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It didn’t take long to get from Thunder Bluff to the Echo Isles – Ankona took advantage of a wyvern so she could think and plan before getting to her destination. She had information to confirm with the spirits – was Gromnor dead? Was he really in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, somewhere […]

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Birdy Druid is 4 Flite!
comment 11 Written by on March 22, 2010 – 5:43 am

I’ve always liked flying in game (even if I hate 3D/flying boss fights)*.

There’s something magical about taking off and soaring around in the sky, maybe doing a few loops. Part of this, undoubtedly, comes with experiencing flight first during Burning Crusade. Northrend is awesome, and it has beautiful zones and gorgeous northern lights in the sky, but the skies in Outland are breathtaking.

That, and I spent a lot of time flying around Nagrand at night chasing clouds of air with my mote extractor.

So anyway, Annylais, my little Fail!Kitty druid, has had her flight form since 60, but I’d been doing more straight-up leveling and less general lounging around or exploring. (Annylais doesn’t get a lot of RP time right now because 1) I don’t know much about her yet, and 2) I have Aely and Annie Mae taking up most of my mental space.)

In lieu of really pushing to hit 68 tonight though, I decided to finish leveling herbalism up to 375 and finish off inscription to 375 as well. This required I do a smidgen of herbing. I chose Nagrand (no surprise there), and realized as much as I love flying, I love flying as a druid even more. There is no mount. There is no casting time. There is just Annylais the Stormcrow, gliding around the almost ethereal skies of Nagrand and then later Blade’s Edge.

At which point I discovered one final reason flying as a druid trumps all other flying in game:


*perches on a railing*

*squawks at passers-by*

*poops on an orc*

(Ok so there weren’t any orcs in Sylvanar. But she totally would’ve pooped on one if there had been.)

*I hate 3D/Flying boss fights because they tend to make me slightly motion sick (especially Malygos – ugh). And no, I’ve never actually been one to have dreams where I could fly, oddly enough. I just really like it in game.

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11 Responses to “Birdy Druid is 4 Flite!”

  1. Y’ever consider that the first sky most of us flew into was the ash-streaked, turbulent, nigh-immolated and utterly nightmarish one that looms over Shadowmoon Valley?
    Nagrand, though…Nagrand is somethin’ else. When they overhaul old-world Azeroth, I hope the sky in at least a few places gets that nice puffy-clouds treatment.
    Druid’s a class that gets to me. The concept and playstyle sounds deeply interesting and endlessly varied. Could never roll one, though, because I could never settle on a good character concept. Wanted to go the route of the WC3-inspired tradition male-night-elf-only type, but the only male elf I feel inclined to roleplay is Lans’ dad–and a druid, he damn sure ain’t (let alone a night elf).
    The upcoming addition of the Worgen to the cast has me sort of interested, though. With a Worgen Druid, there’s the possibility of a guy who can barely hang onto his human identity without turning into some monstrous animal anyway when his emotions get out of control, and then things spiral even more out of control as he finds himself shifting into a whole damn jungle’s worth of beasts. And casting tree-magic.
    So Worgen = Beastman/Werewolf, and Gilneas = Victorian/Steampunk. Put that one in a mixing bowl. The resulting idea that came to mind is a mash-up of, as it turns out, Disney characters. Take Milo from “Atlantis” and (of course) the titular Beast from “Beauty and the Beast”, then slap a top hat and swanky coat on you’ve got this poor bastard.
    I bet the sky above Gilneas is gonna be a pretty foggy one. Here’s hoping for some cool smokestacks to perch on.

  2. Best thing ever:

    Cat form, running jump into the air, at the highest point of the leap, shift into bird. With my lag, Windstar freezes in midair for a second before the shift. It’s kinda hard to explain properly, but the effect gives me a tiny rush. Every. Time.

    Second best: Rebuffing yourself in midair.

    There are also a lot of quests that involve picking up stuff that druids can do in bird form, when other classes have to dismount. It’s pretty cool and funny, hovering right next to a mob, and picking up that quest item without getting any aggro. Almost feels like cheating ::mischevious grin::

  3. If you reach level 68 and have money to buy fast flying (skill 300), I recommend doing the quest for Swift Flight Form. You don’t need to do the quest, you can just buy Swift Flight Form at 70, but the quest is a lot of fun.

    Part of the fun is that it fleshes out some of the stories of some of the druids in Outland.

    By Jacob on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply
  4. On second thought, I might be confused about levels, and maybe you can’t do the Swift Flight Form quest until you reach level 70. It’s still fun.

    By Jacob on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply
  5. Flight form is one of my favourite things about my Druid. Soaring around without a mount is just such an amazing feeling, and it doesn’t go away.

    When you get to Northrend and are able to fly there, go to Storm Peaks and do the quests that allow you to get turned into a Vrykul Maiden. If you’re in bird form and fly into the area, you turn into the Vrykul in mid-air and swim lazily around. I am fairly sure they haven’t fixed this at this stage, it’s been a while since I’ve tried it, but I basically cried with laughter the first time I saw it 🙂

  6. Do not skip the swift flight form quest chain. Even though it’s not strictly speaking necessary anymore, it is one of the best-conceived, most thoughtfully implemented chains in the game. It requires you to be able to use a druid’s entire toolset, and it’s just wicked fun on top of that.

    I loved it so much that after I leveled Sorcha to 70, ground out the 5000g, and completed the chain, I had to level a second one of my level 60 druids to 70 just so I could do it again. And then a third. I’m down to one endcapped druid this time around, but I will never regret the time or money I spent on the other two just so I could do that chain again.

    And yes, the swimming Vrykul is awesomesauce.

  7. @All who recommended it –

    As someone who’s done the Paladin Charger questline (MOST EPIC THING EVER), I had no intention to skip the druid flight form quest line. I know how epic these things are… and I kinda want an Anzu anyway. So! I’ll definitely be doing it (though possibly not right away at 70, since I’m nothing if not a lazy leveler these days).
    I had no idea about the swimming Vrykul… but I intend to figure that out as soon as I have cold weather flying (which should be at 68, with all the other 80’s I have). I guess I need to start cranking through things to sell to make sure I have the gold for this!

  8. Druid flight form is, in fact, awesome. From a practical standpoint, it lets you mount instantly, even in mid-air, which is cool enough on its own. I remember several times that it saved my bacon when questing in Netherstorm. Plus it’s a beautiful model, regardless of whether you’re Alliance or Horde, with lots of detail. Perching on ledges and outcroppings, as you’ve already discovered, is really more fun than such a simple activity has any right to be.

    By Verdus on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply
  9. Flight Form is one of the best things about WoW. One of my favorite pastimes is to perch in nelf form on the tallest point I can find and step forward to start falling. Then wait until the absolute last second to switch forms to flight; the druid version of “chicken”.

  10. Flight form is the BEST… I was enchanted with druids from the moment I read the class description back in Vanilla… and then BC came and flight… oh… what a wonderful feeling,… It’s not like being on a mount… this is just you, doing the flying yourself…

    There is no other feeling like it…

    and on a practical level… fast flight form + herbalism totally rocks! 🙂

    By Kayeri on Mar 23, 2010 | Reply
  11. Now you know one reason why I have so many druids. >.>

    *goes to perch on stuff*

    @Jacob- You were right that the quest chain can’t be started til level 70, however, you can train the swift flight form at 71, not 70

    @Anna- Pitch has gone through the whole chain except for Anzu (argh rep-required heroic keys!) so whenever you get there let me know!

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