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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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A Midsummer Night’s RP – Week of Winners, Day 1!
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The time has come! You’ve all been waiting patiently (or not so patiently in some cases), wondering whose RP entries will be featured, who will win the snazzy prizes, whose bribes were the best, and the general results of the Midsummer Night’s RP writing contest!

Judging was based on criteria you can see here, and each entry was read by all of the bloggers involved – Falconesse, LazyJade, and Bricu from WTT:RP, Greyseer from Lorecrafted, and myself. We pored over your entries (and they are some pretty awesome entries) and finally managed to select four of them as winners.

You will see those four, starting with our Honorable Mention, tomorrow. (Yes, that means you have to wait until Friday to see who won 1st place!) If your entry is selected as one of the prize-winning submissions (1st through 3rd place), please email us at midsummerwriting at gmail dot com with your regular postal address so that we can distribute the loot!

Today, however, is something a little different.

The story featured today is here because we really wanted to recognize this player for what they’ve done. This is a little bit of the email we received along with the story:

This is my first try at any kind of writing.  It’s something I’ve always thought about doing.  I used to read any science fiction or fantasy book that I could get my hands on.  Since the internet came along I find myself reading books less and less.  I’ve recently started following a bunch of blogs and have found the desire to read start building again.  I have also found myself wanting to write as well. I may start writing short fiction after having enjoyed creating this story so much.


So huge congratulations to Talifalana from the Alterac Mountains server (and Mauly, his bear). You impressed us all with your first work of RP, and we hope you continue to work and grow as a writer!

Defending the Flame

Talifalana, Alterac Mountains
(editors’ note:  line breaks were added to clarify changes in scene/point-of-view)

Hartin had felt proud when he was chosen to be one of the Flamekeepers for Darkshire, though at the moment he was feeling miserable.  Sweat was running down his back from the heat of the bonfire built in the middle of town.  He and his men stayed close so that no one could steal, or even worst, dowse the town’s flame.  If either of these things occurred, the town would be disgraced and he (even worse) would be demoted.

Larona had been looking for the orangish-yellow fire blossom that was native to Stanglethorn Vale for the goblins (they exported the flower to all the kingdoms this time of year) when she was came upon the small clutch of huts.  She had decided it best to skirt the little village when both her arms where grasp by two bluish-green trolls.

Sul’abar was deep in thought on how he could use this time of frivolity by the humans to the north to his advantage.  The beads that hung from the entrance to his hut parted and his shaman Shakti’la entered.  “The one that not be a-livin’ could be helpin’ us to take dat town’s flame you beena wantin’ so bad” Shakti’la informed him.  “You go an git her mojo and bring it ta me.  We see how good a sneaker she be.” he said as a plan began to form.

Did the Forsaken have mojo?  Larona didn’t know.  What she did know was when that big troll pushed that pin into the little doll’s stomach her midsection burned like the fires that were being kept stoked all over Azeroth.  What they were asking didn’t seem too hard.  Distract the guards long enough for the trolls to walk into the town square and dowse the flame.  No problem.

“More wood!” Hartin yelled.  They had done more wood cutting than flame guarding these last four days.  “Would you and your men like a fire blossom?” an old lady asked.  Hartin didn’t recognize the old lady.  She was pale and her eyes were sunk back into her head under her cloak.  “Thank you.” Hartin said.  He and his men took a flower each and put them in the joint between their shoulder pads and chest plate.  The old lady smiled a toothy grin and continued to roam the town.

“What she be a doin’ handin’ out flors to da idot’s?” Sul’abar hissed over his shoulder.  “Just be quite ya sack o bones an watch.”  Shakti’la whispered back.

“She’s not going to eat anyone.” Talifalana assured the innkeeper.  Smitts had given the the night elf a wary look when he entered the common room but he became downright distraught when the bear came in behind him.  The night elf had assured him that she wouldn’t be any trouble and also persuaded him with a few pieces of gold.  Tali ordered some stew and ale for himself and three steaks (raw of course) for Mauly, his closest friend since he had left Auberdine.

Larona wandered around town handing out fire blossoms to all the people she saw.  It would take close to an hour for the dust she had sprinkled on the flowers to fully take effect.  When that hour was up, everyone she had given a flower to would be asleep and the trolls could come in and desecrate the flame.  Then, if they were good to their word, they would give her mojo back so that she could be on her way.

As the people of Darkshire started to slump down and fall asleep where they fell, Sul’abar couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  “Maybe I be keepin’ that dead ting ’round.  She turn out to be real fine sneaker.”  The troll stroked the small doll around his neck as he motioned the band of trolls to follow him into Darkshire and toward the flame that was now unguarded.

Tali decided to stretch his legs after his meal and get a bit of fresh air.  Mauly snorted at the idea and curled up for a nap (as much as a large brown bear can curl up).  Tali had been through Darkshire before and knew only the guards would be out at this hour so you can imagine his surprise when he emerged from the inn to see a group of trolls strolling toward him and all the guards laying on the ground like sacks of corn.

“Crap” thought Larona as she shrugged off the old lady disguise.  “This night elf looks like the kind who can handle himself.”

“Ha ha ha.  We be cookin’ up some not-elf tonite!” Sul’abar cackled as he motioned for his group to attack.

“MAULY” Tali yelled as he drew his shotgun from the holster strapped to his back.  He was worried by something he saw out of the corner of his eye.  If the trolls had a rogue among their numbers, he had to get his back against a wall.  The combination of several rounds from the shotgun and an angry brown bear storming out of the inn brought the trolls to an abrupt halt.

The troll who had led the charge had dropped to the ground when the shotgun was aimed at him.  This left the poor troll behind Sul’abar to take the first shell in the chest and crumple to the ground.  The second and third shots proved to be just as deadly as the first.  Then Mauly hit them head on.  Two more trolls fell under Mauly’s huge claws and the rest where routed.

Tali and Mauly chased the remainder of the trolls back into the woods then turned to come back to Darkshire.  When they came around the corner to the square, Tali saw a petite, very pale woman straddling the troll who had dove for cover.  She apparently had settled some grudge with the troll since her dagger was covered with his blood.  In her other hand she appeared to be holding a small doll.

Larona wasn’t sure what to do.  She had no doubt this night elf and his bear could pick her off with ease.  She was surprised when the night elf bowed his head to her and went back into the inn followed by the bear.  The bear stopped at the door to the inn, looked back at her, and snorted.  Larona took this opportunity to move quickly in the opposite direction not stopping to question her good fortune.

As Talifalana got ready for bed, he pulled a small doll from his backpack.  It had been made from sticks, leaves, string, pebbles, and small animal bones.  His brow furrowed as he remembered the troll he had had to kill to get his mojo back.

Be sure to check back over the rest of this week to read the other winning entries in the Midsummer Night’s RP Writing Contest!

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