy shite tha’ I cannae get ‘em t’ hol’ feckin’ still an’ get anythin’ done.”
  • Annie Mae – “We’re strange buggers.  Don’t much hold for Gnomeregan Gnomes – they usually want to make some floofanagle machinery instead of just pickin’ up a shovel and gettin’ to it.  If it don’t seem like its worth the effort, it probably ain’t – an’ mostly I see a lot of not worth the effort …”
  • Angoleth – “Clever little buggers, Gnomes.  Never know what they’ll come up with next.  Of course, it’ll probably blow up your ox cart, but hey, it might save the world.  Gnomeregan… well that’s just misfortunate there.  Just don’t ask me to have a conversation with one.”
  • Anzefi – “I knows, I knows, ya wan’ me ta say I like eatin’ gnomes, ‘cause dats wat Trolls be doin’ ya?  Well, I don’t.  Don’ eat no land meats.  ‘ceptin’ fer special, an’ fer spirits. Gotta sacrifice tings somtime, ya?  Den dat’s ok.  Oterwise, jus’ fishies fer ol’ Zefi.”

Gnomes are tricky.  They’re very very easy to turn into comic relief? And that makes them difficult both to RP and to RP /with/.  If your character is just there to be funny, it’s hard to have them around when I need to have Srs Bsns RPz.  RPing a gnome who is, in fact, rather silly – but who’s also a very serious character can be a challenge.


  • Aely – “Th’ Draenei ‘re an odd lot.  Hold still t’ tha’ poncy Naaru shite.  Th’ tails ‘re a tad weird.  Otherwise, nice enow folk, an’ bloody fearless in battle.  Good t’ have as allies, if nowt else.”
  • Annie Mae – “I’ll admit, I don’t much hold with Draenei.  Not that they’s not pleasant folk.  But seems ta me they’s either so busy bein’ Light Filled that it ain’t worth tryin’ ta change the subject, or they’s touched in the head.”
  • Angoleth – “They crashed.  A giant space ship. Into our islands. I’ll give one or two of them the benefit of the doubt… maybe.  Bunch of morons.  All that Light this and Light that.  Couldn’t they turn the f*cking headlights on in that thing?”
  • Anzefi – “Don’ know much ‘bout no hoofed blue Draeneis. Ones I’s met all seem ta get da Spirits dow… which’s odd, f’r bein hoofy an’ horned but ain’t Tauren.  Still, dat ship ting don’t seem ta be goin’ anywheres <shrugs>.”

Draenei are probably the hardest race to RP because their lore is so sketchy in game.  I did some out of game reading and was able to piece together enough to get Annorah a decent setup, but I’m still not really happy with it.  I do really like Azuremyst though, and I think there’s a lot of opportunity for good RP with them.  It’s just not easy to do “out of the box” like it is with some of the other races.

And that’s it for today.  Four characters opinions (plus mine) on the five Alliance races.  I’ll see about getting those Horde opinions sorted out (and maybe add Anaje to the mix on that one!)


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2 Responses to “Alliance Faction Relationships – IC and OOC”

  1. I’m not an RPer by any stretch, but this was a really fun post. I never really think about my characters that way or attribute personalities to them, but I can definitely see how much fun it could be. Great post. Looking forward to the Horde side.

    By Jim on Oct 3, 2009 | Reply
  2. Ooh, fun! Let me have a go with a few of mine.


    Quilia: “Humans are, by and large, a pack of nasty, rude, impatient twits. Thank god the Kirin Tor have some damn sense. That said, I’ll live in Stormwind before I live anywhere else. (Until I find my way back to Dalaran.)”
    Fulthruttle: “Humans are great! They love risks, which I really admire about them. You ask for funding and you get an answer back that afternoon, start work that night and clean up the ancillary damage the next morning. What they do sometimes lack is a bit of perspective: Really, what’s a wall or two compared to a brand news rifle schematic, am I right?”

    Night Elves:
    Quilia: “Oh, they’re _pretty_. They’re VERY pretty. They’re also arrogant, superstitious, really insufferably hostile to magic, and just all around pains to deal with. They need to grow up.”
    Fulthruttle: “Elves are weird. Some of them are very ethereal and calm, others really childlike and bouncy. I don’t even think it’s an age thing anymore. I just don’t get the kal’dorei.”

    Quilia: “It ain’t good tasting, but a well-brewed dwarf beer will make you forget your very identity for a night, which is a good thing. Highly recommended.”
    Fulthruttle: “I don’t know. I find dwarves kind of… well, stodgy. They’re good people, but they need to be willing to leap out on the wild end of intuition once in a while more often.”

    Quilia: “I don’t seriously need to answer this, right? Oh for f… look, they’re… they’re sweet. It’s silly and stupid of me to say it, but as stupid as they are, they’re hard to dislike, aren’t they? Maybe it’s the constant enthusiasm. It’s infectious.”
    Fulthruttle: “… there just aren’t enough good gnome men out there. I don’t know why. [lonely sigh]”

    Quilia: “If they look like a demon, and sound like a demon…”
    Fulthruttle: “[blushing] Draenei are so interesting! I love their technology it’s really unlike any Azerothian traditions and they have such intriguing ideas about power-systems and magic/technological synthesis plus they’re so sweet and caring I’m sorry I’m babbling.”

    As for gnomes, I still say they’re not as hard as people make out. Just… make them as people. Take the time and care you would with any character. It’s fine to make a character comic relief, even in a dramatic moment. Just make the emotion underneath true.

    I had a plot with Fulthruttle where she discovered (in Gnomeregan) that her beloved late father was really a traitor, lured into working for Mekgineer Thermaplugg. As she logged into each punch-card terminal, she coaxed addition printouts from each one, telling her party-members the story as she found it. When she discovered the horrible truth, she went very quiet and sounded scared.

    As they went into battle with Thermaplugg, she yelled as they went in, “Thermaplugg, you horrible bastard! I read your purchase reports!” Yes, it’s comic. Yes, it’s a pop-culture reference. But it was honest, and real pain on her behalf. I think that’s where gnomes work best: Somewhere between comic and dramatic.

    By Sean Riley on Oct 5, 2009 | Reply

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